September 23, 2009


three things:
1.) my ever coveted lula magazine (issue #9, featuring 2nd time cover girl karen elson) is finally on newsstands. i picked up my copy last night, after stalking the international magazine seller (smoke shop, 6th avenue) in my neighborhood for the last couple of weeks.

lula, please don't fold like every other magazine. i love you too much.

2.) in my fall-magazine-procurement session, i also got a hold of the new issue of bitch (which i also need to stress my adoration for, so if you have a moment, please go to their website and show them your love&support. a feature on illustrator kate bingaman-burt and her daily project "What Did You Buy Today?", where she catalogs every single purchase she makes. i find the goal of her project fascinating, along with the conversation it sparks about what it means to be an active consumer, but beyond that - her illustrations! just look. they're so simple, but they make me smile.

illustrations by kate bingaman-burt

3.) and on the topic of consumption, CRIF DOGS.

do it. just do. it.

113 st. marks place, east village
new york, new york, 10009

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