May 8, 2011

Parlez-Vous Français? The French Therapy [GIVEAWAY]

If you've been following this blog for any significant amount of time, I don't need to tell you that I'm a Francophile, because I've probably already talked your ear off about my love for the streets of Paris and my ceaseless appetite for French macarons, or my desire to sit outside of a sidewalk bistro, sipping on a cafe au lait while reading Camus or Sartre, or to walk through the haunting halls of the Louvre or the even more literally haunting paths at Pere Lachaise... This is, of course, without touching my love for French designers and French craftsmanship and French attention-to-detail.

When I found out that new online shop The French Therapy launched, offering a handful of the finest emerging contemporary designers from France - including Patricia Blanchet (the designer behind my famed glitter oxfords) and Suzie Winkle (dresses, glorious dresses!) and D.Dikate, the masterminds behind the beautiful clutch below, I was overjoyed! It's hard to find some of these designers stateside, so having them available just a click-away is a very welcomed addition to my list of online shopping destinations.

It is with great pleasure that I'm offering my readers the chance to win the pictured D.Dikate Cherry Red Bow Clutch, mini Moleskine notebook (both courtesy of The French Therapy), as well as a (brand new) Criterion Collection copy of one of my favorite films by Jean Luc Godard, Masculin Feminin (courtesy of me). The Cherry Red Bow Clutch is the softest suede I've ever touched in my life, and has an interior zipped pocket and is lined with an adorable birdy Liberty print. All three items will be shipped directly to the winner, anywhere in the world.


1.) Comment on this blog post with your name, e-mail address, and tell me what makes you a Francophile by sharing your favorite French things - from literature, to film, to art, to fashion.
2.) Like The French Therapy & Nicolette Mason on Facebook.
3.) Follow this blog here.
4.) Visit The French Therapy online and let your heart go pitter-patter!

The giveaway will run until May 18th, after which I'll select a winner at random using the random number generator.
Note: The duration of the giveaway has been extended as Blogger was down for 2 days.

Bonne chance, mes amis!


  1. HOLY CRAPBALLS. Masculin Feminin is so gud!
    My favourite French export is a three-way tie between Nouvelle Vague's cover of "Dancing With Myself, Anais Nin's "Little Birds" and "Rugrats in Paris" (WHICH TOTALLY COUNTS).


  2. Oh my god all three of your french exports are brilliant. I strongly approve.

  3. That bag has got to be the cutest thing ever. I am in love with the fabric lining and the little birdies!

    My favorite bits of Francophilia:
    1. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - I want to wear everything Catherine Deneuve is in that movie. Also, it's just so colorful and lovely and a musical.
    2. Henri Matisse. Who wouldn't want to be one of his Odalisques? I love everything he's painted.. ever.

    Kaitlin Dempsey
    kaitlin.dempsey [at]


  4. brittney
    britelmer@gmail.comwhen it comes to francophilia, i adore albert camus. i started reading him my senior year of high school and we've been having a literary love affair ever since.

  5. What a gorgeous clutch! I have a weird love for the movie La Boum which we watched in my French class in middle school and was the first time I was interested enough to try and understand French.

    bloomie and my email is 30dressesin30days at gmail


  6. How lovely! I especially like the lining of the bag. Very chic.

    My favorite (albeit somewhat embarrassing) bit of Francophilia was my brief obsession with the French singer Alizee when I was 13 years old. I remember listening to the song j'en ai marre over and over again to try to memorize the French lyrics (phonetically, of course). 7 years later, I'm proud to say that I can still sing it.


