March 4, 2010

lim & lipstick.

Super femme overdose!!

my birthday is not even in this month, and yet, my always generous mother gave me my birthday present way, way in advance! (i'm pretty sure the incredibly stressful few weeks i've had and the fact that this was the last one in stock had a bit of an influence on the premature birthday gifting... and i couldn't be happier). look how pretty lil' edie is on my bowery lane bike.

On top of the yumminess of the Phillip Lim Edie bag, I came home to a small box from gilt groupe with a few Lipstick Queen products that O ordered recently. My collection is growing. Lipstick Queen is without a doubt among my fierce femme arsenal; I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without the glossy lip crayons.

Gotta say, though, my favorite lipstick queen item is still my black shine lip gloss. you can't understand how amazing it is without experiencing it yourself. A single sheer layer gives off a vampy tone to pink lips, and piling it on it further brings it from a lustrous purple to a patent black. It's so versatile, and it really is perfect for layering over other lipsticks.

Madly anticipating these upcoming events:
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. My trip to Berlin!!! Seeing Florence and the Machine on April 9th. More rides on my Bowery Lane breukelen bike. My 24th birthday. Seeing The Gossip once again. The jazz age lawn party on governor's island. And... traveling to Japan in just a few months. Oh, god. So excited. When it rains, it pours.


  1. I love Florence & The Machine. Watched Alice yesterday in 3D and I LOVED it. It didn't disappoint me at all.



  2. I love love love that bag! So beautiful! Hopefully I get to see you soon xox

  3. I love love love that bag! So beautiful! Hopefully I get to see you soon xox


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