January 4, 2012

New Year, New Wardrobe - Giveaway from SimplyBe!

As a kick-off to celebrate the new year, I've partnered with UK-based plus-size retailer Simply Be to give away 5 gift cards of $100 each -- meaning you could win up to $500 towards a new wardrobe. Do you have any wardrobe based resolutions this year? One of mine is to donate/sell one item of clothing for every new piece of clothing I bring into my wardrobe! Simply Be helped me jump-start my resolution by adding a few lovely pieces to my closet... Does anyone else dream about lounging around their home in pink feathers? Just me?
And, if you're not plus-sized, fear not: alongside clothing (which starts at a size 10), Simply Be has some killer accessories. Not to be missed? Simply Be's amazing selection of lingerie! No photos on my blog, but trust me - the Gok Wan collection is divine.

1. Leather-Like Leggings, Anna Scholz for Simply Be  2.  Feather Jacket, Anna Scholz for Simply Be 3.  Jeffrey & Paula Roll Sleeve Blouse
Photos by Austin Manning

1. Visit SimplyBe.com and pick a piece that you'd love to introduce to your wardrobe!
2. Comment on this entry with a link to your favorite items and short description of how you'd wear them, your name, and e-mail address. Your e-mail address is essential so that we can contact you!
3. "Like" Simply Be USA and Nicolette Mason on Facebook.
4. For an EXTRA entry, tweet "I'm entering to win up to $500 to @simplybeusa from @nicolettemason! http://tinyurl.com/6rwjhc7" (or something like that. I encourage your use of poetic license).

5. That's it! Winner(s) will be selected at random a week from today, (January 11, 2012).


  1.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything from this post. It's furry and it sparkles.
    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-hollywood-maxi-dress/invt/vx430rv/ I would wear this gown with my favorites pearls and some killer pumps to the MET to see Madame Butterfly. Anjeannine Romero anjeannine@gmail.com

  2. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/lace-print-maxi-dress-length-from-52in/invt/qg137rv/

    I love this maxi dress! I always thought I couldn't wear this style of dress because of my body type. I didn't think it would work but when I finally tried it out, I really dug it. 

    I love pairing a maxi dress with a pair of stellar heels when I'm going out or with strappy sandals and a floppy hat when I'm hitting the beach. (I wish I was hitting the beach right now but sadly I am stuck in the cold of Minnesota). 

    What a cool giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Emily Villano

  3. I need the
    Viva La Diva Lace Up Wedges so cute!

  4. I messed up on that last one
    I like these because i can wear them with jeans and then dress them up for the night.


  5. I love this lovely sweater top : http://www.simplybe.com/sweaters/slouchy-knit-sweater-length-from-27in/invt/cb585rv/
    Paring it with a wideleg pant, chunky jewelry and perfect for layering! It looks so comfy!!


  6. I like both fb pages.

  7. http://www.simplybe.com/ethnic-70s/cape-dress/invt/rm020rv/I love this dress! I have been working in a government office and while the dress code is pretty laid back it still bares a need for some professionalism. My clothes have before been relaxed and a little funky. So in trying to maintain my style while keeping it appropriate I have recently started introducing dresses and skirts back into my wardrobe. This dress is vintage inspired and therefore so loved by me. With a blazer and pumps I can wear it to work and still look fun and girly but sleek while still have a dress to wear with knee high boots and a leather jacket. And of course,the  accessories....

    Delia Hernandez

  8. hey krystal! don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you're one of the winners!

  9. I'm kind of dying over this: http://www.simplybe.com/full-coverage/pour-moi-underwired-bra/invt/kh870qh/
    I would probably not even get dressed (& may buy now because I can't control myself)
    Rachel McPadden

  10. Those heels at the top are fab-u-lous!!!
    I loved looking through all the apparel on this site (especially the tunics and dresses), but I kept being drawn to this top: http://www.simplybe.com/ornate-belles/cut-out-jersey-top/invt/rm049rv/
    It's gorgeous and would look great with dress pants or a pencil skit as pictured. Can't forget some killer platform pumps and silver accessories! Perfect for work, a date, and grabbing cocktails with the gals.Elizabeth Widderewidd@wi .rr.com

  11. I love the Bespoke Jackie Dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-jackie-dress-length-from-39in/invt/vx468rv/.
    It looks like a piece I could wear with anything in my wardrobe and layer it for cooler days. It will even go great with hot pink tights! 

  12. oh my email is diana@ourcitylights.org :)))) 

  13. I would really like these:http://www.simplybe.com/slim+straight-leg/kate-skinny-jeans-length-30in/invt/ax911rv/
    I don't have that many durable jeans and I would just like a pair. Since I am a student on a budget I have to buy jeans that fall apart because they are cheaply made and in poor quality I would like to wear a pair of jeans that are made in quality!
    Nicole Coffield

  14. I already "liked" you on FB, but I added you to my FB page's faves and "liked" SimpleBe. xx

  15. omg, you got the coveted feather coat. PANTING OVER HERE

  16. I am drooling over this: 
    I would probably wear it with black tights, black boots and a black cardigan.
    Jamie C

  17. I am Really loving this dress-it is such a great piece that would look great layered to transition really well from winter to summer and back again!
    Rachel Adams madamradams@gmail.com

  18. This dress... http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/ruby-rocks-mock-wrap-dress/invt/rc958qh/

  19. Looking glamorous as usual.
    I'd wear this dress: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/angel-ribbons-lace-dress/invt/vx243rv/ with a pair of nude pumps and black tights for valentines day - with my hair curled up. 

    My name: Gazel Ma
    E-mail: gazelmahotmail .com
    I like your FB page and Simply Be's as well!
    I also tweeted. xo

  20. I have a difficult time finding jackets I want to own, but the Anna
    Scholz feather jacket you're modeling and the stud detail biker jacket
    would not go to waste in my wardrobe! The biker jacket would be perfect
    with black leggings I own with a silver zipper on the back of the
    calves, and a lilac handkerchief hem sweetheart-neck shirt I own. The
    feather jacket would be beautiful with a faux leather mini, black
    tights, and a sheer white pussybow shirt, plus my favorite black suede
    ankle boots.


