January 7, 2012

Candy Girl, You Are My World

A recent candy-colored bubblegum pink shopping spree (a pair of cotton candy shoes, a saccharine sweet pair of jeans, and even some rose tinted lenses, and god-forbid we forget that blush feather situation), sent me spinning back to a particularly colorful collection presented for Fall 1994.
 If you haven't seen Unzipped with Isaac Mizrahi, which is undoubtedly one of the best fashion films to have ever been made, well, you should get on that ASAP, (psst, it's on Netflix Instant). It's one of my favorites (ever). Our generation has a habit of waxing poetic about the 1990's, romanticizing the knee highs socks and unabashed love for plaid and maribou-topped pens and tie-dye and hackey-sacks and TLC, but rewinding back to 1994 is a bit of a different experience. The supermodels (Linda Evangelista! Naomi Cambell! Kate Moss! Cindy Crawford!)smiled, and interacted with fashion show attendees, and danced. Photographers sat stageside with A-listers and editors behind them. Spectators were smiling and excited. It makes the all too serious attitudes (piousness, almost) of fashion show attendees today seem a bit ridiculous.
Of course, my nostalgia is a little misplaced. Let's be real, I was all of eight years old at the time, and while fashion certainly had a subliminal impact on my identity, even then, the runway collections of 1994 were not a conscious part of my awareness. After all, at the time, I was still trying to make a case to my mom about the necessity of having real Doc Marten lace-ups as opposed to the (rainbow-in-place-of-yellow-stitching, and therefore a dead giveaway) knock-off version I had. Oh, the things that seem important to a 2nd grader... Doc Martens and Sanrio pencils.
In any case, my bubblegum pink fixation and a bout of insomnia made this all seem all the more relevant, important, influential - everything that I need (er, want) during the cold and slightly stir-crazy inducing month of January.

PINK: Acne Beals Cotton-Terry Sweater, Miu Miu Cropped Pants, Karen Walker Sunglasses, ASOS Santo Pumps. PISTACHIO: Acne Lucile Taffeta Dress, See by Chloe Knitted Cotton Sweater, Mulberry Bayswater, ASOS Macabee Patent Loafer.  ORANGE: See By Chloe Knit Sweater Dress, Jil Sander Lagos Double Breasted Coat, ASOS Cowbell Drop Earrings, Reed Krakoff Soft Boxer, Butter London "Minger" Lacquer


  1. yep i am in, saw a lot of bright candy colors in the stores in nyc, i realized that the summer of 2012 will be extremely bright! so definitely looking forward to it! 

  2. Pastel colours make me rather nervous and I really don't like how they look on me, but maybe I'll be able to mix things up a bit and mix some colour toned pale greys into my wardrobe?

  3. I'm not a big fan of pastels, but the brights I love.  The pink pants and orange dress are amazing!  :)


  4. It's so funny how I have been thinking about this very same thought! With pastels coming back in a big way, it makes me think back to when I received my very teeny bopper magazine in the mail when I was in 6th grade (it was like seventeen or something). I laid my eyes upon my very first editorial photo shoot! It was full of pastels and faux fur and frosted lips :} I don't even like pastels! But just like before, when I see it now it makes me feel all warm ad fuzzy inside.


    p.s. I just bookmarked Unzipped yesterday when I found out it was streaming ;)

  5. You know what I took away from seeing the movie for the first time recently [yes on Netflix, I still love you Netflix]...is the way it opened with actual harsh criticism of fashion as art and not just a corporate circle jerk that has occurred and become the standard over the years. I miss that part the most about the 90's, more than the fashion and the free spirit of being not tied down to gadgets and over-sharing.

  6. I'm so on board with head to toe pastels right now (see: my latest post). I remember swearing off pastels in my teens and look at me now haha. Dying for that See by Chloe sweater.

  7. I absolutely love following your posts! Your post today is inspiring me to get out and get pasteled. I was also in the same predicament in the 90s but with a pair of saddle shoes. Sometimes moms just don't understand second grade fashion sense. Thanks for posting! 

  8. Loving these colors right now as well! That Orange Chloe sweater dress is calling my name!

  9. You know, being a woman who is on the larger side, i always stayed away from colors like this.  i felt they would draw too much attention.  Now tho, i am dying to get my hands on some pastels.  I am specifically dying for those pink pants.  I am usually louder on the bottom for some reason.  Perhaps i will have to find some good pink fabric and make some myself.


  10. ouestladiscothequeJanuary 7, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    I love this ! I recently bought a pastel pink Kookai sequin crop top t shirt thing off eBay. <3

  11. Yes further proof we share some DNA coding: this week I have been hunting down bubblegum pink jeans, typing 'pink' into Net-a-Porter, dreaming about sugared almond pastels (and Spring cherry blossom pastels in Tokyo), watching Clueless, and mourning a pair of strappy fuschia heels I regrettably sold on ebay years ago that were PERFECT for how I'm feeling now. 

    Bring on Spring!!

    Briony xx

  12. I absolutely love this post!  That Mulberry....drool! Infact, everything = drool. xo


  13. I need that orange sweater dress. 


  14. I'm in love with these colors. There is something so great about ultra bright candy colored shades.

  15. currently diggin' (& just starting to wear) earth tones reinterpreted as pastels. think brighter versions of butternut, squash, moss and peat offset by darker, drab, blah tones. a burgundy here, some navy there.

    now look what you've done. my head is racing and i feel an anxiety attack coming on.
    you got me super hype for spring looks. :D

    p.s. by the by - if this see by chloe sweater you posted came in dudesize i'd be all on it.


  16. it will come as no surprise to you that i am OBSESSED with your pink choices... especially those shoes! cant wait to see how you wear them!

  17. Mmm, sherbert colors! Everything is so delicious looking!

  18. Its so pretty it reminds me of rainbow sherbert. :)


  19. So funny - I've been doing exactly the same searches on Net-a-Porter!! Pink, mint, seafoam, pistachio.... You truly are my kindred spirit!!! I can't wait for all the pastel washed photos you'll surely be taking in Japan :)

  20. Totally stealing that Paul Smith Melrose wall from underneath you. Oof, those pink pants! So good. Pink on pink on pink will happen. Promise.

  21. I'm so LOVING the colors! I can't choose one! I picked up some pastel nail colors and they are adding that hint of color I am needing to get through these winter months!

    <3 Adriana


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