October 7, 2011

Make Me Up! Favorite Fall Beauty Buys

After receiving the fuschia version of Stila's Long Wear Lip Color in the Betsey Johnson NYFW gift bag, I knew I'd finally found a great all-day lipcolor that is actually long wear - instead of just advertising that it is! With a smooth application that goes on matte without drying your lips, this highly pigmented lip color lasts for hours - even if you're eating and drinking. It's my new favorite thing! Pictured in Fuschia and Fiery Red.

Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre. I hate spending this much on a single beauty product (they're $36 a pop), but it's just something you have to see to believe. The eyeshadows are smooth, velvety to the touch, and even after hours of wear, they don't crease - at all. Eyeshadow primers tend to irritate my skin, so these are the perfect solution for a smokey eye.

Like I hinted above, I have extremely sensitive skin - so even the most "sensitive skin friendly" moisturizers and creams tend to make me break out, (this is also the reason you won't see any foundation in this list). Chanel Hydramax Moisturize Gel is my go-to for fall, and once winter hits I switch to Chanel Beauté Initiale. They last forever.

I admit to being a total nail polish junkie (with a horrible habit of changing my nail polish at least a few times a week), and Barry M is one of my favorite drug-store brands - with amazing colors and a tempting price (less than $6 a bottle). Though the brand is UK based, you can purchase Barry M through ASOS. Bright colors here & classic colors here

I picked up Anna Sui's Loose Face Powder last year when I was in Japan after falling in love with the packaging. If you're super pale like I am, the light purple powder is a perfect finishing layer, with a light, luminous glow. Oh, and it smells like roses. Divine.

No explanation needed. Just get with the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics program, already. Lip tar = everything.

I've never been a "signature fragrance" kind of girl. I like changing my scent depending on my mood, the weather, etc. I finally tried Bond No. 9 fragrances after visiting their enormous, gorgeous new boutique in the Meatpacking District, and I absolutely fell in love with their Chinatown perfume - but, being commitment-phobic when it comes to fragrance, rather than buckling down the dough for a full bottle, I opted for the super adorable Bon Bon Box, ideal for my mercurial tastes. The truth? I'll probably be going back for a bottle of Chinatown, soon. It's just so perfect.

I'm definitely a skeptic when it comes to Salon-brand haircare products, and am more likely to use Garnier Fructis than Frederic Fekkai, but after seriously processing my hair when going from black/blue/purple to bright, coppery red, I knew my hair was in major need of repair. I've tried a lot of different products, but it turns out the ones from Arrojo, the salon where I get my hair cut and colored, are actually the best. I've become addicted to the Hair Repair Masque. If you have dry or damaged hair, I can't recommend it enough! It's basically straight protein for your tresses - and my locks are super silky after just a couple of weeks of use. In NYC and looking for a new 'do? I can't sing enough praises for Topher (stylist) and Flores (colorist). It took years to find stylists in NYC that I could commit to, but this is it: my hair is officially married to them.

Okay, I'm not an expert by any means, but these are the products I'm loving right now. What are your favorites? Any new beauty secrets or discoveries you want to share?


  1. Like the fact that the eye shadows are a paste!  I always mix my eye shadows with water, so they will last longer! This is a perfect alternative! Love the moisturizers tip, my skin always breaks out too and I am looking for the perfect day cream, still haven’t found them! and I want that anna sui powder! Well I know what I am going to buy in tax free and in the anna sui store

  2. Oh for heaven's sake Nicolette!! Just when I think I'm all set and satiated for beauty products, you go and do an amazing post like this. Now, I'm all hot and heavy over a bevy of new stuff to try. How do you do that?! Alright, favorite products of mine - there are only two so far that I can't live without. #1 YSL touche eclat - such an amazing cover up which saves my bacon every time. I too, have sensitive skin and avoid foundation so that amazing product covers a blemish like a dream and brightens under eye circles like nothing else. #2 Dior's Diorshow mascara. It goes on the smoothest of all the brands I've tried, lasts the longest, doesn't flake, and doesn't seem to leave my lashes a hot mess, brittle, or falling out.