    Thanks for the giveaway Nicolette!

    Alexandra Ewing

  21. Oh man, I would have to go with this skirt: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=RM101&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:RED,size:
    It's subdued enough to wear at work with a fitted jersey shirt and a blazer, but I would also wear it out with a sheer top, some floral tights and a pair of pumps.
    Louise Cocks

  22. after much deliberation, i decided that, in accordance with my promise to myself to dress up more that this dress is "the one"--http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bead-cuff-tunic-dress/invt/cb656rv/?searchcolor=&searchsize=12. in addition to already liking you (nicolette) on fb, i also went ahead and liked simply be as well AND am about to tweet about the contest! such a great contest!

    anne banks (sloughpaper@gmail.com)

  23. http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=RC600&pdBoUid=4882&lpgUid=#colour:GREY,size:


    Don't know why the links kind of disappeared, but here they are!

  24. Kristine Ayala -- Beautyinnewyork(gmail ).com

    I'd wear this outfit:
    http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=VX363&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=IX226&pdBoUid=4482&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=MZ645&pdBoUid=4329&lpgUid=#colour:PURPLE,size: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=AW734&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid= I wear the tunic with the tights, boots and coat. This would be my after work party outfit. Meowww.

  25. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I had a hard time choosing a favorite!
    This has to be one of my favorites -  and I would add some fun tights to add some color.

    Jennifer Stearns 

  26. Oh, and I liked Simply Be and you on FB!
    Jennifer Stearns  imwithsmith@yahoo.com

  27. I tweeted about it, too! 
     Twitter name - sheissostrangeJennifer Stearns  imwithsmith@yahoo.com

  28. Yes! I am dreaming of summer beach times! I want this cover up (HIBISCUS!) http://www.simplybe.com/beachwear/jeffrey+paula-tie-front-kaftan/invt/hk943qh/ with this dangerously sexy swimsuit.  http://www.simplybe.com/swimsuits+swimdresses/beach2beach-swimsuit-standard-length/invt/hk989qh/ and these ADORABLE sandals http://www.simplybe.com/viva-la-diva-pearl-sandal-s-fit/invt/az725qh/ I can already see myself at Seaside beach with my girlfriend and family popping out for custard on the square. Oh and I'm wearing a big floopy tan hat with a black ribbon sash. Fantasy time in the 27 degree weather!  Treah at miss.treah@gmail.com

  29. http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=MB283&pdBoUid=4293&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:
    I'd get these velvet trim leggings- I've been looking for a tuxedo-ish pant like this for years! I'd wear them with my chucks, a smiths shirt and my jean jacket. carolinesirand@gmail.com

  30. my wardrobe resolutions this year are not to be afraid of wearing colours and patterns and push the boundaries of my classic and simple style.
    a good way to start would be by wearing these two pieces (sorry, I like both!!!):
    Angel Sleeve maxi dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/angel-sleeve-maxi-dress/invt/rc905qh/
    Simply Voluptuous Dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/simply-voluptuous-dress-very-voluptuous-h-k/invt/le145qh/

    the pink fur is amazing on you and I like those diva-style pictures, well done babe!
    mail: ylenialessio@yahoo.co.uk
    blog: http://longuette.blogspot.com

  31. I have already 'liked' you and Simply Be Facebook page

    mail: ylenialessio@yahoo.co.uk
    blog: http://longuette.blogspot.com

  32. Done in Twitter too!!!! (check on @ylenialessio)

    mail: ylenialessio@yahoo.co.uk
    blog: http://longuette.blogspot.com

  33. This coat (http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=VX126&pdBoUid=4882&lpgUid=#colour:RED,size:16) has got to be one of my favorite items of all time, let alone on the site. It's very versatile - I think I would put the emphasis on the coat with a minimalist silhouette (grey skinnies, boots, a t-shirt or buttondown blouse) and maybe a dash of red lipstick! - but you could go really extravagant, with maybe a lacy maxi dress/skirt and glittery heels for a night on the town a la Stevie Nicks.

    Faye - wildefae@gmail.com

  34. Also, don't know if you need the comment, but "liked" on Facebook and...

  35. Twittered! over at @winged 

  36. The heels at the top are fab-u-lous!!!

    I had such a great time searching through the apparel 'Simply Be' has to offer (mainly the dresses and tunics), but I kept being drawn back to this: http://www.simplybe.com/ornate-belles/cut-out-jersey-top/invt/rm049rv/
    The cobalt cut out jersey top is gorgeous and would look excellent paired with dress pants or a pencil skirt as pictured. And of course, I couldn't forget a pair of killer platform pumps and some silver accessories! It would be a perfect look for work, a date, or grabbing cocktails with the gals.

    Thank you for this giveaway!
    - Elizabeth Widder

  37. http://www.simplybe.com/skirts/border-print-maxi-skirt-length-35in/invt/cb529qh/ I'm really feeling this floral maxi skirt.. I visualize pairing this with a fabulous blue skirt, throwing on an even more fabulous hat and hitting the park for a schmancy fancy picnic on a sunny summer day here in the beautiful Northwest. simply adorable.

    Ronnette Steed srsteed00@gmail.com..

  38. I absolutely adore the Feather Jacket by Anna Scholz you're wearing in the photos!! I'd wear it with dark skinny jeans and black, chunky high heels. 

    FB: francesca giveaway
    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  39. Awesome pieces!

    I loved this shirt dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/belted-shirt-dress-length-from-35in/invt/rm064rv/ I would style it with black tight my thigh high boots and a black motorcycle jacket for some edge.

    My name is Inez inez{at}stylechic360{dot}com

    *crossing my fingers*

    P.S. Your shoes are to die for!

