January 7, 2011

Snow day!

Since I sadly (luckily?) missed the last blizzard in NYC, I was more than happy (I know, most people are kicking the ground and pouting) to see snow in the forecast last night, and wake up to a light coating of white dust on rooftops, the street below, and on the bare branches of trees on my block. It also gave me an excuse to finally bust out my shearling lined boots, albeit only to take a short walk to the cafe down the street for breakfast. It's the perfect day for me to be curled up under several blankets, with a cup of tea, spending hours-on-end writing a (very academic) essay on fashion, aka, one of my favorite things to do - ever.

Top 5 Ways to Stay Warm And/Or Distract Yourself From the Cold (In No Particular Order):

1. A hot cup of tea (or hot cocoa, if that's your thing) and a special someone to curl up on the couch with. Pick up a book, a movie, or some good tunes (Billie Holiday, Cat Power, and Etta James go on the top of my list) and indulge in escapism.
2. Light candles or hang christmas lights around your room/home. I find that the soft light really warms up a space.
3. Enjoy a hot toddy (boiling water, scotch, a slice of lemon, cloves, and a cinnamon stick - and only if you're of age!)
4. Bundle up in those much loved, underused wooly sweaters you have that remind you of past winters. I know a lot of people give up on looking cute in the winter, but you can spend your time hibernating conjuring up the perfect layered outfit for when you finally decide to step outside.
5. Buy yourself flowers. Little bursts of color are the perfect pick-me-up when everything outdoors is relatively dead. Chrysanthemums, pansies, and roses are regionally available in the winter months, or check out this guide for more seasonal flowers.

How are you keeping warm this winter?


  1. Gorgeous boots!
    Oh I WISH I could put soft lights around my home/room. My bf hates anything to do with light. :(
    Good tips!

  2. I loved the last blizzard in New York! I mean, apart from the plowing situation and the massive puddles on street corners... But isn't that what snow boots are for? I had so much fun in the snow-covered city! I say, more snow in NY! Anyway, it can't be more or worse than here in Sweden.

  3. Beautiful. I was I was there too. I love fresh powder snow. Love. I am glad the boots worked out. Be careful walking in those gorgous heels in the slippery / icy snow girl.

  4. Nikki!! those boots are GORGEOUS!! Cant wait to see you in a month!

  5. Love those boots & I miss the snow! I love the idea of buying fresh flowers in the winter. That's a great idea!

  6. You always have such amazing images! I'm so jealous of the snow. Send it to L.A. please! :) Stay warm.

  7. What a pretty, soft snow. In my city the snow has been sitting on the ground for too long, it's just dirty.

    Those boots are gorgeous and that sounds like a lovely way to spend a snow day.

  8. Oh Nicolette, both your boots and snow pictures are goooooorgeous!!

    And I don't mean to sound like a copycat stalker, but I was in the middle of a draft almost exactly the same (snow pics in Cambridge and blissful ways to spend a wintery weekend). Just one more sign you're my long lost NYC sister from another mother.

    Briony xx

  9. Hi there I am new to your blog and I LOVE it! You are a girl after my own heart with this post. I have been pining for snow (which I'm not going to get in So. Cal) and those boots.....heaven!

    The Cheeky Cafe

  10. I missed the blizzard as well, so the snow today also made me happy!

    Also, uh, I want those boots.

  11. the miu miu boots are so stylish - the perfect boots for snowy days! if the weather is cold, i love to cook some soup. sometimes i make them on my own, otherwise i buy them. they keep me warm ;)

  12. I'm loving those boots, the way they are laced is cute. The Christmas lights thing is true, I keep some hung in specific areas for nice lighting.

  13. Gosh the snow is so pretty, right after I moved from Vegas they had some snow too. It looks really cool in the desert.

    I'm a big weenie when it gets cold, my favorite remedy is always hot chocolate!


  15. definitely taking the first 3 tips you have here, stay warm luv, next snow storm they say might be tuesday!


  16. i'm jealous of the snow! it looks amazing

  17. What a beautiful post! If it ever snows in London Ill be doing the same!

  18. nice pictures, nice blog, nice nicolette.

  19. What a lovely discover that is your blog!
    I was looking for Patricia Blanchet Brogues & I found you!

  20. While reading the blog and looking at your boots (gorgeous, btw) I remembered a post where you mentioned your love for things shiny and/ or sequin related. Just now I saw these beautiful sequined ankle boots in Spiegel that I think are worth a checking out. I think they look so you. :). Hope you read this comment. Have a nice day :D

  21. You're nuts. The number one way to stay warm in the winter is to be in bed with another body. I haven't done that nearly enough, but you know, it works. Every time.

  22. omg at those mui mui boots, they're actually soo nice! and you have snow :o!!! over here in London it stopped, Im actually sooo happy though cause I dont really like the snow, it turns me hair into some gigantic frizzball :( hahahha!!!

    Keep up the good work with your blog by the way :) x

  23. Oh Snow....We had so much snow in Paris that I can't stand it anymore!!!
    I want to wear heels and to be able to run if I want! lol
    How the Hell can you wear those incredibly beautiful shoes in snow?!

  24. Gazel: Thank you love!! I love them, too. You should find a way to convince him :)

    Vanessa: More snow! More snow! I'm 100% with you on that one, love!

    Afi: Thank you!! I wish you were here too. Please come visit. In the meantime, I'll try not to slip.

    Margot: I'm so excited for your visit!!

    NikStar: You can get some snow just a couple of hours outside of LA. Make a weekend out of it and visit Big Bear!

    Monique: Thank you lovey!!

    Sonia: It only stays pretty for a few days... Here, too!

    Briony: Hilarious! I can't wait til we can sit over a cup of tea and see what else we strangely have in common.

    Amanda: Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you come by again.

    Eliz: Hopefully we get more snow. Brooklyn looks SO good under snow.

    Martina: Thank you darling! I've been binging on butternut squash soup, too.

    Thomessa: Yay!

  25. Eli: I remember going to vegas once when I was REALLY young and it being snowing there... It's SO cool when it snows in Vegas.

    NMWELLS: Miu Miu doesn't come cheap, but I was pretty lucky to get these at 60% off, after stalking them all season.

    Jennier: Yay! Good luck!!

    Fat Aus/Bronny: Come visit! Please please please.

    Annie: Thank you! I thought London did get a bit of snow this winter??

    Phuong: Thank you!

    Osopolar: Thank you very much!

    Evitsa: Thanks! I hope you found the shoes. I got mine through Modcloth.com

    Carita: Thank you!

    Michelle: Thanks Michelle! I've never heard of that store/brand, but I'll check it out.

    Melinda: I'll keep you warm with a million hugs!!

    Cheyenne: The weather isn't so kind to my hair, either. I can sympathize!

    Meg: Too bad we don't wear the same size, eh??

    Sanouchka: I would LOVE to visit Paris when it's snowing. I've only been in summer and spring, I bet it's gorgeous.

  26. WE LOVE THESE! also love the pictures on your blog, stunning

  27. Love the photo! The boots are incredible! Really nice blog!!

  28. While reading the blog and looking at your boots (gorgeous, btw) I remembered a post where you mentioned your love for things shiny and/ or sequin related. Just now I saw these beautiful sequined ankle boots in Spiegel that I think are worth a checking out. I think they look so you. :). Hope you read this comment. Have a nice day :D


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