December 1, 2009

my favorite flavor is yummy

while i was in LA for the thanksgiving holiday, i visited michael mina's XIV, a fairly new spot on sunset boulevard. the space was design by philippe starck, but it lacks the normal starck tradmarks - no lucite chairs, oversized opaque chandeliers, a combination of black, white, and red. rather, the interiors felt like a lush library or traditional north east living room. unfortunately, i didn't get a single decent picture of the interiors, but the 8-course tasting menu was delicious.

ahi tuna tartare; ancho chile, pears, mint, pine nuts, sesame oil

ruby red cocktail | sea scallops tempura; cauliflower, passion fruit, edamame, almonds

crispy branzino; shrimp, mussels, pearl onions

tai snapper; tapioca-crusted, broccoli rabe, white soy vinaigrette

kobe burger; french fries, farmhouse cheddar, "special sauce"

xiv cheese selection with pomegranate garnish

nutella custard; popcorn ice cream, toast streusel, passion fruit

find more info on XIV and michael mina's other restaurants here.


  1. the hudson hotel is my fave starck project...and this one reminds me of that one.

  2. i've still, somehow, never been there!! i need to find the time to go and squeeze an overpriced cocktail into the trip.


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