March 4, 2010

experimenting with the diana f+ lens

i love toy cameras and playing with different setting and exposures and remembering not to take snapshots so seriously. when i found out that lomo made an SLR adaptor for the diana f+ lens (thanks to a tip from the amazing morgan), i ran to the lomography store on 8th street to pick one up. i played with it right away, then, but it stayed tucked away in a nook of my bookshelf for months after.

last night, in a bout of highly unwanted insomnia, i got up to try my hand again at using the f+ lens on my canon.

now, i know part of the appeal of the diana cameras is the soft-focus and the dream-like haziness, and i've had great luck with the physical diana cameras, but what exactly am i doing wrong here? i think i'd be much more successful taking pictures with my normal canon lenses and playing with after effects in photoshop!


  1. I don't own a Diana but I *do* own a Holga and an Actionsampler and Lomos are always a little soft... a quick Google turns up this:

  2. Thanks for the link! I think i have 5 or 6 lomo cameras... it's a problem. BUT I'm really struggling with the lens on a DSLR. I read through those responses and I had gone through a lot of the same setting adjustments to no avail... might be more of a lighting issue. I'm going to try using it outdoors or with flash (ick) to see if it changes the outcome.

  3. Oh yeah outdoor lighting is always better!! Best of luck and be sure to post the results :)


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