December 8, 2009

fashion zombies

i was pretty stoked to come home to a special package from australia this evening! i'm perplexed on how it managed to come all the way across the pacific and across the united states and arrive in my mailbox in brooklyn in like, 3 days, especially when it sometimes takes up to a month to get a shipment from a warehouse in long island city, but i won't ask questions.

fashematical is a zine created by jonanathan zawada that recreates and reinterprets some of his favorite looks from the spring 2010 fashion shows... and the best part? the models are all zombies. ZOMBIES!

rodarte, spring 2010. runway shot via

miu miu, spring 2010. runway shot via

p.s. if you're hunting for a unique gift (and under $15 with shipping, natch) i highly suggest it. highly. (btw, it's limited to 200 prints, so there's that, too). so unless, of course, your gift-receiver has a legitimate case of kinemortophobia, (um, i guess it's possible).

find more of jonathan's work and witticisms at

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