September 27, 2013

{FRIDAY FAVORITES} So Long, September!

The contents of this post have literally nothing to do with the super-sweet, candid moment that Lydia captured on camera between me & my pup Francoise, but it had to go somewhere, you know? Click through for some of my favorite moments of the week and a round-up of blogs that kept my "free time" busy. Continue...

Prancing Around Your Apartment in Your Fanciest Footwear
My week has been busy, hectic, chaotic, stressful, etc - not that you'd know it from my blog and the totally normal burst of outfit pictures that have taken up the real estate of my home page. But, every now and then, when I'm home working and writing and coding, I bust out my fanciest shoes just to entertain myself. Is this nuts? The above are an instant favorite by Charlotte Olympia, which somehow, despite their ridiculous height, are comfortable and manageable to walk in.  (Yes. Yes, it is. But I've never been one for comfort, anyways.) Because distraction-by-shoes is one of my most favorite hobbies, I've got these and these high on my wishlist. Swoon.
Above photo by Lydia Hudgens

$200 Round-Trip Deals on Delta for Getting Me to New Orleans
Though I'm totally a JetBlue girl on my domestic travel, I think I have to give a special shout-out to Delta for enabling me to see my boo on the cheap. I snapped up my flight for a total of $197, round-trip! Flight prices are creeping up for the rest of the year, but I'm so happy to be in New Orleans now -- and hey, did you know it's New Orleans Fashion Week? I'm looking forward to seeing the new collection from Hazel & Florange and spying on some new southern talent, too.

COS is Opening Shop in Soho
I'm rarely really, truly stoked about retail news cause lez be honest: I do most of my shopping online. But, I do have a short wishlist of stores that I have WISHED would cross over stateside from the EU and grace NY streets with their style savvy. Among them is definitely H&M-owned COS, which carries fashion-forward but classic, simple, and quality pieces that have shockingly awesome fits. No word yet on an opening date, but it's coming, and e-commerce is too. (BTW, the other store I'm dying to jump over the ocean is & Other Stories, another H&M brand. Damn those stylish Swedes.) Source.
I Posted A LOT This Week
Do you love it? Hate it? I got some reader feedback a couple months back that I took pretty seriously, and it was a simple request: for me to do my damn job as a blogger and post more. I've been trying my hardest to make my content consistent, quality, and (hopefully) fun, with some cool giveaways for y'all peppered in. If you missed anything this week, here's the rundown:
Orla Kiely SS14
I know it's supposedly typical to adore Wes Anderson, but I do, and I'm so sorry for epitomizing twee blogger tropes. Not that sorry, though. I do come from the LiveJournal world, after all. WishWishWish posted her photos from the Orla Kiely Presentation at LFW and they are so beautiful and SO Moonrise Kingdom and I honestly wish I had been there to experience it myself. The presentation was styled by Leith Clark of Lula Mag, which is amazing in and of itself.

Orla Kiely SS14 photos by Carrie at WishWishWish

Want to Roll Your Eyes Forever?

Melissa Gorga's newest book, "Love Italian Style," is full of truly awful advice. Jezebel has a scoop on all the chauvinistic, gross, marital-rape-condoning highlights.

Blogger favorites? Right this way.

I got the pleasure of seeing my girl Keiko last week at her Sculptured 75 event with Ecco! Somehow she managed to take some amazing pictures while hosting, and they're all right here. I even went home that night with these, and no surprise, they're insanely comfortable.

Grace of Stripes & Sequins is giving me major sweater envy. Fall really is here, isn't it?

Kellie of And I Get Dresses and I are totally twinning this week, in ASOS Curve's Tartan number. See how Kellie styled her's here.

I'm obsessed with how Hallie from Corals & Cognacs styled her exceptional black & white dress on the last day of NYFW. It's really amazing when the right dress does all the work for you - pretty sure that's exactly what we like to call "effortlessly chic."

My twin sister (okay, not really, but we do have the same birthday and I IRL-love her) Laura at Girl in a Bow Tie shared her day of apple-picking and it made me want to crawl through the screen and pick some apples with her, myself! Which is exactly why we now have a date to do so in a few weeks.

BFF Miss B of A Girl, A Style is coming to visit me in less than one month!!!! Do you know what it's like when we join forces? It's cute. Really cute. Also cute: B's September favorites; it seems we both have a thing for Valentino right now. Surprise!

Black & Navy is forever one of my favorite color combinations, and I'm really, really super into how Christine from My Style Pill is making it happen. Spoiler alert: there's a whole lot of leather.

