November 30, 2011

Gift Guide: The Host(ess)!

One of the things my mother has always taught me was that you should never show up to someone's door empty handed when they've invited you over - whether it's for dinner, a cocktail hour, or a party. It's nice to show up with a small token of your appreciation (and it doesn't have to be expensive!) - anything from a homemade dish to a bunch of flowers to a bottle of wine. Even for the Martha Stewart's in our lives that make entertaining look so easy, I think it's so important to acknowledge all the hard work that goes into a party!

1. Babycakes Gluten Free & Vegan Brownies, $15.95. In a world of ever growing food sensitivities and allergies, there's a good chance someone at your holiday party will be of the gluten free/vegan/lactose intolerant set, and there are few things yummier than Babycakes! 2. Sofia Blanc de Blancs 187ML, $19.99. It rivals some of my favorite champagnes, and you can't beat the pretty pink wrapping! 3. Kate Spade 2012 Desktop Calendar, $38. A busy host needs a place to keep their dates! 4. Z. Gallerie Gelato Frames, $12.95 - $19.95. 5. Bleaker Bar 3-Tiered Stand, $139. The perfect destination for your brownies, cupcakes, or macarons. 6. Jonathan Adler Acrylic, $28. Who said competing for gelt had to stop once you grew up? 7. Bloom Etched Martini Glasses (Set of Four), $19.80. 8. Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook, $21. Momofuku Cookbook, $22. Perfect for the host who isn't intimidated by a culinary challenge. 9. KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand-Up Mixer, $299. 10. Paw Me a Cup Tea Set, $45.99. 11. Crate&Barrel Kiki Vase, $12.95. Small, cute, and budget-friendly means you can easily fill this one with flowers! 12. Calypso Bellini Bougie Candle, $45. Sometimes cooking smells can linger, but this fragrant candle will overpower them!

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  1. My best friend is an absolute genius when it comes to dinner parties! I am absolutely terrible when it comes to parties! So I am always the one who is invited and I definitely can use some cool present ideas. Cool ideas and I love the diversity of the presents

  2. everything is so pretty

  3. You can get Kate Spade diaries? I LOVE it! And that dradle is so pretty, mine is just plain with coloured characters!

  4. Love me a good Holiday gift guide! I'm obsessed with Kate Spade stationary. Its always on my wish list so that would make an awesome hostess gift. If someone showed up at one of my parties with a Kitchen Aid mixer, I would let them stay forever! Especially if it was that pink one <3

  5. nicolette, i am loving your gift guides! so creative :)

  6. I love your gift guides! And you are so right about the hostess gifts (it's also one of my favourite things to buy and give). Some day I'll own a house and buy myself that pink Kitchenaid!

    Briony xx

  7. i *LOVE* that you included the momofuku cookbooks here!  they are amongst my favorites, and (in my opinion) modern classics.  the milk one was a particular coup b/c their crack pie is more delicious than, well, almost anything lol.

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