March 11, 2010

shiny shoes, chanel tattoos, and a list of ther things.


ten things to brighten my day:
1. spending time with my friends and family, (the number 1 most important thing in my life).
2. creating something (a photo, an essay, a piece of art) that i can be proud of.
3. art. in every incarnation.
4. live music - whether in a large venue or at a small bar.
5. finding the time to read one of my favorite magazines (lula, love) from cover-to-cover.
6. indulging in a french pastry (macarons, croissants).
7. receiving surprises in the mail; in an age of hyper-technology, there's something thrilling about seeing something (other than unsolicited catalogs and bills) in my mailbox.
8. baby animals.
9. on the material end: shiny things, pink things, things with bows/hearts/sparkles.
10. travel. experiencing the new, different, exciting. i love learning from different cultures through participation.


  1. I want shiny shoes :D And love your list, so agree!

  2. Holy god you got the Chanel tats! They are so pretty.

    I think my top 10 favourite things are pretty much exactly the same :) x

  3. NO EFFING WAY. You got the magic Loubs??!?!?

  4. Love all 10! :)

    You should go to Galeries Lafayette & KADEWE in Berlin- you get the Laduree Macaroons at the Lafayette! ;)

    Have a brilliant time.


  5. gracie - no!! besides the fact that they seem to be gone in my size EVERYWHERE, i simply couldn't justify $600 bucks on a pair of glitter shoes. i've learned the hard way from shoes like these (like my beloved pair of metallic marc jacobs oxfords that cracked and died), that i couldn't allow myself to mourn when the glitter fell out of the shoe and it started looking sad and decrepit.

    these babies were a whole 20 bucks from f21.

  6. thanks for the tip!! i'm definitely planning a trip to KaDeWe, and it's good to know the galeries lafayette in berlin is worth visiting too. i've been to the GL in paris many times, and i wasn't sure how its german counterpart would scale up!

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  8. I want shiny shoes :D And love your list, so agree!


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