April 28, 2010

An Intimate Affair

brie and piave and aged gouda. prosciutti and dry salami. rosemary crackers and grapes and gala apples. grilled artichokes and roasted beets with goat cheese. mushroom and goat cheese quich. black olive tapenade on pastry. overflowing sauvignon blanc. lavender-lemon, blueberry-chocolate, red velvet, caramel coffee bourbon, and strawberry cupcakes from kumquat cupcakery, (once again, perfect).

austin, julia, michelle, phillip & max

julia and her many, many rings

crystal & her model doppleganger (on shirt)

ian & michele

undeniably 24.
i wore a black american apparel dress with my anna sui sequined skirt layered over it, and miu miu kitten shoes. i wish more pictures were taken!

xo. nicolette


  1. Happy birthday! :) The food looks scrumptious. :P


  2. ah looks like the best place for a party, looks like you had a fabulous time

  3. oo, I'm in it twice. you always take the most flattering shots of me.

    sidebar, why weren't more photos made that evening? guess 25 will have to be endless photo taking night. y/y?

  4. i try to only take/post flattering pictures of my friends! i don't know. i wasn't taking many pictures cause i was running around. we'll make up for it next year. xx


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