  40. I would LOVE to add this dress to my rotation. I just got a blue pair of Lita (jeff. campbell) and I think the pop of blue with this hip black and white dress would be killer! http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/monochrome-colour-block-shift-dress/invt/rm061rv/  not to mention it is soooo my style and might have to be ordered anyways.

  41. That feathered Jacket is a killer! I would love to rock it with my black leggings, sequin top and my fly sequin platforms! Hair would be super curled with a silver studded brooch on the side! Loves the jacket!!!
    email: elannzelie@gmail.com

  42. I'd pick the Anna Scholz tunic dress: here - http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/anna-scholz-tunic-dress-length-from-35in/invt/ax527rv/ and wear it with a necklace that has delicate pink stone and metal fringe underneath the stone. I liked both on FB from my blog account. Rebecca ThePlusSideofMe, and my e-mail is theplussideofme @ gmail.com.

    I also tweeted from @theplussideofme 

  43. I love the Marakech Dress!   http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=RC895&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:LILAC,size:

    I'd keep it simple and pair with my Kate Spade nude Licorice pumps.  
    Christina Kalayjian

  44. I was looking through the dresses and other apparel and it was just completely impossible to pick one or two things. BUT, this jacket: http://www.simplybe.com/invt/jv694rv/ is so perfectly cute and warm for Wisconsin winters! Too bad it's out of stock!

  45. i love the silver oxfords!

  46. could have sworn i included my email address! miranda.a.gregory@gmail.com

  47. My favorite is the Spot Mesh Prom Dress. Great giveaway! Shayne (shaynerenee@gmail.com)

  48. http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=AX359&pdBoUid=4882&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:20

    This divine Marilyn midi skirt has been on my lust radar ever since it came to SimplyBe, but I don't dress very femme so I never got it. One of my new year's resolutions is to have more fun with fashion and try out new things that may have previously scared me. I would pair it with my black and white stripe fluffy vintage jumper, black tights and my black patent brogues. :)

    My name is Sian Morgan and my email address is sian_morgan@live.co.uk

  49. I am in love with this dress. 
    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-jackie-dress-length-from-37in/invt/vx412rv/?searchcolor=&searchsize=26 I would rock the big hair and sunglasses like the icon the dress is named for. Kate katemontgo@gmail.com

  50. Ohhhh, this dress: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-hollywood-maxi-dress/invt/vx430rv/
    I'd pair it with my Alexander McQueen skull peep-toe pumps and red elbow gloves. Maybe a feather on my head? And a sparkly, plunging necklace. I'm Anna and my email is moviemavengirl [at] gmail [dot] com! And I tweeted it too: @ajlobster 

  51. being pregnant, finding maternity clothes has been a issue.... so I would go with this black jersey dress (maternity) http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=RF058&pdBoUid=4843&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:  and I would cut a slit up the side front to give it  more glamorous feel.   Then pair it with chunky statement necklaces and cocktail rings.

    "like" both on Facebook


  52. i tweeted about the giveaway

    Sabrina- defyingmycloset@gmail.com

  53. you look beautiful in your pictures! love the coat!
    As for me, there are 2 pieces I would give my right arm for... :).... they are http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/rise-boutique-crystal-dress-length-from-36in-/invt/rm037rv/ and http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bead-cuff-tunic-dress/invt/cb656rv/
    Both dresses are similar in that they are dressy with sparkle, but I would style them differently. I would wear the nude/beige crystal one with nude/gold glitter heels, hair down in a vintage pin up wave, with red lipstick and black liner and gold bright eyes! this would have been a perfect holiday/NYE look dress.

    the rust color bead cuff dress I would wear with black textured tights to give some character/texture and with Jeffrey Campbell's  Lita's in bronze combo http://www.karmaloop.com/product/197968?VendorCode=JEF&utm_source=google&utm_medium=comparisonshopping&utm_campaign=datafeed&CAWELAID=1043365233&cagpspn=pla and my hair in a loose up-do

    My name is Gia, I follow you and Simply Be on twitter already [at]GiaIsHere, and like you fb at Gnl Rivera and my email is slgpantera[at]yahoo.com . I also tweeted about entering!

    Thank you and Simply Be for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! Means a lot to all of us fans!


  54. I've narrowed my favorites down to three dresses. 

    1) http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-little-black-dress-length-from-39in/invt/vx451rv/ 
    Because I'm in dire need of a little black dress and I love the different fabric at the waist on this one. I'd pair it with my black "snakeskin" flats and really large earrings.

    2) http://www.simplybe.com/ethnic-70s/cape-dress/invt/rm020rv/
    Because I love black and brown together and the cape. I'd wear it with a wide brown belt and my brown frye boots.

    3) http://www.simplybe.com/ornate-belles/embellished-dress-length-from-43in/invt/rm048rv/
    Because its sweet and sexy and red and black is classic. I really like the styling in the photo, so I'd keep it with a black belt, black leggings (would be awesome if I had a leather pair!) and black wedges.

  55. i went through all the dresses and these three came up as favorites:

    with these belts:

    i'm all about incorporating more reds into my 2012 wardrobe and they would seamlessly transition through the seasons!

    Esther Kim

  56. this dress http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=CB577&pdBoUid=4187&LpgUid=CB577#colour:MULTI%20PRINT,size:20 has all of the colors i adore in ONE dress. they also happen to be the colors that folks think are seasons specific but to me they are not. I'd wear this dress to teach (b/c students need to see glamazons rocking short dresses and skirts!) with black or bright pink tights. if i rocked the black tights i'd go w/orange sneakers and if i did the pink tights i'd go w/yellow kicks. bianca_for_prez@yahoo.com

    also tweeted but my account is private

  57. I would probably pair this top: 
    http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-apparel/joe-browns-check-shirt/invt/jv612rv/ and these boots: 
    http://www.simplybe.com/boots/viva-la-diva-shearing-flat-boots-eee-fit/invt/ce039rv/!  Love them!

