November 11, 2008

panic in the streets of london

a recent trip to the united kingdom introduced me to the work of dan hillier. i found hiller and his art at the sunday upmarket at the truman brewery on bricklane in east london, (a weekly event which, by the way, i highly recommend). visit dan's site to view & buymore of his original artwork. for a financial-crisis-friendly keepsake from hillier, check out his tote bags (below, £8 each) and prints.


keep calm gallery, the same people who've brought you an onslaught of the ever ubiquitous "keep calm and carry on," have a new screen print on their site. "simple" by seb lester uses typography designed by daniel t. ames, a nineteenth century lettering artist. "simple" measures 23.4x15.5 inches, and runs £28.00.


  1. i love the tentacle lady canvas tote, i think i'm gonna buy it!

  2. hiiiii nicolette! it's gracie_o from LJ. love your blog!

    i have pedro the pistol!


  3. hey gracie!!! haven't seen you around much lately. adding you to my links :) xo

  4. these are awesome! I like the skull best :)


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