May 7, 2010

new york summer

It's 71º today and I could not be happier - unless I could have actually enjoyed the 71º by being outside! I'm reveling in the warmer temperatures while they're still pleasant, in complete denial that in a few short weeks, the charming weather will evolve into Hadean humid misery.

I'm still overjoyed about my newly acquired position as a fashion blogger for Vogue Italia Curvy. You can see some articles posted up on the website now, but my first video will launch on Monday! Be sure to look out for it! Here's a sneak-peek of what you'll see from my visit at OAK.

photos taken by Austin Manning

Oh.. did you want to know what these pieces are? Too bad! You'll have to wait until Monday! But while we're at it...

Looking forward to: The Hester Street Fair (and lobster rolls and fleur de sel macarons and slices of watermelon). Grid skipping. Painting my nails with glittery gold polish. Knee highs. Bike rides. Museum afternoons. Cross fingers & toes that the weekend will be an actual weekend.


  1. Beautiful. :D I love the shoes especially.

  2. Crazy shoes! I wish I was in the city right now. Your haircut looks really nice, by the way!

  3. Loved the video!! Everything was adorable. Please tell me, who is the designer of the shoes with the geometric wooden wedge?

  4. ChiTown - the geometric wooden wedge is by Finsk. It is available online through Oak as well!

    I have a HUGE crush on them!

  5. PS thank you Gazel & Eliz :)
    I actually got my haircut yesterday... after these photos and video were taken! I'll do an outfit post with the new hairdo this week.


  6. Congrats on your new adventure blogging for vogue italia! Love the cardigan / jacket would look super cute with some cut off shorts! and wedges!

  7. shit! now i want that black/white draped vest!
    I'm also dying to try on another pair of finsk wedges. Thank god I'll be in NYC next weekend.

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