August 18, 2010

Midweek Inspiration: Julia Chesky is the Modelizer

I constantly talk about how happy and proud I am to have so many incredibly inspiring and talented friends, and it only feels appropriate to share their creativity and talent with you, too.

I have known Julia Chesky since we were sophomores at Parsons, while she was studying in the photography department. Julia's main focus is fashion photography, and her love of window shopping has been meticulously documented with her now 3-years running online series, "Modelizing." Julia has made the art of window displays and visual merchandising into a kind of science, breaking down their formulaic creativity bit by bit. Her concept is obviously a winner; recently, knock-off window photographers keep popping up left and right - but few can compete in quality, consistency, and thoroughness.

Julia's exclusive look at the new Lanvin boutique.

If you want to see more of Julia's portfolio, I urge you to check out the highly controversial editorial she shot, "The Original Hipster." Whether you love or hate the concept (yes, it's ripe for debate on materialism and classism), it's hard to deny how beautiful her photography is.

AND! As a gift from Julia to me, and me to you: some exclusive, never-before-seen Modelizing shots. Check Julia's blog next week to see more.

Especially for those of you who live outside of New York City, her blog is really a treat. She window shops all the best stores, so you don't have to.


  1. Aww thank you Nikki! So my portfolio site is up down right now...too much traffic this month, server go dead dead. Really? I didn't think that could be possible but woops, it is!

    Thank you so much for the incredible words and the continued support with my addiction to photography. Hopefully there will be more in store peeking in the future. <3

  2. Modelizing is awesome, I check it everyday :)

  3. Thank you, what a treat! Go, Julia!!!!

  4. I endorse this post! Julia's just so incredibly talented and has a heart of gold!

  5. she is very talented.

    love your blog. your pictures are beautiful

  6. Wow, her work is amazing! She is so talented.

  7. wow, very talented friends indeed! i wish i had had the insight to study photography...something i actually enjoy!

  8. wow beautiful blog, following :)

    PS those shoes, I got them from Ebay .. I was incredibly impressed with the quality and the price. Just type in "miu miu" nothing else, they will show up :)


  9. these pictures are awesome. the Louboutins are so beautiful!!

  10. Hi Nicolette! been following julia's blog since it started! oh the days of "Reimagine: NYC"... lol. I've added your blog to my daily readings as well :) hope all is swell~ xoxo B


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