March 26, 2009

craving spring

oh, please please make the weather warm up!! was it not in the 60's just a couple of weeks ago? then it snowed? then it dropped down to a frigid 20-something? i'm in serious need of a bike ride, good fruits and veggies (i'm sorry, but even after five years, i'm still completely unaccepting of east coast winter-time produce), laying out on the great lawn/bryant park, bare legs, peonies, cocktails, a surplus of puppies outdoors, and smiling faces. i swear to god, those first few weeks of exceptional spring-time weather, everyone in new york city is beaming (well, everyone except like... anna wintour, who is pretty much always miserable).

t->b: strawberry sorbato & prosecco floats via bon appetit; isaac mizrahi for liz claiborne (yes, i'm shocked too. it's too cute); peonies (my favorite flowers, coughcough).

also, unrelated, but i'm LOVING this:: Ben Tzion Todrin and Sagi Chekroun

YES! The NY Mag Look Book pick of the moment is a couple of hassidic boys. Ladies and gents, if you haven't determined your spring 09 look yet, this is it. available at your favorite brooklyn shmatah outlet. and if any frum ladies (or phillip) are out there, they're single and on the prowl. sha-lom.


  1. i was just outside...and it sux out there. im with you. that's enough, winter.

  2. ahahahah oh, i love you. i really wnat to rock pajamas and tsi tsi (or however you spell it)

  3. tzit tzit!!

    next...teffilin as jewelry?

    tallit as scarf?


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