  7. Lovely items! Well, one of my favourite authors is Arthur Rimbaud, I have read A Season in Hell a few times and I'm lucky to have his complete works. Another one is Oscar Wilde and even though he's not french, he lived there for a period of time and he died there (I'd love to visit his grave some day). My sister is a chef and she's living in France, she has a french boyfriend and a little house and this June I will start a French course so next year I can go visit them!Oh and also, lately I have beeing watching some french thrillers, I'd recommend you Lemming with Charlotte Rampling and Charlotte Gainsbourg :) name: Macarena CPe-mail: macarenac

  8. I am so excited about this fabulous giveaway!

    My name is Janie and my email address is janie.garcia

    My favorite bit of Francophilia is Audrey Tautou! She is the most adorable, gorgeous, talented, "little" actress and I just love her. It all started with seeing some of her more mainstream films like Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. I fell in love with both Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey (more Audrey) instantly! So, next I decided to see as many of her films as possible; my favorite is He Loves Me He Loves Me Not or A la folie pas du tout.

    I have been lucky enough to visit Paris, France with my parents when I was 15. I loved it! Although, I would love to return as an adult so I can really appreciate the history and culture of the city and country.

    Thanks for this opportunity!


  9. Hey Nicolee!

    I simply like the architecture of French, especially Musée du Louvre, it just give some meaning to me.. I'm dreaming of going to France one day :) oh, and I also like Anggun, she's a singer, having 4 albums in French while she's not a French herself is an interesting thing for me! :)


  10. I would have to say my favorite bit of Francophilia is, well, a tie between the gloriously delicious pastries and the equally glorious and delicious movie, Amelié. I will never refuse a macaron or another airing of Amelié on any movie channel :)

    --Liza-Monette (

  11. Shawna I love In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust, Pierre Herme Macarons, that carousel that says Belle Epoque, Wandering through Pere Lechaise cemetery to find the grave of Serge Gainsbourg covered in cigarettes, The Musee Gustav Moreau with its pink walls winding staircase and eerie symbolist paintings, ageless timeless French girls with long brown hair walking through le Marais, Chez Moune, classic chic, striped shirts, croissants aux aumandes....I could go on....

  12. So funny because I'm eating a croissant at this moment! I have Masculin Feminin on my next movie Netflix queue, I've heard so many great things about it!

  13. My Francophilia stems from the music. Even if I can't always understand what they're singing about, as I'm not fluent in French, I feel like the words instill in me passion, happiness and a feeling of soothing freedom that no other music has ever been able to generate for me. I do not pretend to be an expert in French music but mostly I'm obsessed with Juliette Greco. She hits very close to home for me as my grandfather and I would dance in his living room to her music. He'd let me step on his feet and we'd waltz around the room. When I hear her music, I remember the smell of his cologne and the smell of the small little house and I can feel myself waltzing around the room with him. There were several other artists we would listen to such as Edith Piaf.

    I'd say I'm also obsessed with the work of John James Audubon being that I'm a Biology major looking to specialize in ornithology.

    And although french fries are not french...I like those too. :3


  14. Sophia - andherimagination[at]

    Francophillia tidbit about me - I am a huge lover of french food and the way of life in such an amazing country. I have seen many a french film to discover the unique storylines which are too creative to be concieved in 'popular' cinema and viewed enough online fashion festivals to have me jumping out of my seat. I need more frenchy stimulation on your prize looks a treat!

  15. Hi there I'm Faye Daniels.

    I'm going to go with art since...I was a fine art major and loved art history. Degas (who goes without saying), Delacroix as well as Camille Corot are some of my all time favorites.They were always able to portray so much elegant beauty in their work. Degas because of his subject matters, but Delacrois was able to do this even when painting battle scenes which is truly a feat. There are so many great painters just like great fashion designers who always seem to test boundaries and move their genre ahead simply by being themselves and sharing their aesthetics
    with the world.

  16. jiji ishak .

    it must be the movie Amelie. i'm in love with the spirit of the movie. the whimsy romantic quirky adventure.

  17. Caitlin Mae;; Simply the best bit of Francophilia is Jeanne Moureau singing Le Tourbillon in Jules et Jim. (also, I covet every aspect of that mise en scene- her white capris or skirt and striped sweater, the tall vase with the little wild flowers and the writing desk... makes me wish i had enough hair to pile on top of my head and a soft guitar to sing along to!)