    Bria Marie, devilishdelish (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. Also, liked on facebook.  Oh, and tweeted. 

  59. Pages "liked"!

    Among many other items, I love this dress:

    I am not afraid of being non-"age appropriate" and being a 30-something in a kitty dress! I love cutesie and strange-patterned garments. I especially love this dress because it looks like a strange gem I would find in a thrift store.

    I'd wear it with leggings, black mod boots, and with my hair curled and one side pinned back. To be extra cute, I could wear it with pearl or bow earrings and a shrug.

    Marcy Wehling
    marcellation at gmail

  60. These pieces are gorgeous. I'm not exactly plus size, so I won't be entering the giveaway, but I'm already following you on FB. If only that feather coat (which are my favorite pics from this post) could also come in petite! The color looks heavenly.


  61. p.s. If you ever want to get rid of those Miu Miu's get ahold of me ;)

  62. http://www.simplybe.com/ethnic-70s/cape-dress/invt/rm020rv/
    I'd wear this with a pleather jacket and black knee high boots. Possibly even a very large hat. :)

    Juliana.Weissbein at gmail dot com

  63. I love the Spot Mesh Prom Dress. I could see partnering this with gold heels, long lashes, clara bow lips, a gold clutch, and  a mesh fascinator on my head. It is classic and modern at the same time. I just adore it. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/spot-mesh-prom-dress/invt/qg139rv My email is alysia dot angel at gmail dot com and my name is Alysia Angel.

  64. I loved this ADORABLE dress from the first time I saw it...I would definitely rock this dress during the summer with some neutral wedges and lots of bangles in similar colors, and some simple earrings with my hair down in loose curls...Its a total beach/vacation dress I <3 IT!

    I also really like this jumpsuit, I would most likely pair it with some really fierce black pumps and matching black jewelry and straight hair and IF I was going to wear it to work I's throw in a nice clean cut blazer to give it a professional but chic touch...

    My name is Lucia Vichot
    My email is lvichot5@yahoo .com

  65. I would love to make this top (http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/lace-trim-blouse-length-29in/invt/rc981rv/) a staple in my wardrobe for spring! I have some ASOS pumps this color and paired with a nice pair of jeans + great accessories I know I would wear it non-stop!


  66. My is Kesha but I go by K'sh " )
    Piece #1 salivating over! Lover of prints and this will go into my spring look: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/printed-split-front-dress/invt/rm043rv/Piece #2 Staple item..clutch junky:http://www.simplybe.com/bags/bespoke-large-portfolio-clutch-bag/invt/vx536rv/
    Piece#3 Yes, finally I'm going to wear a bathing suit uncovered ,so: http://www.simplybe.com/bikinis+tankinis/beach2beach-two-piece-blouson/invt/hk956qh/

    P.s you absolutely fab

  67. I love this dress: 

    I would wear it with coral espridrille wedges, a denim jacket and lot's of turquoise necklaces!

    Nikol Phillips
    nb_phillips@yahoo .com

    I liked them on FB too. 


  68. Liked you both!
    I've been lusting after that Anna Scholz feather jacket too!  I'm dying to wear it with everything .... and nothing ;)  
    http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/anna-scholz-feather-jacket-length-from-25in/invt/ax831rv/Amy  a.m.h@sbcglobal .net

  69. ArtificialsunshineJanuary 4, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/anna-scholz-print-maxi-dress/invt/ax473rv/ Fun starry dress for a night out
    http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/blazer-length-from-28in/invt/le117rv/ A blazer for both casual and business forays 
    http://www.simplybe.com/pants/anna-scholz-stretch-pu-pants/invt/ax494rv/ These PU pants for whenever I feel particularly edgy yet fancy

    Name: Cassandra
    email: artificialsunshine@mac.com

  70. Name: Michi
    Email: Michirezin [ at ] gmail [dot] com

    As for the pieces I fancy this Rise Boutique Dorothy dress: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/rise-boutique-dorothy-dress-length-from-39in-/invt/rm025rv is adorable with its print and peter pan collar - something to wear on a sweet outing during the warmer parts of spring.

    For a slightly more mature look I like the Bespoke pencil skirt http://www.simplybe.com/skirts/bespoke-perfect-black-pencil-skirt-length-from-26in/invt/vx486rv, which would work great with varying tops and shoes.

    Here's hoping!

  71. I've been lusting after more lace for spring, and I'm just starting to date after a horrific break-up. This top is the perfect new year new me new love (hopefully?) piece: http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/bespoke-lace-back-shirt/invt/vx485rv

    And I wouldn't mind some new unmentionables! This is particularly va-voom: http://www.simplybe.com/shapewear/gok-wans-balconette-sassy-slip/invt/kh530qh

    Kate Digilio

  72. http://www.simplybe.com/heels/viva-la-diva-studded-court-e-fit/invt/az406qh/Oh, I love these. Love, love, love! I'd wear them with my wine-coloured skirt that makes me feel like a ballerina, and a cute blazer. Or maybe even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to spice up a 'blah' day. 

    (pineapplestrawberry@live .ca)

  73. I'm Jade! My email is jade.jackson2492@yahoo.com
    I love this dress!   http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/anna-scholz-tunic-dress-length-from-35in/invt/ax527rv/  With is being cold in North Carolina, I would pair with with warm black tight with a lovely pattern (I love heart patterned tights) with these fabulous Jefferey Campbells called "What Shoe" and silver stud earrings! 

  74. I'm a big fan of this dress! 
    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/ditsy-print-dress-length-36-in/invt/rc843qh/ Seems perfect paired with a light cardigan for the spring.

