December 16, 2010

Dita Von Teese

One of my very amazing Hanukkah presents was tickets to see Dita Von Teese at the Roxy in LA. Dita Von Teese has long been one of my personal icons, and the timing just happened to work out perfectly (I arrived in LA yesterday, and planned the trip before the show dates were announced!) that I could see her for the first time. To my delight, she was also performing with my a few of my favorite burlesque staples, like Miss Dirty Martini and Murray Hill. The show was every bit as glamorous and beautiful as I had hoped for.

Even besides the unworldliness of the female form that was on display, I fawned over the custom swarovski covered Louboutins (cowboy boots with glittering spurs! gorgeous art deco inspired heels!) and velvety pink tufted mechanical bull, enormous, colorful feathers, the clawfoot bathtub, the sparkling curtains... I really, really love everything that goes into the production of these shows.

I also uploaded a short video of her closing act here. Check it out!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is simply gorgeous!! How's LA? I miss it so. How long will you be there? Oh & when is your Bali trip?

  2. OMG I love love love her! She is so inspiring, sometimes I do my dishes burlesque-style (makes washing up more fun lol), I love the glamour, the soultryness, the oomph! so glad you got to see her, that is a dream of mine.

    <3 Anika

  3. Wow, it looks so amazing!! She's so fearless and beautiful!! xoxoxoo

  4. check on my blog ( in last post there is something about Dita too, quite an unusual thing for her!!!!


  5. I have the biggest girl-crush on Dita! I love her! You are such a lucky lady to see her! Wow...I'm a bit jealous! ;)



  6. jealous!!

  7. AMAZING!!! All that pink makes me happy!!! Looks like so much fun!!!

  8. that must have been really fun. i want to see her perform one day.

  9. A pink tufted bull with glittering

  10. I saw her amazing custom Louboutins for her show and I just about died! I would love to see this show!

  11. Sisilia: I wish you were still living in LA so I could see you!!! AHH.

    Monique: Thank you so much! It was really incredible. You have to try to see her next time she's performing!!!

    Anika: I do this too! So funny. It makes menial house work a lot more fun and entertaining :)

    Fashion Cappuccino: It WAS amazing!

    Ylenia: Love it!! She's incredible :)

    Alissa: I. KNOW. I got the DVD from her Crazy Horse show... Brooklyn watching party?

    S*: I think it's impossible not to crush on her! She's so glamorous and gorgeous.

    Dulci: Let's start a petition to bring her to NYC.

    Jeniese: Me too! I want to redecorate my entire apartment to look like the stage... Maybe that's a bit much.

    Thefatandskinnyonfashion: It was amazing! Definitely recommend seeing her :)

    PrettyandPlus: ABSOLUTELY.

    Pink horrorshow: Right? Doesn't it make you want to bedazzle a lamp post, or something?

    E: They're remarkable. Almost all of her performance shoes are custom Louboutins... Can you imagine having that kind of relationship with such an incredible designer?! I'd die.

  12. I was at this show! It was excellent, and those louboutins were INCREDIBLE. Great post! xoxo

  13. Wow, it looks so amazing!! She's so fearless and beautiful!! xoxoxoo


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