March 28, 2011

TENOVERSIX | Shopping in LA

Though TENOVERSIX is certainly no infant as far as shopping in Los Angeles is concerned, my occasional visits back to my hometown have seldom offered me enough time to explore all the new shops that have sprouted in the last 7 years since I've moved away from the city. On a stroll along Melrose with my sister (after the requisite lunch at Urth cafe), I hit up some of the neighborhoods mainstays and finally delved into the I-WANT-IT-ALL space at TENOVERSIX. No, but really: I want it all. From incredible statement shoes to the. coziest. coat. ever. - I easily could have left the store (and Los Angeles, in general) with an entirely new wardrobe in hand. The space mixes in home decor items curated by The Future Perfect (conveniently located down the street from my Brooklyn abode) as well as original artwork by Massimo Vitale, Steven Shein, Marc Horowitz, and more.

Really loving bright orange-reds this season...

Absolutely stunning necklace by Gabriela Artigas

OBSESSED: Lucite-heeled "Kat" shoe, TenOverSix x Vena Cava | Totally intrigued by the broom-mohawk of this wedge

All photos by me. Taken with a 5d/50mm lens.

Alas, somehow I resisted spending the entirety of my savings, at least as far as this trip is concerned. Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you're coming from the perspective of my wallet or my accountant), I can continue to ogle their wears from afar.

TENOVERSIX | 8425 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069 | 323.330.935


  1. I love total concepts stores when it is nicely done. I fell in love with the adorable bunnies, oh well it is almost Easter. The least you can say about the shoes, is that they are statement shoes. I thought, well they look okay: and then I saw the heel, love it. There is so much going on and everywhere you look you go like: oooohhh and aaaah. I love love clean camp, and the ceramic animals are clean camp.

  2. That pink dress print is one of my favourites by Jessica Craig-Martin! I wish I could buy it for my room!

  3. That lucite heel is pretty perfect. Nice job having the willpower not to buy everything! ha ha

  4. Those heels are HOT!! Great pics!

  5. I can't wait to discover all the cool shops you show on your blog!! Excellent taste!

  6. I really want each and everyone of those scarves... so pretty.

  7. so excited to see your LA POV. I'm a little sad I didnt have any transportation to get around this time. One day we will eventually meet :)

  8. I think I just had a shopping-gasm! Or a shoe-gasm? My favorite part about shopping in LA is the fantastic flea markets. I always go a little bit crazy at Melrose flea - and I always spend a little too much money!

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  10. Looks like a great shop!!!

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  11. I have just come across you blog, all the way from Spain, and I find it most inspiring. Marvellous photography. Definitly adding you to my bloroll.
    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. What a thrill to find new sourcers of inspiration.

  12. This store is truly inspiring. I gasped at those scarves. I would love to give this place a visit I haven't been to LA in ten years!

  13. On the first picture, I cannot look what have in the circle?! What is it?

  14. Those scarves are fantastic. I knew you were a great shopper. We seriously need to cruise Brooklyn together.

  15. fabulous photos - I especially love the scarves and necklace!!

  16. On the first picture, I cannot look what have in the circle?! What is it?

  17. That lucite heel is pretty perfect. Nice job having the willpower not to buy everything! ha ha

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