September 28, 2009

moschino - hearts & gold

all my early memories of moschino are centered around my mom, (probably not all too unique of a maternal memory for iranian-americans in their young 20's). looking at old pictures of my family, i realize how much my mother's personal fashion sense epitomized the eighties ideal. her naturally black, voluminous hair certainly didn't hurt to fit the bill. as a child, i remember my mom's long, red lacquered nails, her russian red lipstick, her big hair, and her love of shoulder pads and all things moschino. she wore the iconic moschino belt as a badge of pride, and toted over sized moschino handbags- often heart shaped. i guess in a way, twenty-three-years later, i realize how much her early love of moschino influenced my sense of style. and that might be the very reason why i'm enchanted by the newest moschino collection - it's so quintessentially eighties.

photos via
i love that gold chain jacket, and not even remotely in an ironic way.


  1. I am glad you are finally admitting to your love for hearts, bows and flowers after years of making fun of me for admiring/ wearing them. I have a closet full of that stuff some sadly to say from the 80's :) But something changes about the fashion when it comes back again that you cant use the same items even if I was to get in to them (wishful thinking). love you, mom

  2. Nicolette,
    your blog rocks. I am proud to say i went to high school with you.
    Daniella Naim(Kahen)

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