May 13, 2010

cheap monday on a thursday

First of all, i want to say a big thank you and hello to all my new followers/subscribers, who have followed me over here from Vogue Italia and/or my Q&A with Nik at Mezzo Fashionisto! Hugs & kisses to you.

Cheap Monday "Baglady" dress via ConventNYC, Marc Jacobs Collection Heels (old!!),
Cheap Monday Safety Pin Necklace via
Alex & Chloe.

I know summer is just around the corner, but it's been SO cold in New York City the last week that I'm holding onto my all-black wardrobe for just a little bit longer.

I'm headed to my hometown of Los Angeles on Sunday, and next Wednesday I'm off to Japan for 10 days! I'll be staying in Tokyo and Kyoto. If you have any recommendations, please, please pass them along. I've been so busy lately that I've hardly had any time to do any of the research I usually do in anticipation of a big trip!


  1. love it!!!!! are you editing these photos to get that vintage feel?? looks amazing. <3 ilu.

  2. Yes - I admit to being a total cheater.

    BUT, in my defense, I did try reallllly hard to make the Lomography Diana lenses work on my DSLR!

  3. You are gorgeous! I love your shoe collection. :) I found you through Nik, excellent Q&A session.

    I am in love with the pictures, ALL OF THEM, that you post on here. Freakin FANtastic!

  4. ahhh you look so cute! Love your blog

  5. @gazel - thank you!

    @nikstar - i love your blog! i really appreciate that!

    @eli - thank you very much!


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