December 19, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

forgive me, but i'm originally from los angeles, and i can't help but regress to completely childlike sensibilities when it snows here in new york city.

i love love love peppermint/mint in general, so i truly enjoy that addition to the holiday season. i'm going to be making some peppermint bark (with the above ingredients!) at some point this snowy, cold weekend.


  1. Second that. Peppermint bark is the best bark

  2. what's peppermint bark?

  3. jenn <3

    marc - come over. i will give you some. it is so much more delicious than tree bark.

    joana - it's layered chocolate (white and dark) with peppermint candy canes inside it.
    here's what i made!


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