September 24, 2010

Matthew Williamson, SS11, London Fashion Week

On Sunday afternoon, after a stop at the Laduree at the back of Harrods for a spot of tea, I headed out to a remote location on the south side of the Thames - the old Battersea Power Station, which was beautiful as well. It was certainly off the beaten path, in the middle of an industrial area comprised of a mixture of warehouses, factories, and wide open lots. There was even a helipad adjacent to the venue, (and yes, a helicopter landed, and brought up a load of dust on its way down).

Inside, the setting was stunning. An expansive, white space, with the back entrance (where the models walked out) opened to the outdoors. It was perfect, especially as the show transpired as the sun was going down.

I wish I had gotten more (and better!) pictures, but you can view the full collection here. I was surprised when the first dozen looks sent down the runway were more utilitarian, and slightly military inspired, when Matthew Williamson is so well known for his use of color and bright prints. Of course, throughout the course of the show, his signature style started shining through.

I absolutely loved the long, sleek silhouette of these wide-legged pants with nautical details, and this gorgeous crocheted, fringe dress.

The beading on the dress to the left was stunning, and the cocktail dress to the right was among my favorites; I love the exaggerated, structured hips, embroidered fabric, and braided straps.


  1. Oh, Battersea Power Station! I used to live right by it and just fell in love with the structure. It's my favorite building in the entire world!

  2. That is such a perfect place for a fashion show. I love your photos, so gorgeous.

  3. I've been looking forward to this post ever since you mentioned that you were at a show in an old power station. It's just as beautiful as I hoped!

  4. I found your blog through Karl-Edwin Guerre's. All i can say is steer clear.... His trashy life will run off on you. I also am a photographer and my work is syndicated through a large company. I received an angry email from his wife ( asking that i not post pictures of him (he has great style and I'm a man) CRAZY!

  5. I forgot to add that I'm just warning you b/c you are a woman and i'm sure she'll come after you. Just be forewarned

  6. Hey anonymous -- thanks for the comments/warning. Luckily for his wife I'm queer and have no interest in her husband other than acknowledging the strength of his work.

  7. Hi! While in LDN, have you checked out his Line for Debenhams? "Butterfly by Matthew Williamson"? There are a couple cute pieces and very affordable as well.


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