March 11, 2009

oh, karl

Yeah, I'm posting about the Chanel show. I have a problem. While it had nothing on the carousel set from the F/W08 show, we have to give Karl+ props on creating a sophisticated production, with a maze inspired set, in these hard times, (even though the kaiser insists Chanel isn't under any budgetary restrictions. i'm calling his bluff).

This thing has me so curious:

SERIOUSLY. I am so intrigued. Is this for reals? Is it going to surprise me like the Lohan Ankle Bracelet Bag and actually show up in stores??

And these. Oh, I hope these catch on. If for no other reason, because it will give me the push I need to actually walk outside with those ruffled miu miu cuffs I bought without looking like I lost the rest of my sleeves.

Oh, and, props for inviting Beth Ditto to the show. Maybe Karl is done with his fat ban? (Doubtful.)


  1. The LOLhan anklet was brilliant and I still want it's sexiness. It'd be so great for my little walks. It's ridiculous I know, but magical at the same time.

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