  18. What a lovely giveaway!

    My favorite bit of Francophilia is the music artist Emilie Simon. Her music is just so odd and beautiful at the same time! So wonderful

    Brooke T.


  19. jiji ishak .

    it must be the movie Amelie. i love the whimsy, quirky romantic adventure

  20. I like The French Therapy & Nicolette Mason on Facebook!


  21. I follow your blog! :)


  22. eileen lee

    my favorite Francophilia are french macarons (almond wedding from Paulette here in LA) & Jean-Luc Godard films.

    also love blue & white stripes and croissants and of course, bows!

  23. Valerie
    valerie.valdovinos @gmail:disqus .com
    My favorite French thing has got to be Amélie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) . I watch that movie whenever I'm sad, or happy, or bored. Usually that amounts to 10+ times a year. I just love that she gets such a kick out of doing good things for others. Also, the colors and textures in that movie are amazing.

  24. it is so funny, as a european i am in love and crazy about NYC. for you it is the other way around! and i must say: Paris is the most sophisticated and stylish city in Europa and it has the best habits in the world, like drinking coffee. But i must say, i cannot choose between Paris or London, but maybe i love London a little bit more. the Punk era always fascinated me. Nope, cannot choose between the cities.
    what i love about Paris/france is:
    1. the language, my hubby speaks it and i love the way they play with the language, it always becomes a little bit of drama.
    2. My favorite brand Dior, maybe they are one of the only brands who represent the sophistication of paris. the grey Louis 14 interior always reminds me of Paris.
    3. Louis de Funes and his crazy movies about st. tropez. i love france in the summer. when i was a child we went every year to the south of France: oh the crickets, the smell of the lavender, the mountains, oh la douce france.
    4. but i am a show girl, so probably the moulin rouge and the crazy horse or one of my favorite attractions in paris; those girls can dance and they make cabaret an art form. damn, i cannot stop talking about france.
    5. my favorite france girl, la mome, the movie about edith piaf (Marion Cotillard and gerard depardieu). it represents the tragedy of paris, and sometimes paris can make me a little bit melancholic, it is the city of silent wanderers who will take about philosophy in a dark small cafe.
    6. oh and i love les miserable.
    7. France has a pretty bloody history and has become part of the country. Like the beauty of Versailles but the tragedies behind it are unbelievable. I think the movie Marie Antoinette shows us the decadence of Louis 16.

    I am looking for the perfect clutch for some time now. and one of my favorites was the MBMJ clutch because it was big enough. but this one is (i cannot find the word) more interesting because of, well, everything. love the fabric and the fact that it is not too stiff. the little bow is a killer accent and i love love the color. it bright, dark and hot.

  25. oeps my email:

  26. Celisse/Celisse at My Fav french things- Crepes( Sweet or savory), anything with Juliette Binoche in it, reading Arthur Rimbaud while drinking a homemade cafe au lait in a mug I got from a thrift store, Celine Dion..(I know, I know...don't judge..), and Cafe Luluc...(the fake-y french bistro in my neighborhood where I go to eat and pretend I am in paris and not Brooklyn, NY).

    I hope I win! I WANT THAT PURSE!!!!! oh oh oh red I love thee!!

  27. Hi There! It may sound ridicolous but one of my favourite French thing is bread! yes, any shape, size, type. Of course my favourite stop is by the bloulangerie!!

  28. neely,, the gainsbourgs.

  29. Tiffany

    would be the architecture especially its icon Eiffel Tower, the language, eating macaroon in the cafe and riding vespa with boyfriend :)

    aldy follow & like!!

  30. I wouldn't define myself a Francophile, but there are some things from French culture I really feel connected to. Here is just a random list: Mathieu Kassovitz's "La Haine"; everything Hermès, Chanel and Petit Bateau; Repetto mary-janes; Guy de Maupassant's "La Maison Tellier" and "Bel Ami";Luis Buñuel's "Belle de Jour" (though Spanish, I consider him a great French cinematographer); Alain Resnais' "L'année dernière à Marienbad"; Diptyque perfumes; Khaled (he's an Algerian singer, who has become famous when he moved to France).