    - Jaimie

  75. im taking your advice and requesting that this slip be added to my wardrobe immediately. i intend to wear it on my wedding night this summer if i win!!!!!  and it might end up in some sexy photoshoots before then.... ;)

  76. I would love to get this skirt http://www.simplybe.com/skirts/bespoke-marilyn-maxi-skirt/invt/vx449rv/ and pair it with this top http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/bespoke-lace-back-shirt/invt/vx485rv/ i love this look on the model on Simply Be's site :) my name is Tiffany Marshall; thp7329@gmail.com :) oh and i  retweeted via twitter divalicious_thm :)

  77. oh, there are really some pretty things over here!
    i would probably choose this sweater, combined with a pretty round collar white or powder pink or mint shirt and i would be dreamy!http://www.simplybe.com/sweaters/round-neck-sweater-length-from-27in/invt/mb030rv/

    the.drreamer@yahoo .com

  78. I love your look here.  The peeking through of your polka dotted tights are adorable.


  79. Thanks for the giveaway! I've already liked both facebook pages. These are my choices:

    I'm a fan of these two dresses: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/rise-boutique-dorothy-dress-length-from-39in-/invt/rm025rv/ and http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/bespoke-jackie-dress-length-from-37in/invt/vx412rv/ , and I'd style them both the same way: With either a nude or black closed toed heel, pearl earrings (maybe a vintage pair), and a pop-of-color bag, such as a structured cherry red bag.

    - Rachel Buchman Buchmar@gmail.com

    PS - Tweeting shortly from https://twitter.com/#!/LunaSelene :)

  80. How amazing, I definitely need an updated wardrobe to get this year started off right!! I love this dress: 

    Amazing! Did I say amazing? Yeah, I think I did!

  81. I teach at high school, and I would wear this dress to a prom, in combination with orange sandals and orange clutch :)



  82. http://www.simplybe.com/coats/angel-ribbons-coat-length-from-31in/invt/ax367rv/ I would wear this coat with a black pencil skirt, crisp white shirt, and my leopard print heels.  

  83. http://www.simplybe.com/boots/legroom-patent-riding-boots-eee-fit/invt/az275rv/

    I would chose these
    amazing boots, because i see they have extra large calf sizes, which
    I'm in a desperate need of (never owned a pair of boots that are taller
    than ankle hight). And I would pair them with the Asos dress below, and a chunky black cocktail ring.


    p.s. Your blog is great! :)

  84. I'm coveting the "leather-like" leggings! http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=AX494&pdBoUid=4293&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:

    I would wear an oversized band t-shirt, studded jean vest, and black velvet leopard print creepers. With silver accessories and a red clutch purse, and red lips to match.

    email: dolorestejada@gmail.com

  85. I desperately want the Anna Scholz feather jacket but it's sold out! Woe!

    In the absence of that fabulousless, I'd probably choose the Beach2Beach bathers, which would make a fantastic team uniform for Aquaporko, my fat femme synchronised swimming group!http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=KV084&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:POLKA DOT,size:

  86. There was so much to choose from, but I'd wear this skirt http://www.simplybe.com/skirts/jersey-maxi-skirt-with-side-split/invt/rm060rv/ with a band t-shirt and this awesome coat http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/anna-scholz-feather-jacket-length-from-25in/invt/ax831rv/ and some bad ass combat boots :)
    Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Lynne Tanzerlynne.tanzer@gmail.com

  87. I am in love with this dress (http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/rise-boutique-crystal-dress-length-from-36in-/invt/rm037rv/) I've called them 2x to see if it will be coming back in stock... I have a friend's birthday party that is "sparkle" themed and this dress would be perfect! :-) Hannah (hann.marsh@gmail.com)

  88. I'd love to wear this dress for a fancy night on the town 
    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/spot-mesh-prom-dress/invt/qg139rv/ with black tights and red shoes for a pop of color. Plus retro-60s hair to pick up on the Adele vibe. 
    Hilary thegoatletter@gmail.com

  89. 1.Oh my goodness, I would absolutely love to introduce the faux leopard fur jacket into my wardrobe. It's fantastic.

    2.My favorite pieces are:
    -"navy" navy lace tiered dress (http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/navy-lace-tiered-dress/invt/rc830qh/). I would totally wear this with with lack or burgundy tights, my js dany's, and that cute faux leopard jacket, or my faux leather jacket.
    -"legroom" legroom strap &stud detail boots (http://www.simplybe.com/boots/legroom-strap+stud-detail-boots-e-fit/invt/ce171rv/?searchcolor=&searchsize=9). They would be perfection with skinny jeans, sheer leopard print blouse and a blazer.

    3. I "liked" both your page & simply be's page


  90. I also tweeted about the giveaway. Sorry for the reply comment, disqus wouldn't let me add more text! My email is kmfoley25@yahoo.com, and my name is Kirstin Marie! :)

  91. I love this dress, and would pair it with some knee high chocolatey brown boots and my big rust shearling coat for a wintry Almost Famous moment.  

    Bitte Lee
    liked and liked!

  92. I am loving this cape http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/belted-cape/invt/cb670rv/ 
    I would wear it with a simple black on black for quick days out the door with my lace pants, a pair of wedges and a simple long sleeve v-neck. Or make it work harder with my lime green mini, nude lace tights, smoking slippers, and a crisp white dress shirt underneath. Or, gesh everything it's a piece to use continuously. That's why I'm in love with it.

    Did the Facebook likes!
    Jordan Richardson

  93. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/belted-shirt-dress-length-from-35in/invt/rm064rv/This gorgeous dress is a perfect pick me up for the drab Washington Winter. I'd be thrilled to wear it with black sweater tights and ballet flats, with a glittery nail, and my black school bag tied with a leopard print scarf. It could be easily dressed up with a cute wedge and some cat eyes. I love this rich color. 
    I'm Molly, and my email is besmol12@evergreen.edu. 

  94. This gorgeous dress is a perfect pick me up for the drab Washington Winter. I'd be thrilled to wear it with black sweater tights and ballet flats, with a glittery nail, and my black school bag tied with a leopard print scarf. It could be easily dressed up with a cute wedge and some cat eyes. I love this rich color. I'm Molly, and my email is besmol12@evergreen.edu.

