January 2, 2010


palindrome day!

i've decided to take a second stab at project 365, the photo project where you take one photo a day for a year. here we are, day 2, where it is absolutely frigid in brooklyn:

in other news, i came across these videos made by Arvida Byström, an 18-year old (so young!) photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. I love the washed out colors, the music (seemingly provided by a friend of Arvida's), and the love story (between two young women - if that reveals some bias) progressing in these short vignettes.


  1. I love these. Super cute and artistic! Wish I could do something like that. Nice catch.

  2. these photos are beautiful and so does the sunrise(set?) in brooklyn

  3. thank you :) and yes, sunset! it was a little after 4 in the afternoon! (here's to longer days, please)


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