July 6, 2010


I was pretty stoked when I first heard that Industrie Magazine would be launching, but it has been pretty hard to track down in New York City - after all, this is the fashion capital of the world (Milan, London, Paris - don't get mad at me. Please. I love you guys, too.) Anna Wintour as cover girl? Critical analysis of the fashion industry? Articles that do more than serve as pieces to figuratively fellate the respective magazine's advertisers? HELL. YES.

For a self-proclaimed print media junkie, this is like heaven - with its oversized pages and mix of matte and glossy paper, and simplistic layouts that are a huge breath of fresh air.

The Allure of Louboutin

"We're talking silhouette-changing, bust-up, butt-out, high heels - even this website classifies these as "High," "Extremely High" and "Madness."

Did you know Rick Owens was "once a chubby Californian kid"? You know who else was a chubby Californian Kid? This girl! Except... I still am. Still, Rick Owens = love.

So, yeah. This is automatically going into the small pile of magazines I'm going to rush to my local international newsstand for. The international stockists in my neighborhood know exactly what I'm looking for the second I walk in. I like it that way.

Go pick it up. Now now now. Don't let another great magazine fold. Printed in the UK, available for $18 in the US.


  1. I need to get a copy of this for Jazzi, ugh I hope I can find one in the city.

    I love your nail polish!!

  2. Julia, try the spot on Spring and Lafayette! Otherwise I'll try to get one from my guy on Bedford.

    The nail polish is from Illamasqua! I love it.

  3. Wow, great looking mag! I'll have to order one up!

  4. My Nikki and her favorite color, Glitter :)

  5. chubbybunny - yes it's so great! please let me know if you have trouble finding it. i'll try to track it down for you here in nyc :)

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