November 22, 2009

bunnies & things.

yesterday was an eventful day of sunny new york fall, haircuts (by topher at arrojo salon, he's amazing), long sought after bunny-tops, grosgrain and pearls, gifted chanel perfume, vegan buffalo wings, photoshoots, & dancing.

bunny tunic & necklace from phillip lim

julia chesky of modelizing came over for a photoshoot, where i got to play dress up, stack my shoes way up high, rummage through my jewelry boxes, and make faces at julia & her camera. lily even made a cameo!

preview shot, via julia's blackberry.

also by julia

another sneak peek (by me!)

xx nicolette


  1. <3
    i mean really... can you ever go wrong with leather, pearls, grey, and tulle...?

  2. Woo! I'm still on team that necklace needs to be made into a belt. I wonder if he's going to make one. hmmmm.

  3. then tell someone with a 23" waist to buy it... it's not me!

  4. I mean like overallllllll not from that tiny piece!!

    also love the url name change.


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