  95. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/joanna-hope-maxi-dress-and-bolero/invt/kb332qh/?searchcolor

    I'd love to wear this gorgeous  dress for fancy occasions. It would go perfectly with seamed stockings, T-strap heels, a rhinestone necklace, my hair in victory rolls.

    Celeste Chan
    celesteklchangmail .com

  96. OMG I WOULD DIE FOR THAT FEATHER JACKET - http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=AX831&pdBoUid=4293&lpgUid=#colour:MINK,size:
    OR THIS DRESS - http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=VX349&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:
    I'd wear the jacket with a sexy little black dress like my pretty lace one from American Rag and add brightly colored tights and a pair of cute motorcycle or combat boots. I love the sexy/tough combo, and the pale pink jacket with black would be awesome! I'd wear the dress with sheer tights and bright heels. The dress is so pretty just on its own!
    My name is Katie Switalski. Email = koolkz7@yahoo.com
    I liked both you and Simply Be on facebook =) I also tweeted, I'm katieklassified on Twitter.

  97. I am in love with the Cape Dress - I'd most likely pair it with strappy sandels, a super long bronze toned necklace and an oversized canvas tote.

    Lauren - laurendy{at}live.com

  98. I HAVE WANTED THAT ANNA SCHOLZ FEATHER COAT EVER SINCE I FIRST SAW IT IN OCTOBER! And it looks even BETTER on you!!! Gorgeous! Here's the link to it. http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/anna-scholz-feather-jacket-length-from-25in/invt/ax831rv/
    If I win, I am definitely getting that coat!!!!!!! I already like both you and Simply Be USA on FB. I tweeted as well! REALLY hope I win this one!!!

  99. Oh, and my email is kward905@hotmail.com

  100. my absolute favorite item is joe browns ultimate coat. the cut and details on this coat are amazing!
    i also love the joe browns aviator jacket - i'd pair it off with jeffery & paula roll up sleeve blouse in black + some mustard or red jeans & moto boots, or with the knitted sweater dress in creme with tights & combat boots.

    and of course liked you & simplybe on fb :)

    xo, thea (zombeatx at gmail dot com)


  101. I love this dress - http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=CB608&pdBoUid=4187&lpgUid=#colour:MULTI%20PRINT,size: ..I would totally pair it with a pair of knitted tights and a jewel toned ankle boot. I'm thinking an easy going weekend out for brunch. :)

    Also, this top looks sooo versatile! - http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=JV649&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:WHITE/GREY,size: ..I would pair it with dark-washed denim, a black riding boot and a red lip!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    - Laura P.
    I liked both FB pages as well!

  102. And looking at the website, I completely forgot to include my email: thelaurelcrown@gmail.com

    Thanks, Nicolette! :)

  103. i love the Anna Scholz feather jacket http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/anna-scholz-feather-jacket-length-from-25in/invt/ax831rv/ . i'd wear it with a black t-shirt dress, loads of silver chain necklaces, black leather pointy toe ankle boots, and an attitude.

    tasha fierce

  104. I'd wear this skirt http://bit.ly/AxdKb6 and this belt http://bit.ly/xX91oi or this pair of palazzo pants http://bit.ly/wOgnyo with this blouse http://bit.ly/xf9vTs and a shoe similar to this one http://bit.ly/xNUkLS

    I tweeted, I'm @cherishdestiny

    I liked both pages on FB

    and my email is violet_desiree  (at) yahoo.com

  105. My New Year's fashion resolution is to break my addiction to the oh so comfy Ugg boots...I absolutely LOVE shoes but the I find myself always going back to Uggs because of comfort...but this year I'm making a change!
     I love these boots http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-footwear/joe-browns-lace-up-detail-boots-e-fit/invt/ce193rv/
    and would totally kill for the Anna Scholz feather jacket!!! :)
    My name is April 
    aprilt123gmail .com
    @Ohaprillove  on Twitter ( I tweeted this)
    Already a fan on facebook!!
    Lots of love xoxo 

  106. I love your blog so much!


  107. I am loving this printed mac - it would go with everything!  http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/bespoke-princess-belted-mac-length-from-39in/invt/vx250rv/  I would go mixed prints crazy with it, wearing it with an amazing red and cream striped dress that I have from anthro, black lace tights, and some fabulous booties.  Gok Wan lingerie underneath.  

    Shelly Fayette
    sfayette [at] gmail.com

    I liked both fb pages, and I also tweeted!  

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. I love the Cape Dress (http://www.simplybe.com/ethnic-70s/cape-dress/invt/rm020rv/)! I'd wear it with black opaque tights and brown leather high-heeled ankle boots. It would be fabulous. 

    Jocelyn Pearce - pearcejm@gmail .com

     I also like both facebook pages:)

  109. Happy New Years! Lately when checking out Simply Be I make my way back to this dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/zandra-rhodes-necklace-tunic-dress-length-from-35in/invt/vx349rv/

    It has a perfect Gucci Goth look! I would add minimal tribal jewelry with black tights and black pumps. I probably find something gold and black that I could add in my hair. Thanks! Coco Madrid - djchachapdx@gmail.com - I tweeted this and have already liked your FB page and Simply Be's as well!

  110. I would wear this gorgeous red shirt dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/belted-shirt-dress-length-from-35in/invt/rm064rv/?searchcolor=&searchsize=28  with this double belt in black http://www.simplybe.com/belts/double-buckle-belt/invt/aw841qh/  with a pair of my indigo skinny jeans, my Dr Martens healed boots, tasseled string bag over my shoulder, hair down and of the course the ultimate accessory.... the bowler hat.

