April 30, 2006

i have had one of the most outrageous weekends ever. my goodness.
i have the most amazing parents, family, and friends i could ever, ever ask for.

turning twenty. tulips. the soho grand. jane. apartment hunting version 746487. spring street is my new bff. dos caminos. frozen margaritas. da silvano. markt. dean&deluca birthday cakes. my new stam bag. chanel charm bracelets. thunder storms. the mac 187 brush. my mj party dress. white roses. the black & white ball. jordan &michele &cleo &nat &liat = LIFE. cosmopolitans. michael jackson's "pretty young thing." black and white peep toe stilettos. the coup d'├ętat of my ipod. noise complaints. the biggest jug of wine i've ever seen. sleepovers that include not sleeping. the cupping room. the "waist down" exhibition at prada. more rain. yellow umbrellas via mbmj. recovery.

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