    Hi! I'm Terry. My email address is superqueen74[at]gmail[dot]com.

  31. I think that French as such is a really stylish language. And of course, I fell in love with Paris when I was there! Such an amazing city! Oh and I love the French cuisine :)


  32. I've done all the relevant/ visiting/ following and liking! - what an amazing giveaway! I love the unique finds I pick up every time I'm in France, this post has made me feel so lucky to have a house there and be able to visit very break - I hope you can get yourself back over there soon! x

  33. laura luna. lauraluna@creativexicana:disqus .com I took French for 6 years (HS & College) It's such a beautiful language, so that's probably my favorite, the language (a close second might be a tie between the bread & wine) I would love to win all of this not only because I love the clutch, but because the title of the film reminds me a lot of Female Masculinity, which has got to be my most favorite thing in the whole wide world ;)

  34. Malvina Beatrice,

  35. la nomade gourmandeMay 9, 2011 at 4:07 AM

    Mon amour de la langue française me rattache à la France. Le français est la langue de l'amour comme dirait quelqu'un...
    Quant à la mode Sonial Rykiel et JPG représentent l'essence parisienne ! N'en déplaise à Chanel et Dior ! :)

    (My love for the french language make me a francophile. Speak french is like speak love as someone once said...
    For me, the fashion parisian essence is definitely SOnial Rykiel and JPG ! Despite Chanel and Dior's opinion ! :)

  36. I love France. Luckily the Eurostar is a quick trip over to one of my favourite cities, Paris where I can get a day's fix of one of my favourite cities. I love it so much I have created a google map of all of my favourite places, restaurants and bakeries!

    ....and my favourite French word is "mouchoir"


  37. hey, my name is Cynthia ^^ and my email is cynthia_giang95@hotmail:disqus

    .com. I guess what makes me a Francophile is the language. It's amazing and it sounds quite elegant in a sense to me. It's desserts are amazing, and it's delicate and beautiful. I liked your Facebook Pages via my sister's account, as I do not own a fb account at this moment, [Karen Giang] I have followed your blog too (:

    Thank you for hosting such a beautiful giveaway! (:

  38. Imen Argoubi
    pulp_tree06@yahoo .fr
    first thank you for this glamorous opportunity !
    i'm from Tunisia, a froncophone country, so i grow up on Aznavour and Leo Férré songs :)
    also frensh is our second language ! and needless to say that it's my first love !
    i've folloxed you via GFC, liked the 2 fb pages !
    passe une bonne journée.

  39. Koleen EnriquezMay 9, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    Well hello there,I'm Koleen Enriquez.Though I'm not a French or born with that nationality,I have this flaming passion for French products,French items and a lot more.I love the language itself and even promised to myself that I will study their language.I love crepes and eat them almost every time I will go to the mall.And also,I have this great dream,a dream that someday,somehow I will be able to visit France,specifically Paris.Why?Not only that I admire the Eiffel tower,but also the people there.

  40. Alexandra Ewing

    At times I feel so cheesy to be a Francophile. I think to many just the idea is a big cliche, but I can't help myself. I started young. The Madeline books by Ludwig Bemelmans enchanted me. I begged my parents for the Muzzy language courses (, to no avail. In lieu of learning French, I just made up my own language that sounded right. Then there was the Madeline television series, and calling my parents Mama and Papa. I bought an Eiffel Tower necklace. I hunted for cheap tourist Eiffel Towers on Ebay--don't look, they're all overpriced!--until a friend visited and brought me back one to sit prominently on my vanity table. Reading The Little Prince, and Madame Bovary, and Les Miserables. And then as I grew older, the classic films. Menilmontant, Grand Illusion, the 400 Blows, and maybe most importantly to me, Cleo from 9 to 5. Watching Cleo stroll, waiting for her cancer diagnosis... singing "Sans Toi." It is haunting, it is beautiful, it is everything I associate with France. I've still never gotten the chance to go, but I know I will someday, and I don't even worry that it can't live up to expectations. It is already so vitally a part of me. I won't be let down, because I can't be disappointed by France. It would only be being disappointed in myself.