  111. Sorry I forgot my email : st-valentineshotmail .co.uk
    And I also liked both facebook pages :)

  112. The heels up on top are fab-u-lous!!!
    This is my third comment attempt; hopefully it'll post! I can't seem to find the other two I've posted...
    I loved looking at all the clothes and accessories Simply Be has to offer (especially the dresses and tunics), but I keep being drawn to this stunning cut out cobalt blue jersey top: http://www.simplybe.com/ornate-belles/cut-out-jersey-top/invt/rm049rv/
    I'd pair it with dress pants or a pencil skit, as pictured. I can't forget some chunky silver jewelry and killer platform pumps! It would be a great outfit for work, a hot date, or cocktails with the gals.
    Thank you for this great giveaway!
    -- Elizabeth Widder, ewidd@wi.rr.com

  113. My name is: Laura Levin

    Recently I've developed a "fashion on Marina Munoz, especially after seeing her pull off a crisp, clean look in a chiffon bow tie top and Adam pants. With that said, I'd wear this Cream bow detail jersey top paired with these black palazzo pants to get a similar look. 



  114. I really need a couple of new jackets to wear for this winter and this particular jacket I really loved : http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-apparel/joe-browns-jacket/invt/vx141rv/, it would look great with a pair of rust colored skinny jeans or maybe even a dark sage colored pair  and I would pair it with a simple shirt like this one: http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/dobby-blouse/invt/pi117qh/ or this one: http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/angel-ribbons-blouse/invt/ax364rv/. Then I would accessorize the outfit with a chunky scarf like this one:http://www.simplybe.com/hats-scarves-+amp-gloves/warm-soft-knitted-scarf/invt/aw751rv/ and finish the outfit with this great pair of boots : http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-footwear/joe-browns-lace-up-detail-boots-e-fit/invt/ce193rv/, oh and I would be carrying this handbag : http://www.simplybe.com/bags/leather-buckle-bag/invt/aw692qh/, its a simple handbag and would go with a lot, and last but not least underneath all of this I would be wearing this :http://www.simplybe.com/full-coverage/naturally-close-underwired-multiway-bra/invt/kh594rv/, a delicate ivory bra and this pair of undies : http://www.simplybe.com/panties/naturally-close-striped-mesh-short/invt/kh246qh/. This outfit is simple and easy which is perfect for when I am running a bit late for class, basically it'll keep me from throwing on sweats and a pair of UGGs. I'm just a college girl trying to make the grade and the outfit.

    Amanda Stanfield
    amandasofficegmail .com
    I liked Simply Be USA and I have been a fan  your page for a while

  115. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/anna-scholz-velour-dress/invt/ax497rv/?searchcolor=&searchsize=20

    I'd wear this luxe dress to the office with classic pumps, pearl studs, and a serious matte lipstick. then it would be right from work to a dinner date. love it.

    Sarah Jenny - sarahjennygmail .com

  116. I've had my eyes on that pink feather jacket (http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=AX831&pdBoUid=4882&lpgUid=11148585#colour:MINK,size:) for months; it's just so gloriously over-the-top. I'd probably wear it with my lipstick red skinny jeans, a sheer black tank, and big strappy Yves Saint Laurent heels. The color looks amazing with your hair. Love the contrast.
    -Mariah Carrillo, missiesuedesign@gmail.com.

  117. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/angel-ribbons-lace-dress/invt/vx243rv/
    I like this dress, because that its a pretty simple black dress that you can make look elegant or you can down play it.

    Talyn Goodsell

  118. LOVVVVVVVV(several more v's)E this dress! I could picture me throwing on a short sleeved cardigan to meet with potential clients, or wearing it as is for a walk on the beach. Either way, I'm pairing it with a pair of pearls and a cream colored wedge - I guess I'd take off the wedges once I hit the sand. 

    Kelly Coulson - kcoulson.photo@yahoo.com

  119. I have been on the hunt for some faux leather pants for a long time that don't look like something a dominatrix would wear. And I think these are just the pair for me! http://www.simplybe.com/pants/anna-scholz-stretch-pu-pants/invt/ax494rv/   I think they would be a great substitute for jeans since I swore off of them a year ago. I have a bunch of amazing tunics that are soft and feminine that I think would look great juxtaposed with the hardness of the pants.  

    I liked both pages on facebook. My name is Colin Apperson and my e-mail address is:

  120. I'd love to add this embellished dress to my closet: http://bit.ly/xC5TTO But what I'd be even more excited to add are these stockings to go with the dress: http://bit.ly/xiJ4hs I would wear those stockings oh so well with a multitude of skirts and dresses, adding a subtle touch of detail to the view from behind :)

    Lisa White

  121. I love this dress! http://bit.ly/At5N0F  I would go a bit retro and pair it with red stiletto heels, red lipstick and sleek waves in my hair.

    Joelle & itsjoelle@gmail.com

  122. I had to include that feather jacket, I love it. I'd pair it with a cream dress. Too bad it's sold out :/ http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/anna-scholz-feather-jacket-length-from-25in/invt/ax831rv/ 
    I want to add different colored bottoms to my wardrobe as well. These pants would look great with a neutral tank and bright blazer: http://www.simplybe.com/-new-in/coloured-palazzo-trousers-inside-leg-30in/invt/rm098rv/
    This sheer sleeve blouse gives me a 70's vibe. I love the blue and orange combo so I'd do and orange skirt: http://www.simplybe.com/ornate-belles/cut-out-jersey-top/invt/rm049rv/

    Kamaria Gboro 

  123. I've had my eye on this coat since it came out! http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-apparel/joe-browns-finishing-coat-length-from-36in/invt/vx163rv/

    I absolutely love mixed black and white prints, and the fabulous thing about a great coat is that you can throw it over anything and instantly look all dolled up.

