December 2, 2009

december = sparkle time?

i mean, not that i needed an excuse.

top: costume dept.

scarf: snoozer loser | perfume: citizen queen | heels: marc jacobs collection


  1. omg love it. did you see the sparkly lim gold top? I saw it on shopbop today and thought of you.

  2. haha yes!! i love it, but it's too similar to my favorite proenza top (which i'd never have bought if not for you and that amazing KZ discount)... plus, well, we know how lim feels about body shapes.

  3. I know but I thought the gold might get you bodied. haha.

  4. i think the costume dept. top my have quelled my need for sequins for the next few weeks. THAT SAID, tis the season!


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