February 21, 2012

A Love Letter to Chris Benz, (Again)

I love, love, love Chris Benz's work. I've talked about my adoration for the pink-haired ingenue in the past, but each season, my heart grows fonder. I love his collections for being so multilayered and full of depth, color, texture - a palette that is absolutely not lacking in diversity. Dripping with sequins, beading, brocade, lamé, a rainbow of color, crazy-innovative gloves, and cloud-like jockey caps (and I'm sure there's a technical name for these, but my Dictionary of Fashion is stowed away in a storage unit in Newark... more on this later), I pretty much found myself dying for the holidays all over again. I've only just barely recovered from the last holiday season (can you believe it's not even been two months?) and here I am, waiting for a reason to walk out the door in a frock covered in pailettes, as if I ever need a reason...

It's been interesting to observe the transitions in fashion over the last three years, ever since our economy took a turn for the worse. Immediately after the recession hit clothes became a bit more rigid, conservative, tailored, and minimal; it was a shift that was incredibly visible on the runways and highly documented. Our economy is far from recovered, but perhaps the shifts in fashion back towards opulence and grandeur and embellishment are an indicator of our attitudes towards the economy? Are we becoming more comfortable? More at ease to step out in fashion full of flamboyance and life because we're adjusted to the initial shock of our down-turned economy? If there were ever rules, are we "allowed" to have fun with fashion, again? Just a thought...


  1. This is beautiful! I think I prefer presentations to runway shows, you get to see the collections better! I think Sophie Hulme in London yesterday morning has to be the highlight of my London Fashion Week! 

  2. I absolutely
    agree on the fact that clothes changed because of the economy, it is like
    people are buying with their brains: can I wear this gorgeous jacket for more
    than one season! You still want to spend a lot of money, but the recession made
    us think about what we were actually buying!  On the other hand I have become more and more eclectic
    and I think why not: the recession gave us enough negative vibes, at least I have
    something gorgeous to look at! And that makes me smile! In other words, I invest
    in clothing although I don’t think that is the best investment ever! 

  3. Amazing collection!

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  4. Wow this is really cool, I love the miniature sequins

  5. What I loved is the silver dress and the pink and red one!
    I love "les pailletes"
    Nice post!
    Cheers from Spain!

  6. it look like a fairytale collection. AMAZING! I love the dresses, the big skirts on them. I am so relieved to see bolg heels and I am not that thin ans struggle to walk in stilettoes..

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  7. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. can't even contain the obsession. so so so good.



  8. Wow i love it! 

  9. This is the stuff dreams are made of :)

  10. Oh, my - the sparkle! This is so beautiful. All this glitter, bows, furry collars...kind of feel like this was meant for me or something! I especially love the silver dress with the bow.

  11. I've read about how as the economy worsens, skirt lengths get longer! Our economy and seasonal wardrobes are more connected than people think!

  12. The textures rock! Coming to it with a perspective of Ulla Popken's stylist, I think texture, 3D quality, really enhances plus size women specifically. Gorgeous stuff - thanks for sharing!


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