April 29, 2007

i love this picture from the sartorialist so much.

it almost has a vintage feel, and i obviously am in limbo trying to decide what time period i should be in. last night i watched une femme est une femme. at face value it was cute and sweet, but if i watched it again i would probably get a little nauseous over the gender stereotypes - but i'm sure that's what godard intended, or as he said - I'm not sure if it's a comedy or a tragedy. All the female actors in his movies are non-native french speakers. Aka, i should stop using his films as a resource for learning a language where pronunciation is crucial. in any case, i loved the silly scenes. when angela and alfred make the same poses imitating one another, and especially the scene where angela and emile get into a "fight" and stop speaking, and then pull books off of their shelves and point to words in titles to communicate to one another. ahhh.

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