August 31, 2011

Not That Kind of Prescription: Brooklyn Farmacy

Brooklyn, the New York City borough which I call home, has a particular knack for nostalgia and old-timey-things, which is both strange and pretty damn delightful. From our prohibition-era, speakeasy style bars to our soda fountains and drive-in theatres, Brooklyn certainly revels in the past as much as it does the present. Being a bit of a sucker for nostalgia (especially of things I never actually had a chance to experience), this is something I welcome and cherish. That old-timey sensibility, a love for the local, and a sweet tooth converge at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, a cute little establishment nestled in the heart of Carroll Gardens, (an equally cute neighborhood). Austin and I replaced a proper lunch with just desserts - including a "red velvet twinkie split" and a vanilla-caramel-salty pretzel concoction. Our bowls were sent back with loads of melted ice cream left in them, and my mouth was left with a serious tooth ache. The sundaes were good, but way too rich and indulgent for my tastes. Next time, I'll keep it simple! Regardless, the atmosphere is fantastic.

A pretty simple outfit! Black lace collared dress from ASOS Curve, Spitfit Sunglasses from Alter Brooklyn, Platform heels from UO, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (really, really old), Miu Miu & Agent Provocateur bracelets

I'm having a major moment with structured bags. 

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain 513 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY
Photos of me by Austin Manning


  1. this place looks adorable and i think i want/need that dress now

  2. Lipstick is everything. What color/brand?

  3. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in "Dragon" !

  4. How cute is that soda shop!? Very jealous, we have nothing like that around here. :(

    - Jaimie

  5. love the mint green of the Faramcy! looks so fresh against the brick wall! And a sugar overdose it is, it feels very retro, like 50’s retro! And your outfit is absolutely perfect for this 50’s glam! What a gorgeous dress and it fits you perfectly!  Smashing with your white impeccable skin and amazing black bold heels! Love the fact that the heels are not too refined

  6. This place looks lovely and unique. Unfortunately when I was a part-time newyorker years ago Brooklyn was not as popular and I didn't have the chance to enjoy its magic atmosphere. Your outfit is impeccable,I particularly like the handbag,living proof a great accessory is always a wise investment. PS:I was just given the Chanel Dragon laque as a present,can't wait to try it now!


    and lookin' fab as always!  that dress is great on you, i love the collar layered with the lace!

  8. You looked as delicious as the dessert! xoxo

  9. Well that place is pretty freaking adorable. It sure fits in with Carroll Gardens. Your outfit is so so suiting for such an outing <3

  10. i pair the same dress with a black belt too. without it, it just seems too boxy doesn't it?

  11. love the dress & bag. you look great!

  12. God, that outfit is to die for, and the sundae is killing me right now. Also? I feel that one day we'll get to go on a femme date together and we'll be hungover from fabulous for days, you know? 

  13. I found your blog through Sara Zucker's tumblr, and was happy to see Farmacy on the front page! I live 4 blocks from's dangerous. Your photos are gorgeous, and I covet your pretty lace dress. 

  14. Looks like so much fun!! I love old fashioned ice cream shops/soda fountains like this. We had one in the little town I grew up in on Long Island. You look so pretty. I adore you dress!!

  15. this place is cute. i want to shove my face full of that ice cream! nice bag, too. classic MJ

  16. The seafoam green and minimal lettering on the sign make me fall in love.

  17. Oh Nicolette, this is so adorable (both the nostalgic charm of Farmacy, your adorable Wenesday Adams Goes To Brooklyn outfit, and the charm of your neighbourhood). I am just SO excited to explore Brooklyn more. Thank you so much for sharing this

    Briony xx

  18. Beautiful as always. What I love about NYC, coupled with your adorable eye for all things simple (gwuan wit di dress chile) makes for a wonderful spread. Thanks as always!!!!

    Shakesha The Fan! LOL

  19. you look gorgeous and so does the place. love structured bags too, classic

  20. Love your dress!


  22. Besides LOVING your outfit, just the other day I had heard on NPR about all these pharmacies popping up and making a comeback. This looks so yummy!

  23. I have to go here, oh my gosh. I HAVE TO GO HERE.

  24. great.. now i need that dress... AND i miss my old neighborhoodl

  25. I have that same dress, and I'm glad to see someone wearing it. I fell in love with it and bought it, but I wasn't really sure how to style it, and now I have an idea! Also, must go to the location in this post! Wonderful!

  26. love everything about this post, but especially that barber shop photo! gorgeous.

  27. You sent something back to the kitchen, uneaten? One wouldn't think so considering your considerable size. Way to overdress in a hilarious attempt to look pretty, just give up already and lose some weight. Actually, lose A LOT of weight. You are not healthy by any standards, and you don't look it either.

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