October 3, 2012

{Fall Feelings} 10 Things To Do

I never tire of the novelty that is experiencing seasons. Spending the first 18 years of my life in Los Angeles, where, with the exception of El NiƱo, I rarely experienced anything outside of a constant, temperate 70-something degrees, I still get excited about the first brisk fall air that warrants sliding my arms back through the sleeves of my tried and true leather jacket, (though among the least expensive pieces in my wardrobe, is absolutely in the company of the most prized). While I love bare legs, and long days with the sun shining well through the evening (and conversely - loathe leaving my office to find it's suddenly dark), and feeling the surf between my toes, in nearly 10 years - watching the leaves turn color and zipping up a crisp pair of boots out of necessity and not just for aesthetic purposes still feels new and exciting. I've kicked off the fall with a short get away to Connecticut, strolls through Brooklyn's farmers markets, lots of new shoes (I'm especially fond of the Loeffler Randall rain booties that are helping me stylishly jump into puddles), seeing The Gossip in a room filled with so many of my favorite people (Beth Ditto notwithstanding), pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin EVERYTHING, and a reacquaintance with the coziness of angora.

Go to Sleepy Hollow.  

Run through an apple orchard; pick a pumpkin out of a patch; eat fruit off the vine;
bring it all home and cook up a storm.
Sneak bits of candy corn in between bites of the delicious fall harvest.
Also: mulled apple cider, hot toddies. 

Wear high socks, opaque tights, ankle boots, suede shoes.
Wooly hats, thick polka-dotted scarves, fuzzy collars.
Burgundy lipstick, orange nailpolish, dark green eyeshadow smudged across my eyelids.
 Army green parkas over a rainbow of sparkles.
Angora. Cashmere. Wool. Leather.

Ride my bike from one end of Brooklyn to the other.
Ring the bell.
Pack the basket.
(Wear a helmet.)

Drive upstate and watch the leaves turning colors.
Fall into a pile of leaves. Take a hike. Walk around a lake.

Dress up for Halloween with Miss B.
Go to the Halloween Parade in the West Village.
 Find a hat for my cat to wear.
Go to a haunted house

Read, and read, and read, and read.
There's a new Zadie Smith and a short stack of Joan Didion essays and IQ84 by Murakami still untouched.
Read them all.
Preferably outside.
Finally, subscribe to The New Yorker. It's overdue.

Have a tea party in Prospect Park, or Central Park, or Fort Greene Park - or any park, really.
 Tea, friends, a macaron or two,  cozy blankets, & the fresh autumn air.
Don't forget the Scrabble. 

See Cat Power. Visit the Discovering Columbus exhibit.
Check out new bands at CMJ Music festival.
Visit the Andy Warhol exhibit at The Met.
See the Milliners Guild hat parade.
Go to the ballet.
Watch indie films in Coney Island.

Be happy.
And have fun.
And don't put to much pressure on yourself to get-it-all-done.
After all, fall will be back faster than you know it.


  1. That must be the Brit in you, we feel the changing of the seasons with such force it's actually a bit silly. I love autumn, bonfires, fireworks and eating lots of apples!

  2. maybe this is the most interesting season of the year! i love fall because of the scents it produces and the fabulous sunlight. in belgium we experience 4 seasons too but never in such an extreme way as nyc! we do not know those extreme cold and heat waves! i don't know why but pumpkins are my favorite vegetable, not to eat, but just to look at!

  3. What a lovely post!
    Number 10 is my favorite! Especially nowadays we just need to slow down and enjoy! :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]fashion is for idiots [like us]

  4. "And don't put to much pressure on yourself to get-it-all-done." Second that!

  5. Pumpkin & apple picking are for sure on our list too! X

  6. Fall produce is the best! I love all the flavors, layers, colors, and smells that revolve around fall. This is a wonderful list of sentiments.

    <3 Cristina

  7. Love number 3 the best. Have fun, lady!


  8. I want to dress up for Halloween too! I mean REALLY dress up! And I TOTALLY need your printed shoes! So ADORBS!

    XOXO-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:http://psbananas.com

  9. This is my favorite season and you've listed all of my fav things! If you go to a haunted house, you should check out the SteamPunk Haunted HOuse. http://steampunkhauntedhouse.com/ It's amazing, and sometimes more of an art installation than a horror show. Then again, I think I made a permanent dent in my friend's jacket the way I held it so tight at the scary parts! Hope you get to do all these fun things.

