December 20, 2008

une femme est une femme

i'm sick. and, i'm one of those people who hates sitting around and doing nothing, so "bed rest" is my personal idea of hell. i made it better by curling up with "mork and minty" tea from herb + ginger and watching godard's une femme est une femme. it makes me laugh, and though i only took one semester of french, somehow (probably by my obsessive watching of french films and pop music), i understand a decent amount of the dialogue without referring to subtitles. of course, one of my favorite parts of the film is the quirky fashion: the bright tights, huge furry collars, the blue eyeshadow with cleopatra eyeliner...

alfred: do you want me to stay?
angela: yes.
alfred: do you want me to go?
angela: yes.
alfred: you always say yes. it's dumb.
angela: yes.

catherine malandrino cardigan, $295; burberry flannel pencil skirt, $315; topshop skirted trench, £95; marc by marc jacobs double flap clutch, $230; chanel liquid liner, $34; frill t-strap flats, £25.00, alex and chloe "oui" necklace, $48, red opaque tights by hue, $12.50.

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