November 3, 2011

Store Visit: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I've written about Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics a few times on my blog, and I'm not sure it's been fully discussed before, but I do have a small habit of hoarding their products. I finally found the time to get down to their brand spanking new shop on the Lower East Side - an exposed-brick space filled to the brim with their amazingly pigmented, cruelty free products. Emily, one OCC's in-house make up artist (and total gem!) walked me through the entire collection and even introduced me to their airbrush line. It was the most perfect, even make-up application I've EVER had.

Must Have Lip Tars: NSFW (true red), Trick (pale beige), Anime (neon pink), Pretty Boy (bright fuschia), Clear (for infinite mixing possibilities!)

Must Have Loose Colors: Smote (shimmery taupe), Glisten (shimmery pink), Nori (deep emerald green), Mirrorball (holographic glitter), Jubilee (shimmery pale green/blue, Twirl (shimmery peach, perfect for highlighting)

Must Have Nail Lacquers: Pool Boy (pale blue), Dangerous (charcoal grey), Pansy (lavender), Cruising (shimmery gold), Flatline (matte topcoat)

As for the new "Pretty Boy" collection? I'm pretty in love. Other than the incredible, vibrant color palette, I love how the names throughout the collection were inspired by Paris is Burning, one of my favorite documentaries, and New York City's House Culture. How could I not fall in love with a collection that has a lip gloss called "Femme"? Really now!


  1. always love your post! especially when we are coming to nyc! i have a little book where i write down all these interesting tips! oh my you can go crazy in these store! completely in love with the numerous colors of lip balm! want them all 

  2. I have so much love for their cosmetics, but I've never actually tried them - I need one in my life! 

  3. The lip tar looks amazing. I love the range of colours. May have more things to add to my beauty wish list! :)

  4.  Oh my god, the blue is called Butch. Officially in love. Must have!

  5. I'm beyond intrigued by the airbrush make up. I'd be really interested to hear about the process and see some pics of it if possible. How does it feel on the skin? How does it hold up through the day? 

  6. Arg since you first blogged about them I've been obsessed. Want to try out their stuff so much, do they ship to Aus?

  7. OBSESSEDDDDD. next time i'm in nyc, we need to a do a shopping trip to this store, yeah?

  8. Yup! Got some eye-candy going here!

  9. oh god, now i REALLY have no excuse not to get the lip tar in any number of wacky colours.

  10. I really want one of their Lip Tars - they look so exciting!

  11. Man I LIVE for OCC but I have yet to try any of the lip tars! I want ALL of the red ones...

  12. Man I really want one of the many red lip tars!

  13. They're soooooo good!! I think you can apply for their pro discount as a blogger :) Try them out!! Or, maybe this is a good reason to come to NY...??

  14. You should spend a few hours on the Lower East Side: stock up on makeup at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Shop for Vintage goodies, Eat a cupcake at Babycakes, have some tapas and drinks at Stanton Social....

  15. You muuuust!!! I think they ship some of the cosmetics (probably not nail lacquers, though) overseas. They're so worth a try!!!!

  16. I LOVE Anime!! It was one of my first OCC purchases :)

  17. The whole Pretty Boy collection was inspired by queer house culture! And the colors are AMAZING -- seriously. All of them.

  18. Aaahhhh, I know you're a MAC lover, but I can't rave enough about OCC. The colors are so good and all the products are cruelty free and paraben free. It's nice to support such an indie production, too! I'm pretty sure they do ship overseas, with the exception of their nail lacquers.

  19. It actually feels really, really, really nice when it's applied. It's very relaxing. I can't speak much to the hold because I popped into the shop around 6 pm, but the application in general is soooo smooth and it really does leave your skin looking flawless!!

  20. You must try it out when you're in NYC next!!!

  21. NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. You can even just get a few primaries and mix all your own colors!!! omg so fun. I love their stuff.

  22. They're so good!! The best thing is that they're not too expensive and a little (like, very little, a drop even) goes a LONG way, so the value of 1 tube is amazing.

  23. So glad I found this blog, going to save as favs, you take lovely pics and as a girl from London, its a great way to see NY. Love from London xx

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