February 8, 2010

heart attack

i have to admit, with very, very little shame, that i have a secret love for valentine's day. it's the one day on the calendar where i can rely on the gratuitous use of hearts, pink, and disgusting overindulgence in roses and chocolate and champagne - in other words, institutional consumption in some of my favorite things. i can't help that i'm a total sucker for these things; they've been ingrained in my since childhood, when classmates and i would pass out valentines and candy hearts to each other during recess (a risky gesture at my jewish day school). and besides, i love any excuse to lavish my significant other in even more affection than i typically give.

is valentine's day a manufactured holiday to trigger spending? yes, absolutely yes. does that make me like it any less? not really. but, maybe that's just because i love love, and have some one to shower with the cheesy, mushy, cute-overdoseness of it all.

L -->R: dress, moschino cheap & chic. heart-print knee highs, american apparel. black patent leather heart tag bracelet, burberry. rosé champagne, vueve clicquot. swarovski heart locket necklace, mawi. bath bombs, lush. heart anchor tee, mcqueen. rose & champagne truffles, vosges.


  1. OMG that Moschino dress is ultimate love! It is so perfect. and roses, always roses. my favourites.

    I'm a sucker for V Day too! xx

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