    I also tweeted! Woot woot! Rachel Kacenjar- rachelkacenjar@gmail.com

  124. ...oh how great giweaway....i only hope that it is international:)...sooo, its so hard to choose only one piece, i think that there is so many beautiful things:)))
    ...i fall in love with these J.B. Ditsy Print Dress http://www.simplybe.com/joe-browns-apparel/joe-browns-ditsy-print-dress-length-from-41in/invt/ax041rv/  i will wear it with my favorite black cardigan and/or with some coloured tights:)
    and i love also Spot Print Dress http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/spot-print-dress/invt/cb576rv/
    and i like both sites on fb:)))

  125. I'm loving this dress: http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/lace-ruffle-placket-tunic-dress-length-from-36in/invt/pk111rv/ - I'm getting married later this year, and I love the idea of doing it in an $85 mod dress!

  126. i love this coat and would wear it everyday in the cold months.



  127. My current fave look is dressy-ish dresses that can both be dressed up for fancy cocktail events at work with sparkly heels, a pop of color (red! or hot pink!) in the form of jewellery would be great. It could also be dressed down with appropriate black tights and flats. http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/spot-mesh-prom-dress/invt/qg139rv/

    Karine M. Jean-Francois email karinalyssa@gmail.com

  128. http://www.simplybe.com/-new-in/kimono-sleeve-tunic-length-33in/invt/pk326rv/

    red is a cliche, but since I currently work in a call center, I need something to cheer me up. I can imagine this tunic with leggings and cute flats. Also complete with wild arm/hand gesticulations while I speak on the phone, oh so "dramatical" with those sleeves. Watch them whirl and twirl! :)

    jillian s. misstoodles@gmail.com

  129. I would love to add this lace pencil skirt to my closet. 
    I'd wear it with my black doc martin heels, this deep red pussy bow blouse, and my leather motorcycle jacket. with huge cat eyes and deep red lips. 

    Mingus DT

  130. "The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years." - Audrey Hepburn This picture on the Simply Be US Facebook page inspired this look, for our classic beauty Audrey, may she rest in peace, she has always been one of my inspirations :) So this black dress with white spots, unique black and white clutch, with pearl earning and bracelet with a black rose, and classic black heels and D & G sunglasses to finish her Breakfast at Tiffany's look . .http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=QG181&pdBoUid=5226&lpgUid=#colour:BLACK,size:  






    My name:  Christine Petrone
    My email: cpetrone92gmail .com 
    already like both the facebook pages and will tweet xx

    Love the leather jacket by the way could use it this Australian winter hehe

  131. http://www.simplybe.com/jackets/ruched-stud-sleeve-jacket/invt/pi035qh/  I would wear this with dark skinny jeans, a blank tank, and cute ballet flats. I can't wear heels due to a back condition, but I think it would make a very cute outfit! My name is Candice N. Moran, and my email is iowapsychgirl@yahoo.com  I also tweeted it!

  132. i love the color and print of this dress: 
    http://www.simplybe.com/dresses/rise-boutique-border-print-maxi-dress-length-from-50in-/invt/vx354rv/  i'd wear it with a light jacket to church
    anna pry

  133. https://twitter.com/#!/annatiffany2/status/156971476912840707thepryfamily@gmail.com

  134. Just in time, holy cow!

    I love this green silk blouse: http://www.simplybe.com/shirts+blouses/jeffrey+paula-roll-up-sleeve-blouse-length-from-31in/invt/ax263rv/ It's just a classic. I can see it with jeans, flats, and gold. But also, I'm very short, so I can see it belted and worn as a dress with boots.

    And these blue studded pumps: http://www.simplybe.com/peeptoe/viva-la-diva-studded-platform-s-fit/invt/az453qh/

    My name is Shaughnessy Speirs and my email address is nessaconley@gmail.com. I liked both your pages and am tweeting now as @badedition.

  135. Ahhhhhhhhh want to win this!!!!! I would wear this dress http://www.simplybe.com/-new-in/mock-wrap-dress-length-39in/invt/le334rv/ . It's so girlie and so right up my alley:) it's such a versatile dress I could dress it up or down love it!

    Renee Lopez

  136. tweeted. facebook liked.
    Sarah Skelton seaurchindestroy at gmail dot com
    i'd wear this... http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/product/details/show.action?pdLpUid=VX412&pdBoUid=4942&lpgUid=#colour:,size: in camel.. every day.. every way. 

  137. like'd and like'd

    There are several (MANY) things I love on the simplybe site, but I think these jeans - http://www.simplybe.com/slim+straight-leg/super-stretch-skinny-jeans-length-34in/invt/vx343rv/ - in black, might actually be my first choice.

    34" inseam, good reviews for not stretching out, and from zandra rhodes, a most cool designer (especially for vintage lovers like myself)
    I'd wear them with everything - ballet flats and a tunic - boxy chunky vintage cardigan and boots - platform sandals and a silk tank and cardigan - chunky jewelry and a bright colored clutch. I should probably get two pairs.

    sabrosavintage at gmail dot com

    also - tweeted  @sabrosavintage

  138. http://www.simplybe.com/-new-in/gok-wan-flash-bra/invt/mm076rv/

    I think I would use it as an opportunity to update my some of the basics... I've always wanted to try out Gok Wan's bra sets, Its not too often I have an opportunity to have pretty underthings! I could wear them anywear, but I maybe with thinner strapped  tops!


  139. These shoes! (
    http://www.simplybe.com/boots/viva-la-diva-shearling-boots-eee-fit/invt/ce011rv/ ).

    I'm a full time student and my style preference is trendy but comfortable. These shoes I would definitely wear with a pair of leggings or skinnies, a basic tee and either a boyfriend blazer or cardigan. 

    This top! ( 
    http://www.simplybe.com/-new-in/fair-isle-cardigan-length-from-31in/invt/ax154rv/  )
    Ultimate comfort and with those shoes, my ultimate library all day without looking like a bum outfit. 
    Name: Alexis NunezEmail: alexis.a.nunezgmail .com

  140. I also liked your FB page and Simply Be as well. 

  141. Here is the dress I am DYING to get! It is blue/grey with scalloped edges in the front

    Nichole Jones

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