  3. Your purchases look so pretty! I love BarryM. 

  4. i just discovered those stila lipsticks, too! best everrrr!

  5. I'm in love with those chanel eye pots too. I have both colours as well and find that they create the perfect smokey eye without even trying too hard. Sadly I wish I could use Chanel's moisturizers but even though they specifically state they are hypoallergenic I always break out in hives because of whatever fragrance they use. (And can I just tell you how much I hate it when products say they are fragrance free when it's bollocks since they do indeed have fragrance!)
    Have you seen the new Ronson make up line at Sephora? I would have thought they were right up your alley considering the packaging of the glosses (heart shaped.) I bought one of those recently and found it to be the perfect anytime color since it's sheer, not sticky, and a nice pale pink color. Lately though I'm really in love with an old favourite - Urban Decay's 'Jilted' lipgloss. I re-discovered it and find that I use it all the time. Don't you love it when that happens?

  6. LOVE this post! 
    My new Fall beauty cravings are burnt orange nail polish and Lush's Lust solid perfume!
    I can't wait to check out some OCC Lip Tar!

  7. That all looks so incredible - and I really want to try some OCD Lip Tars! 

  8. Agnès Teixidó GrañaOctober 7, 2011 at 2:04 PM

    Definitely will have to try the Stile lipstick. They always dry my lips so if this doesn't it's gonna be my new favorite too! Interesting post!


  9. I'm still super in love with my BB, OCC lip tars, ZOYA nail polishes and my Urban Decay eyeshadow palette in Feminine. 

  10. If you like those Chanel shadows, you MUST try Armani's Eyes to Kill collection, they are similar and the colors are fantastical. They have been on my wishlist since I saw the previews like, a year ago, and every time I see them IRL I swatch them all over my arm and cry over the price tag. Also, you know I'm a hardcore UD fan, and if you haven't given Urban Decay's Super-Saturated Lip Color(specifically in crush) a shot yet you are missing OUT. 

    ugh so jealous of your OCC stash. I don't have any lip tars from them and I want one so bad. -_-

  11. I REALLY need to try an OCC lip tart!  I also have really sensitive skin and the best moisturizer for me has been 100% Pure.  I'm obsessed with their eye cream, too.  I actually got hooked on it because of Jay, Fatshionable.com!  Thanks for sharing your beauty products with us! x

  12. I love perfume by Bond! I'm still looking for my tried and true products, but I have to say that Fresh's Soy Face Wash and Kiehl's Coriander Body Wash are always on hand!

  13. love the suggestions and the photos! definitely wanna try the stila longwear... the bright colors are gorgeous!!! i bow to you, miss changing my nail polish several times a week. :) i'm just trying to shoot for once a week!

    sarah rose

  14. Great pictures. Very tempting. Love the way you arrange stuff. You manage to make everything look good.

  15. I so wish I could get some of that divine looking shadow! :) 
    Nicolette, your blog [which I found today] has totally inspired me today....


  16. i love bond chinatown!! you should try a scent of peace.. it's lovely.

    fancy [no]pants

  17. Love Bond No. 9...I was just at a wedding where all the bridesmaids received a different scent. I thought it was a cute gift. I also hate spending a ton of money on one single beauty item, but I usually find that the more I spend, the happier I am with the product! I tend to splurge on Smashbox products that I don't really need :)


  18. Ahh, the bon bon box is so ridiculously adorable!

  19. All of this packaging alone makes me want everything! Those Chanel eyeshadows look like they would be so pretty on. 

  20. Hi Nicolette,
    I tried the Hydramax cream (the gel was a little too aggressive on my dry-skin face) and I'm hooked! Thanks for sharing your beauty faves. And you are right, they last forever, been living off  samples until it arrives... it was sold out in my local Nordstrom! 
    I also love the Arrojo products. I knew them already, I use the defrizz serum. It works wonders in the humid misty Pacific Northwest weather. 

  21. Ohhh...I love this post. So many beautiful items. Love the Bon Bon Boxes!


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