December 22, 2009

white elephants

will not be found heeeere.
i've taken advantage of the holiday season as an opportunity to gift myself with gems, such as:

the juergen teller issue of self service magazine, (though, with its hardcover and $35 price-tag, i'd hardly call it a magazine). beautiful pages of full-bleed and not-so-full-bleed images, dripping of excess and luxury and art. it's a must, and lord it looks beautiful on my coffee table.

unexpected gorgeous glitteries from j-crew. and on sale, too! couldn't resist.

my own little budget-friendly piece of damien hirst (but not really) morbid luciousness. now sitting tall on the top of my bookshelf, adjacent to the vintage, faded wedding photo of my parents, and nabbed for the same price as a few mornings of lattes. necessary? obviously.


  1. where did you get that skull?! lovely lovely

  2. where were you able to pick up self service? the only place i know that sells it (that i know of) is american apparel!

  3. really?? i'm lucky that living in nyc, it's pretty easy to come across every international publication available... i picked it up at a random news stand on 7th avenue and 13th street. it might be worth trying barnes & nobles, they're fairly good at stocking fashion magazines. if you have no luck, i could try to pick one up for you.


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