June 18, 2012

From Москва, With Love

доброе утро! Somehow, in some fairytale imagination of a way, I've ended up in Russia on a family vacation. I admit that I landed here with a pretty blank slate of expectations. Sure, my high school education at the very least briefed me about the Soviet years, and I've had a longstanding love affair with Russian literature (Nabakov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy), and the first composition I ever truly fell in love with was Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (secret revealed: Swan Lake was also the first real piece I learned to play on the piano; sub-secret: I studied piano for years). But, despite a personal affinity for Russian arts, I knew very little about modern day Russia. I had little expectation or much anecdotal experience to go off of (and, truthfully, the bits and pieces that had been shared with me in anticipation of this trip did the exact opposite of encouraging or exciting me). Just a few days into my trip, I've become rather enamored with this place, and I'm perhaps even flirting with the idea of actually learning a new language (number six?) so that I can read some of my favorite writers in the way they had intended to be read. I want to get back behind a baby-grand with a row of satiny blacks-and-whites. And, damn, do I want to learn how to walk in a pair of stilettos (because I struggled with these on the way from dinner at Pushkin) on a cobblestone street, (not that I am trying to indulge any spy fantasies, or anything).

The city of Moscow is so colorful (this has been, perhaps, the most surprising thing to me - in terms of architectural landscape). The mid-century metro stations are works of art, and the boulevards are expansive, and the parks are lush and overflowing with greenery, and the jewels in the Kremlin are the most glittery I've ever seen in the world... (more glittery than a pair of Miu Miu FW11 heels. Really.) If you have a wanderlist, add it; now.

Next up, St. Petersburg! Here we come! 


  1. SheLovesYouBlog MasterJune 18, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    Gorgeous photos!  I'd love to travel to Russia one day...it looks so wonderful!

  2. Your photos of this trip (on here as well as Instagram) are killer! Wanderlist definitely updated.

  3. omGGGG. DYING. it has always been a dream to visit Russia someday, and after these beautiful photos, it is IMPERATIVE that i go!

  4. oh yes, i remember the days i listened to swan lake! i have never been to russia and i am a little bit apprehensive about it! europe is like in between and we always have learned that the west was right (i know it is a very black and white statement). my parents have visited the country before 1989, so it was completely different back then! I always think that the new russia is very pompous, but when i see your pictures, they are stunning! still have a strange feeling about it. 

  5. sarahlorsungtvrdikJune 18, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    Love the photo through the glasses! Looks like you're having fun! 
    xxo Sarah

  6. Brilliant photos. I'm Russian btw living in London though
    )). I'm always interested how foreigners see russia and moscow, i must say that
    to most of them moscow comes as a revelation and a quite stunning experience.
    Moscow is one of a kind, it is really unique. The beat of life is so
    overwhelming there that sometimes i find it a bit too much, so i go back and
    hide in cosy quiet London...yes London in comparison with Moscow is indeed cosy
    and quiet


    I would also recommend as a must see – Saint Petersburg,
    this city used to be the capital of Russian Empire before the revolution in
    1917. The architecture there is stunning, it reminds of Italy, France but the
    city also has its unique Russian spirit. It also has an air of decadence, so if
    you have the chance do visit ))))

  7. you speak 5 languages??

  8. Dominika WojciechowskaJune 18, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    really great pictures!


  9. Gorgeous photos!! Russia is on my dream travel list. xx

  10. Laurel TheCurvyElleJune 19, 2012 at 12:26 AM

    These pictures make me want to visit Russia!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Laurel Teixeira

  11. Wow, I have always wanted to visit Russia! These photos are just magnificent - I especially love the one looking through your glasses! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  12. These photos are just stunning! I cannot even begin to describe the wanderlust you have just stirred up. And five languages? Did I read that correctly? Amazing!

    xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  13. Oh Nicolette, I am LOVING your dispatches from Russia! Doesn't it feel like one of the most exotic and wonderful journeys you will ever take? I most definitely must go back in the summer (I want to see this greenery you speak of, and the white nights, and St Petersburg) rather than my whirlwind 48 hour sojourn last winter. 

    Also, this post is yet further proof that we are actually genetically related (see my posts from Russia as evidence: http://agirlastyle.com/2011/03/from-russia-with-love/ & http://agirlastyle.com/2011/03/postcard-from-moscow/ )

    Briony xx

  14. Russia looks so beautiful, especially from the looks of your lens. These shots are absolutely jaw dropping!

  15. I follow your site and your photos are always amazing. Greetings from Paris (France).

  16. Love living this adventures vicariously through you! Next time can I come inside your luggage!?

  17. Wow what gorgeous pictures! I can see that you are having an incredible time. Keep the pictures coming!

  18. I have absolutely no concept of what Russia would really be like, but I always imagined that my dark, romantic self would somehow fit in. I can see you fitting in there quite well also ;)


  19. The architecture is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing glimpses of your travels. 


  20. FashionablecollectionsJune 27, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    Gorgeous photos!

    $100 Shopbop GIVEAWAY 

  21. St. Petersburg in the next trip or you now here, in SPb?

  22. Love this post.  I've just literally stumbled across your blog today and I'm glad I did, you've a new follower in me already!  Can't wait to read more :)

  23. Moscow is one of my favourite cities!! these photos are so beautiful..
    I visited Russia when I was 15 - back when I didn't know much about the country so I had no expectations of it either. Little did I know I would end up loving it so much. I can't wait to visit again someday.. :]
    btw, I love your blog!

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  31. I found my way to Russia for a family vacation this summer too! Such a beautiful country =) xo Sal


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  33. As a fellow piano-player, language, lit and travel enthusiast, I have to say I enjoyed this post very, very much.
    It's so nice to hear people's good experiences :D .


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