  41. i've liked both fb pages & follow via gfc :)

    i haven't been back to france in about 10 yrs (and am hoping to rectify this with a long weekend this year!) but from long weekends as a child & school trips i only have good memories; hazy summer afternoons, the food, beautiful scenery, trips to mont st michel and (my childhood staple) disneyland.

    pippa, phillippa.white @

  42. Tròn Tròn, Bonjour! I could spend days downloading Jean -Luc Gordard. Pause in the middle of Le Mepris to see how gorgeous Brigitte Bardot is! Her gap teeth! Her blond hair! Her eyes and lashes! Then I could stand in front of the mirror with the image of those boufants in my head, just to make my hair as big as those gorgeous bobs. I love just to make up with black eyeliner to blacken my eyes with long faux eye lashes. Then with a big boufant! I could spend all day in Saigon street and imagine Im walking around Paris! Also Breathless, with Jean Seberg with her wonderful strike dress that always amazes me! Ohhh!

  43. Chavon

    I like both pages on facebook and I'm following.

    My Francophilia is the literature, and the language. I love their way
    with words. One of my favorite saying that doesn't translate over
    completely is "
    L'esprit de l'escalier
    ( or L'esprit d'escalier.)"

    The feeling you get after leaving a conversation and you think about all
    the things you should have said. I also enjoy the work by Anais Nin.

  44. oh mon dieu!

    this giveaway looks amazing!

    j'aime la langue française. je vis au canada et ont le privilège d'apprendre et d'aimer tout ce qui est le français.

    also who could NOT love the yé-yé french music movement from the 60s.

    i love me some france gall and fran
    çois hardy. ultimate favourite song: laisser tomber les filles as sung by france gall written by the infamous serge gainsbourg. ahhh i love french things, this giveaway perfect!

  45. liked the french therapy & you on facebook.

  46. checked out french therapy and it is seriously swooooon worthy. the bow cluth as to be my favourite... how awesome! keeping my fingers crossed!

  47. Top 10 French things I like:

    1. 1960s French pop. There is a wonderful party which channels this gloriously and it's called Bardot-a-Go-Go in San Francisco.
    2. Technically a Belgian film but in French and absolutely brilliant: Ma vie en rose. It's perfection.
    3. The SG+JB album fondly known as Je t' non plus. I'd lie around with an old French boyfriend in the sunny parts of my flat making him translate. He blushed easily.
    4. All the cheekiest bits from Fifi Chachnil.
    5. Eau d'Bedroom Dancing.
    6. Les Nubians, Miss Kittin, Nouvelle Vague.
    7. Always a fondness for Antoine de Saint Exupery, Sartre, and de Beauvoir. Many French poems translated that I can't remember.

    8. It is impossible not to mention Chanel.
    9. Or Frederic Malle.
    10. Champagne, champagne, champagne!

    Alas, I have never actually been to France, but a girl can dream, and dreaming would be more easily done with this sweet little sueded number. Plus, it matches my lipstick.
    Miss Jones of Fit for a Femme land, reachable by email at fitforafemme at gmail dot com.

  48. Umm hello Nikki, my love of France is well known. But here you go... What makes me a Francophile

    1. My name is Margot
    2. I speak French
    3. I gained nearly 30 pounds while living and studying in Paris because all I did was eat Laduree Macarons, chocolate and baguettes. Luckily this gave me a reason to purchase a new wardrobe. Which now I just belt so I can continue to wear all of the clothes 5 years later.
    4. I think French people are kind and lovely while it is really Americans who are rude :)
    5. Repetto flats are my favorite shoe of all time
    6. May favorite shop in Paris is the jewelry shop Baby Buddha

    I could go on, but this is starting to become a long list so (I already like you on facebook and follow you.) I have now liked the French Therapy and am currently browsing the site.


