January 29, 2010

account of a forlorn journey to the beach in [january]

Winter has met the sweet spirit of Coney Island and knocked it out on the first round, Marquis de Vennor rules. Coney Island has a black eye; Coney Island's front teeth are gone; her back hair is ragged, her nose is skewed round, and her general appearance is scruffy and unpleasant. In addition to all this Coney Island has a chronic chill and cold feed, and has in consequence been brutally deserted by her fickle spouse, the public, to that degree that no one can reasonably predict any more happiness for her in the future, at least until overcoats and ear-muffs go out of fashion - which, of course, they eventually will.

The New York Times, December 17, 1882


  1. i love these photos. this is why i wish i were american x

  2. don't wish to be american, just wish to travel!


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