August 4, 2010

Midweek Inspiration: Tierney Gearon, "Explosure"

Before Photoshop, there was the often accidental art of double exposing film. Tierney Gearon has turned double exposure into a very intentional, meticulous craft in her series "Explosure,"where she carefully composes beautiful images by layering exposures. The colors are vibrant and the result varies from surreal to necessitating a double-take to see where one photo ends and the other begins. Some of the photos present genuinely interesting juxtapositions.

This is a technique I've attempted with holgas and other film cameras, but the end result has never been this beautiful!

To see the more of Tierney Gearon's work, visit her website.
Gearon is represented by Sofie Howard at Commune Images.

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. Wow! These are great!! Thanks for sharing these!! :)

  2. The first one is my favourite, it's gorgeous.

  3. Have you seen The Mother Project? It's such an amazing/intense document of Gearon's life and art practice. love her.


  4. These look so amazing! I love the first one especially

  5. love them, would love to know how to do this!

  6. wow, amazing photos!!
    Idk. what's inspiring me at the moment, well...all the fabulous fall collections do spark a happy light inside of me. that's inspiring me atm. cant wait to fall.

  7. fantastically bizarre. i love it!

    xo Alison

  8. i love your blog! great post!
    i'm a new follower and other people's blogs have been inspiring me this week!


  9. Amalia - I hadn't seen it! I wasn't familiar with Gearon's work until I came across it last week. So glad you mentioned her other projects, they're really breathtaking, personal, and evocative.

    DollsandGuys - To do double exposures all you have to do is take two photos over one another, in other words, expose the same frame of film twice. There are a lot of online tutorials if you do a quick search! The lomographic Diana camera also markets itself as ideal for this process.

  10. These look so amazing! I love the first one especially


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