August 9, 2013

{FRIDAY FAVORITES} Rants, Raves, and Reflections of the Week

What Does Diversity Look Like in Fashion?
I'm stilling thinking about (and reeling over) this spread from Harper's Bazaar, shot by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Carine Roitfeld. On the same day, The New York Times published a story tackling serious issue of racism in fashion titled "Fashion's Blind Spot." Clearly, the industry has a long way to go - but do you think there has been progress overall, or does the fashion industry just find more politically correct ways to reinforce dominance of a thin, white, young beauty standard?

Beauty Releases
You might already know Butter LONDON for their truly awesome range of Nail Lacquers (and if you're not, they're "3-free" - meaning no formaldehyde, no toluene, and no DBP, and offered in amazing colors). Welllll, they're finally launching their much anticipated Bespoke Colour Cosmetics Collection, with a dose of London's Punk Rock sensibility injected throughout the collection. Butter LONDON is going on tour at Ulta locations across the US until August 29th, offering custom "Rock Overs." Check out the dates and locations here. My personal favorite items in the collection are the CHEEKY Cream Blush compacts!

And MORE in the Beauty Department...
Marc Jacobs Beauty has launched!! I'm dying to test these products out. Anyone gotten their hands on some MJ-approved beauté?!

Opening Ceremony's Sale is Still Going Strong...
I've just gotta share the wealth, here (knowledge is power). The Opening Ceremony sale is still going and has some amazing bargains. I'm serious. $12 Soludos, Christopher Kane shirts for under $100, Tsumori Chisato scarves for just over $50... I'm trying to resist the enormous amounts of temptation. Find it all here.

In Plus Size Fashion News
ASOS has started stocking even more lines in their Curve section! Introducing Junarose and Carmakoma to the roster - the latter of which is one of my favorite lines ever (and just presented their newest collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week!)

The Better Half
If you're having Orange is The New Black withdrawal and are looking for short snippets of love to fill your time with, take a few minutes to check out the new web series, The Better Half. It's about a Lesbian couple in Brooklyn who realize their relationship has gotten a little too "comfortable" and want to shake things up, in a totally non-dramatic way. It's hilarious and smart, and confronts lots of the stereotypes around same-sex relationship. They're all individually entertaining, but I recommend watching them in order! They're each shorter than 10-minutes long. Starring Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis.

Blogger Round Up!
Miss B of A Girl, A Style went to Brighton and the photos are so sweet.
Ragini of CuriousFancy posted an intensely personal account on dieting, privilege, and self-reflection. It's beautiful, emotional, and offers a great perspective.
Julia of Gal Meets Glam celebrated her wedding anniversary in the most amazing Valentino dress. Congrats to the happy couple!
This photoshoot on Gala Darling featuring her, Nubby Twiglet, and Rock & Roll Bride is just the dose of sparkle and glam that I needed on this gloomy Friday!
Sarah at Style It posted a great think piece about how dollars are spent in the plus market. I recommend a quick read!
Tanesha at Girl With Curves shares her wisdom on how to prevent a bag from sagging! 


  1. so many ughhhhs for that NYT piece, I know it MEANT well, and it revealed a lot, but I'm SO TIRED of everytime we mention "diversity" people assume that it's just the black population that was unrepresented. Clearly I'm missing something. Does every race EXCEPT for blacks like being unrepresented? Are black people the only own with a racism chip on their back? Why does it always funnel down to a blacks/whites issue? Its a whites/EVERYONE ELSE issue, once we can see it for that, then it will take more than having one token black model to solve the problem. Cuz tokeness doesn't solve ANYTHING

  2. PS didn't even see the shoutout at the end - I was just distracted by the pretties. Thanks for the love, sweetness!

  3. Dina Paola RodriguezAugust 9, 2013 at 7:19 PM

    Oh I'm so excited Carmakoma is going to be available on ASOS!!! although I already spend most of my money on ASOS and now I will spend all of it!!!

  4. i agree with your comment to a point but as a white female, i must add the way i feel as well. i am not racist in the bit, nor do i feel better then anyone (quite the opposite in fact), i do feel that white people take the blame for a lot of problems that don't have anything to do with them (as a person). it's hard for me to understand why some people who never had to deal with anything bad in their lives have a chip on their shoulder from years past of their culture, race or whatever else. every culture and race in the world has had issues with other countries and races at some point in their history. it's one thing to be a survivor and have a purpose to have this angst, but another completely to be a privileged individual living in a society where peer pressure is all around you and the media manipulates you into thinking just because you are a certain skin color or religion or what have you, you have the right to categorize every person into one group and "rebel" against their race/culture/religion. i'm tired of being white and blamed for everything bad in regards to every other race and culture and religion. people don't see whites as any kind of minority or anything of that sort, yet we have to deal with raging racism and blame every day as well. just like some issues are a black/everyone else issue or whatever else, it cannot be said that it's ONLY ONE race that is against EVERYONE else. it goes both ways, all ways and it comes down to the individual. we all have a choice to be any way we want. it's unfair to categorize.