  49. Seeing as I just shared this with all my readers (who I hope do come over here, fall in love with your blog and enter this), I don't want to enter myself. But this won't restrain me from making a list about French things I love (only 10? this will be hard...)

    1. Everything from Chanel, bags and shoes from Chloe, fantasy life Haute Couture gowns, Isabel Marant heels, Louis Vuitton runways and Lanvin dresses - sorry, this had to go in one line!
    2. French perfume - it makes the whole world smell better (I especially love Annick Goutal and Diptyque)
    3. French knickers, preferably sheer, frilly, blush pink frothy concoctions
    4. Breton tops and ballet flats
    5. Jewel-coloured Laduree macarons (a food group in themselves) and pastries from tiny bakeries on the street
    6. Picnics and lazy afternoons in the Jardin des Tuilerries
    7. Wandering the tiny backstreets of Le Marais and the Left Bank
    8. Breathy French singers (Bardot, Bruni, Nouvelle Vague, Emile Simon, etc.) and Hotel Costes CDs
    9. French romantic comedies (The Heartbreaker is a recent favourite)
    10. Le Tour d'Eiffel - obviously!

    Briony xx

  50. Hey! I am Alexis (alexis dot logsdon at gmail dot com), and I dig a lot of things about France. I appreciate their uncompromising culinary sense, their crepes, their perfumes. But I am most in love with the intersectional cultures of Paris--a city where Samuel Beckett lived on the same street as Andre the Giant, whom he occasionally drove to school. I love Israeli falafel stands in the Rue de Rosiers, and seeing a Senegalese man balance a goldfish bowl on his head at a street market in Rue Mouffetard. Damn it, now I am dying to go back!

  51. Jessica D. NguyenMay 9, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    things i love about french things. the list could go on. but here goes my top 3.
    1. the french language: even though i took spanish, i love the french language which prompted me to attempt (key word: attempt) to learn it on my own. regardless of how horribly i speak it, i force my friend who used to live in france to speak french to me so i can hear the words and bask in its beauty. yup, the language is divine.
    2. french fashion: what can i say? it's an inspiration for us all. and every outfit could do with a little bit of france in it.
    3. french movies: they're just so much better than american movies so i can't help watching them. :)

    thanks for doing this giveaway, you're awesome!
    - Jessica D. Nguyen (jessicanguyen_asdf (at)

  52. Oh my goodness, look at the lining of that purse! Eeeep! So cute!

    I see London, I see France, I see... oh wait, wrong post. Sorry! :)
    I studied at the Sorbonne and lived at Cite Universitaire for 2 months over 4 years ago. I would go back in a heart-beat. I felt most at peace with myself when I was in Paris. I can't explain why, except that I felt closer to myself thousands of miles away from home than I did at home. Speaking French in my day to day life felt so natural and I felt at home with the fashionable women of France, who are beautiful in the simplest of clothing. Camus' Stranger is one of my favorite novels. I love to read it outloud when noone is listening. :)

    Anyway, my name is Cait and my email is

  53. oh oh, and I almost forgot - who doesn't love to listen to Camille? <3 -cait

  54. I have only been to Paris twice but each time it felt like home. I literally get heartsick when I look at my scrapbooks of my visits. I am a Francophile because I adore the beauty found in everyday French life:Walking to the open air markets for fresh produce and breads. Big, chippy paint, ornate doors. Stairwells. Street fashion. Repetto ballerina flats.Luxe designers: Balenciaga, Chanel, Vuitton. Galleries Lafayette. Longchamp le Pliage totes on the shoulders of the women in the metro. French pop love : Superbus, Amel BentFrench Movie love: Amelie, Hors de prixMy art room is french inspired. Eiffel towers, vintage lace, vintage glass drawer pulls, chippy painted furniture, lots of soft pink, black and green...Kymmie

  55. I love French films, not like, Godard but the film noir in the post-World War era was really beautiful. Also, their composers make me really happy.