    And I love Sleepy Hollow! The cemetery is so beautiful.

  10. Very nice post and great suggestions. Although No sign of fall in LA yet. Its Oct and we are still having 90's and 100 this year??

  11. I wish you had your own spot on a show for regular appearances or even better, your own show! Love watching you on the YouTube BGSW videos and on your morning show appearances! You always challenge my style decisions and I thank you for that!

  12. The food porn in this post is simply the best.

  13. I'm living in LA this year, so this is a total other way around for me - the contrast between London where I had weather, now doing a year of it without - it is lovely in LA, but I'm just that little bit jealous of you right now!

  14. I've got so much to get-it-all-done.. read magazines, create magazines, write a blog, illustrate, finish new studies.. at least I am reading again and drawing. Good luck with your list!

    A. from http://doc-fashion.blogspot.com/

  15. Great suggestions.You have written an amazing post.I have learned so many new things from this post.
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  16. Ahh I'd love to do so many of these, I miss New York so so much. Living in Florida is okay but Fall is my absolute favorite season and it just doesn't exist here. The other day it was in the 100's...like blegh.

  17. Oops posted my comment before I was done. I hope you get to do lots of things on your list, especially number 10. I have a lot reading to do, so many books bought untouched. Wah. Seeing Cat Power...would just be perfection. Can't wait to see your Halloween costume. I just started prep for mine, by getting braids ^^

  18. I like the point 10 so much. Be Happy!!!!!! ANd have fun always. All of you!!!!!!!1

  19. What I love most about Nicolette's blog is that it isn't just about fashion. It's about living your best life surrounded by beauty, nature, food, and love.

  20. Love your blog, your posts and pictures are always great inspiration! Will definitely try some of these suggestions!
    Keep posting!
    Please check out our website, thanks :)


  21. Beautiful pictures and fun list. I especially like the last one, it reminded me to savour the season without going into a mad 'documenting frenzy'!

    le fresne x

  22. I LOVE that taxi photo, and that perfect neon sweater!

    Xo, Rachel

  23. I never get tired of the seasons changing either, its amazes me constantly. I love your list too

  24. Love the Fall and how you captured all the things I love about it in your writing and to do list!

  25. great list! At the top of mine is drinking apple cider :)

  26. i love cider!! if you have your own recipe, i encourage you to share it :) mine comes with a big dose of spiced rum...

  27. global warming aside, it's a really nice reminder of how the world functions around us. thank you!

  28. ahh! i so hear this. i'm so instagram obsessed (to the point that i'm entirely aware of it), and have to remember not to be driven to do things for their documentation worthiness. i'd be exhausted if i did!

  29. thank you!! i hope you blog about some of your adventures, too. will check them out :)

  30. thank you so much. this means a lot to me. i really do believe in building a beautiful life -- experiences, friends, all of it.

  31. CAT POWER IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOREVER EVER EVER. did you know i have a cat power tattoo? it's true.

    what's your halloween costume???

  32. don't put too much pressure on yourself! i mean, who am i to give unsolicited advice, but, that's what i'm trying to remind myself, at least.

  33. as an LA native -- trust me that I understand! If you get a chance, drive up to San Francisco along the coast. You'll get at least a little taste of autumn.

  34. that haunted house looks so awesome. thank you for sharing!

  35. i'll do my best, and you do too!!

  36. obviously i agree with you 100%.

  37. hope you post about your own fall experiences too!!

  38. are the days in belgium as extremely short as they are here? that's my least favorite thing about this time of year!

  39. it's definitely a page out of ferris bueller's book :)

  40. you know what, lauren... i think you're right! a bonfire would be really, really nice. i'll have to get out of the city for that one, though!

  41. omg I didn't know! Amazing. Have you posted it? I wanna get a tattoo but I don't know what I'd want on me forever.

    I'm going to be Dionne from Clueless! I'm so excited. I got my braids done (12 hour process omg) and I've got my Cher, a nose ring, green contacts (excessive I know haha) and I'm getting my outfit together.

  42. Well, hopefully that is a plan for a little family trip if I can talk my parents into flying out here sometime soon!

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