February 28, 2012

Smell the Roses

Among the ever-growing list of things that I fall head-over-heels-for without hesitation (bows, hearts, polka dots, the color pink...) is roses. Perhaps it's partially ingrained in me thanks to my Persian heritage and an early fondness and relationship with roses and rose water? In any case, rose prints, colors, scents, and even flavors are constantly luring me in. Each year around Valentine's day, I take the opportunity to indulge in what is often a limited-edition fragrance from Diptyque. This years' Rosa Mundi selection is especially captivating! Pretty packaging and a luscious fragrance? I'll take two, (and I did: in the form of a candle and their roll-on fragrance, both picked up at Jeffrey). They say (whoever they are, I don't know, but they say it) that scent is the most most memorable of the senses. Floral scents remind me of my childhood, of the flower arrangements my mom would painstakingly arrange, of the mornings my dad spent gardening, of the Gardenia tree that grew next to my grandparents' home. Florals always make me nostalgic; they transport me to my happy place.

What are your favorite scents? What are your favorite memories associated with scent?

PS: If you're in NYC, maybe this is a good time to get familiar with Diptyque's sample sale? I've never been, but the thought of 90% off luxe candles and home fragrances is enough to reel me towards East 26th Street.


  1. The scent of evening primrose reminds me of hugging my late grandmother and when I would stay with her as a young child, especially looking at her vanity and all the bottles and seemingly mystical items it contained. Ginger reminds me of my mother when she is at her most healthy and nothing makes me happier. :)

    If I'm lonely away from home either of these scents is the most comforting thing in the world.

    I also love roses like you as it reminds me of gardens of my relatives who all seem to grow roses. I remember trying to make perfume by crushing rose petals together in my great aunt's house once, but don't all little girls try this at least once?


  2. I actually adore wearing rose fragrances too, and using rose scented products, for me they remind me of the English roses my mother grows up the walls of my parents country house, such an amazing smell to come home to after the polluted air of London! 

    Also, you cannot understand how jealous I am of you for getting your hands on these - I've been head over heels in love with the fragrance since it was spritzed on me in Selfridges back in January, and I've really wanted something from this rose collection! So jealous that Diptyque have sample sales in New York! Well, my birthday is in March, maybe I'll have to treat myself! 

  3. Barbara (MsHGolightly)February 28, 2012 at 5:54 PM

    I got this too! I usually only like rose scent as home/candle fragrance,but this one is so elegant and sophisticated I couldn't resist! And it does remind me of my grandma (why do grandmas always smell of gorgeous flowers?). I think I'll wear it as a little tribute to her impeccable style.

  4. I have been obsessed with, of all things, SO Pink by the GAP.  It has probably  been my to-go-scent for more than 10 years.  I have several others in my arsenal, but I always seem to gravitate back towards it. I love its lightness and slight fruity yet floral fragrance. I will probably go in mourning (how dramatic) if they ever decide to discontinue it. 

  5. I adore rose scents too- Jo Malone's red roses is a strong contender for my favourite scent, only beaten by her pomegranate noir. also, anything with jasmine sends me back to a trip to morocco, my sister's teenage bedroom and my boyfriend's home in Cyprus on summer evenings. I think its incredible how associative scents are. That's why  I'd like a signature scent- I'd love people to smell something and think of me.
    Enjoy your lovely scents!

  6. I know this is practically heinous to admit, but I haven't smelt this yet (even though I'm similarly obsessed with roses and Diptyque). I love the smell of roses, which always remind me of our beautiful garden in Australia when I was growing up (my mother collected rare and antique rose bushes and our house was always filled with their heady blooms and luscious scent), and attach so, so many memories to wonderful scents like these.

    Briony xx

  7. Lovely goodies from Diptyque and an even lovelier BLOG you have here. I love your fun and feminine taste.

    xx Hugs from your new fan/reader in Paris

    Camille @ the wild fleur

  8. aaah, i love rose scents as well, i used to wear "l'occitane 4 reines" perfume, made of 4 kinds of roses. id love to try this diptyque but im not sure we can get it in my country, i'll have to try and find it online, thanks for the tip! x

  9. Just randomly picked up a Marie Claire today (couldn't resist with the quirky Zooey Deschanel on the front) and found your Big Girl In A Skinny World page. Loved it. So I had to internet stalk you, which wasn't hard as you are a popular lady. I love your blog. I have always been huge into fashion but I haven't always been plus size. After the birth of my son I lost the weight but quickly put it all back on and then some. I have seriously struggled with my new shape and size. After four years I am finally getting back into the groove and feeling like the stylish me again. In regards to this post I have many scent rooted memories. The first one I thought of was the round red lollipops I used to get at the bank drive through when I was a kid. Not dum dums but old fashioned lolly's. I have some strange off brand cherry lipgloss that smells JUST like them. Love.

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