  56. Why I am a Francophile: an ode to the land
    of liberty, equality and fraternity:

    Days spent cycling round the Vendee countryside,
    picnicking on river banks so beautiful and wide.

    Strolling around the hidden backstreets of Paris,

    Stumbling across bars so small, they often
    are missed.

    Croissants, eclairs and coffee served with

    Pain aux raisins, and mille feuille eaten
    with beautiful spoons.
    The most beautiful clothing from Chloe,
    Dior and Marant,

    The tailoring, the details, plus let’s not
    forget Yves Saint Laurent.

    The breathy chansons of Gainsbourg and

    Which newer artists can’t help but

    How is it possible not to adore

    The elegance of Parisians be them rich or
    be them poor.

    Wonderful films like ‘Jeux d’enfants’ and ‘Amelie’,

    Melting the hearts of tous les filles.

    Le Tour d'Eiffel, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre and Versailles,

    Why don't I live in Paris, why oh why?
    Last but not least a reason why I love France,

    The ability it has to make me sing, rhyme
    and dance.

    I clearly do not have a career as poet
    laureate ahead of me, however, at least I will always have my love of the

    Carina x

  57. That clutch is divine! I adore the little bow.

    I'm not much of a Francophile, although I've been a couple of times & will be returning this summer. I do love the language, the pastries & the beautiful Gaspard Ulliel though!


  58. I'm new here in your blog and I love it so much.
    When it comes to the French, I love everything about them. Fashion is definitely a first then their lifestyle. It's as if everything that is French is beautiful and making a list of these beautiful French things would be endless. The French Ye-ye of the 60s is my ultimate fave!
    I can't follow you on the Google thing so I followed you on Bloglovin instead. :)


  59. French things I like: the language, kissing, baguettes, tiny dogs, cobblestone streets, berets, art, lavender, the party hard french in san francisco which isn't really french but still, the eiffel tower. I hope I win!!

  60. Hiyaah I'm Anna,
    I love France so much for so many reasons, but I'm gonna try to sum them up :
    1° My favorite movie is Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst, of course it is about the Versailles Life in the Louis XVI age. I think I like everything in Versailles from the architecture with the amazing mouldings and gilts, to the history that radiates the monument.
    2° I love also the carming Paris, the perfect feeling that you can have in this city is to sit in a cafe terrace with a cigarette and a cafe with the sun shining on this capitale city. It is so relaxing and pleasant to look at this wonderful city !
    3° I think my favorite french brand is CHANEL by far, it mixes classical and mordern style, it is always beatiful pieces that they produce, it's really the french class representation.

  61. oh la la...tres jolie cheri! ;) well, I am a studied Foreign Language Secretary although turned Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger and Photographer right now! ...the French Culture was always with...also through my Mother, she is Polish and the French and Polish People were and are still very close together, since History! she showed me the appreciation of French Film, Music and Fashion of course! and I got know all the fabulous classic artist like...Jeanne Moreau, B. Bardot, Gérard Phillipe, Yves Manteaux, Cathrine Deneuve in acting and so many more...each in their own crafts!

    Love the French way of Life! Just "Laissez-faire"!



    Salut! Camilla

  62. kayce
    chefkayce [at] gmail [dot] com

    favorite french things:
    - anne catherine frey ;)
    - the language
    - pastries/chocolates
    - i love that the french have a law ststing that baguettes can only be flour, fresh yeast, water, salt, and a pinch of sugar. :) the dedication to craft and the pride of creation always astounds me.

  63. Amy
    amypmaasgmail .com


  64. Joy
    The Lourve, French Bordeaux wine and Macarons!

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