  5. thanks for posting that article by Ragini- the girl has an amazing voice that should be heard everywhere! also, great posts lately! love your blog!

  6. Watched The Better Half. Oh. My. God. Love.

  7. You have some points but I cannot agree with everything you said. I will admit I was wrong to make it a whites are the only enemy because racism does work in all directions. But my qualms with your comment comes from you ideal that (for the sake of example lets say black people) black people experience racism from a chip on their shoulder from (oh let's say slavery) from past transgressions!? I know as a white girl you may not be able to fully understand, but honey racism isn't something that existed in the past and is a remnant of our imagination. Perhaps you don't fully understand because what you've experience as racism may be a little tit for tat. You may have been called a mean word or read something online that wasn't so savory. The difference between the racism I've experience is mine is deep laden within our westernized culture, this is what people refer to as institutionalized racism. It's the style of racism that is so normal that most people don't even realize. They plead ignorance because they choose to look the other way. For example, in the NYT piece it mentions how the runways are heavily white washed, now I'm sure half of the creators of these shows shrugged their shoulders a la Lena Dunham and said "my bad homie, didn't notice!" And that's we're modern racism truly lays, not so much in name calling but in negligence. I get called all types of things from all kinds of people, but what hurts the most is the fear I put into people when walking down the street, because people have been trained by the media to find black people dangerous. And I look as dangerous as a kitty in a clown costume. You're own privilege prevents you from seeing the problem. Just because you've never been followed in a grocery store on the regular doesn't mean it never happens because it does. (In the north too!) plus to get upset that whites aren't seen as a minority is an issue that I can't truly empathize with, because I've always wondered what it would be like to exist in the world and have nearly no judgements that are part of our culture deeply rooted against me. I'll probably never know what it's like to be a individualized person, like you. The gift of being white is that the decisions you make effect you and you alone. No one really cares, and nothing truly holds you back. The fun thing about being a minority is that whatever I do effects everyone in this group. So if I slap a baby, people will say "did you know black people slap babies!?" Fun times.

    So before you feel sorry for yourself and be upset that everyone blames the white guy in the room keep in mind we don't blame you personally. We blame this idea of pure whiteness that has always been seen as perfection way way back before even the Romans. An ideology that has been picked up by most cultures worldwide that fairer skin and thinner noses is beautiful. Even good is seen as a white light while evil is a dark light. So be happy that you are considered as the standard of beauty and goodness!

    And side note, try not to start your arguments with "I'm not racist" because as soon as you dropped that've lost us

    Happy Saturday

  8. i am not disagreeing with you - because i see what you are referring to as well in fellow white people who feel like they are better then everyone else, however, when you state that when you make a decision it not only effects you but your entire race/culture/group, it is the same for white people. it IS true that there is obvious leaning towards the whites in certain circles, etc, etc. but the same goes for minority groups. i'm not sure how it is in the states, but i live in canada where minority groups have a lot privilege. it may not be so obvious as lets say white privilege is or has been shown to be. however, lets say when i apply for a job at the hospital and two people are applying with me. the two people are of colour or certain religion. most likely, they will get the job due to their minority status. that in itself may be deemed as racist against that minority (for a quota must be filled) but also racist to the white individual who has the same qualifications if not better but is not hired due to the fact they are white. this is true of big cities - for instance the one i live in. i cannot say that small towns or whatever else fall into this category. there is DEFINITELY more racism in little communities where people flock to one narrow minded idea and whatever else. however, there is also prejudice towards white individuals if you appear different in any manner- therefore, these people who have these ideas, are not just strictly against a color, they are against everything and anything that is different. if you stand out in any manner, it doesnt matter if you are "privileged" white, you are still discriminated against. i understand your point for i will never understand what it's like to be in your position and i sympathize with that. however, i also feel that people can be insensitive in the way that they automatically assume just because you've been given this "gift" of being white, you have no right to state an opinion based on race nor are you allowed to proclaim that you too feel like you've been part of prejudice or racism in your life. for instance, sometimes i cannot go to one of the best music venues for open mic in one end of the city because i get called out on it- like "white trash doesn't belong here" or "youre white, what do you know about black music" or "get your high class white ass out of here". i didn't start my post with "im not racist" on purpose, but more of a defensive mechanism because everytime i voice an opinion on this, i get called racist. just saying. i respect your opinion and thank you for sharing, it educates me furthermore in human experience.

  9. I'm so glad!! It's such a great web series. I'm really excited about what they're all doing :)

  10. I love Ragini's voice! So happy she's now my Marie Claire Indian Counterpart, heading up Big Girl in a Skinny World in India!!

  11. These Friday Favorites keep getting better and better! So excited for this Friday!

  12. Yeah, I am REALLLLLLY nervous. That leather bomber is really calling my name!

  13. I love reading your blog Nicolette and this Friday feature is no exception. Ragini's blog post struck a chord with me (especially as a fellow Indian in the UK) and I am now also going to buy a pair of Butter Londons that I've eyed up for a long time but never bothered buying! Ann x


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