May 26, 2009

an open letter to the state of california

dear california,

i am deeply saddened today. the fact that prop 8 was ever on a ballot, in CALIFORNIA, was disappointing. the fact that a majority vote passed prop 8 was disappointing, especially on such a culturally monumental day, when we elected barack obama to be our 44th president. seeing today, after months of california supreme court hearings, that prop 8 will be upheld is pretty appalling. when will you learn?

so once again, the never-ending fight for equality and civil rights is tarnished. on the same day that barack obama elected sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic supreme court justice, california sends us another step back. thanks for that.

"separate but equal" just isn't going to fly.

no love,

nyc: rally against prop 8 in union square, 7 pm.


  1. fucking disgusting.
    there needs to be a massive federal fucking lawsuit. not to overyturn prop 8, but to sue the state of california for discrimination.

  2. terribly disappointing. I always want to see the best in people, this makes it hard.

  3. jenn & ella, i appreciate the input from both of you. i know marriage equality in the US is inevitable in the future, it's just a matter of when? when i look at statistics on attitudes towards marriage equality, i'm more and more hopeful, because i know that with increased visibility, and with younger and more tolerant generations getting to the voting age, we get closer to nation-wide marriage equality. we may only have 5 states that fully recognize same-sex marriages, but this is a growing and upward trend.

    that said, the utter homophobia, hatred, and intolerance that i see on camps such as "yes on 8," and other conservative groups is truly appalling. it DISGUSTS me. but, we all know history will view these people unfavorably. very, very unfavorably.


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