Jay Miranda is one of my all-time favorite people I've ever met thanks to the graces of the internet, and her return to online-diarying (sorry, I've said "blog" so many times and so many ways in this post that it's starting to make me cringe) is one of the best things ever. Good writing is something that I really cherish, and Jay does it oh-so-well. Plus, there's a $150 home decor giveaway happening on her blog right now. 


  1. Aww , you and boo are too cute!! <3 those pieces from COS look amazing! Also shameless plug of my friends business but she makes shoe sole protectors and I'm looking at those new shoes and thinking Protect Your Pumps need to be on the bottom of those.

  2. Twinning. Thanks for including me :) Love you long time. xx

  3. MUAH! glad you liked the post. That sweater is the best, highly recommend snapping one up.

  4. Really interesting read. Does COS come in bigger sizes, too? The site I found shows they only go up to about a 14 :(

  5. I had wondered why you would go so long w/o posting. I really look forward to your insites, travel posts and most of all your outfit pics. Keep this up, I love coming to your site on a more regular basis knowing you will be "there" more often.

  6. I love that you're posting more, I so enjoy checking on and hearing what's new and seeing how you style! Plus I love getting an idea of asos curve pieces on people other than their models, gives me a more realistic height ratio and so on :) !!!

  7. Thanks so much! I think I photograph a lot shorter than I am, but I'm 5'7'', if that helps work out the height ratio thing a bit more :)

  8. For the last few months I've been posting a lot, but honestly, life is just really busy, sometimes. I have a literal list of jobs/work commitments outside of my blog, and I spent the beginning of the year being really sick, which ended up sucking away a lot of my time. I don't always share the "less pretty" parts of life here, but maybe I should?
    I'm really trying to post on a more frequent basis, though!

  9. They do only go up to a 14, but like H&M, a lot of their cuts run oversized. Some of my favorite pieces come from COS, and I'm a 16/18.

  10. You're a woman after my own heart.

  11. <3 you, birthday girl. Sweater weather is the best.

  12. I love COS! I live in the north of Germany, so COS is basically everywhere. The quality of the fabrics is amazing! & Other stories is quite nice too, but I go there mainly for accessories. The clothes are not my cup of tea, too modern? But bags, shoes and jewelry are amazing!

  13. I can't even imagine how busy you are! Just post whatever moves you. You are an inspiration to so many women and I respect your realness and the excellent content you give your readers.

  14. Is her site. I think you would love them!

  15. i'm super flattered! thank you so much.

  16. I can say that I honestly never post just for the sake of posting, so I do try to keep things real and authentic and post only what I honestly care about. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement!!

  17. Sarah {Raving Fashionista}September 30, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    I'm all about prancing around in my ridiculously impractical shoes when I'm working from home - sometimes that's the best time to do it! ;)

  18. omg i love your shoes! I also adore this dress from ASOS -

    I am addicted to maxi dresses :)

    Also i liked u on FB

  19. I've never purchased from ASOS, partially because I'm underemployed and... well, okay mainly because of that! But I love to lust after things I won't be able to buy until after my student loans are paid off! One outfit I put together is a Navy and Oxblood combo. I think these colors just scream 'fall' but are also such classics I can wear them forever!
    Fist up is this ASOS Midi Dress With Short Sleeves in Navy. (I'd have to do a bit more research on this dress though, depending on the measurements a size 14 will probably be too small, but I can still like the look!) I am so happy when I find a dress with great lines that isn't super short.
    Then I would accessorize with this Cambridge Satchel Company 14" Matte Oxblood Satchel and New Look Kartweel Chain Loafer Shoes. Both of these items are such beautiful pieces, lovely detailing and color. An you cannot go wrong with a Cambridge Satchel. When I buy a bag I want to know it is quality that I can use for years.

    I keep my jewelry simple, just some studs and a simple pendent is all I would use to finish the look! I want my outfit to shine.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! email:

  20. And why wouldn't you repeat! Wasn't quite sure what I'd do with it, but I have that shirt (along with 100+ other items, shhhh) on my ASOS wish list. This outfit is a dream. I've not been able to 'do' jewelry, but definitely adore all of your trinkets. Ugh! Every element is so cool.

    Well, I see the mounting comments and think "What are the chances?," but what the hell - half the fun of these sort of contests is the imagining of what you could get. That said, I put together a very crude(!!) collage. My ASOS favorites takes cues from all of my style darlings, in no particular order: Gwen Stefani, Solange, Vashtie, Erin Wasson and Rihanna. I'm particularly into perforated material, patchwork and baggy silhouettes - that's not for the sake of the season though, they regularly occur through all of my wish lists year-round, no matter the retailer. ASOS is majorly reliable in that I can see all of my fashion staples in one place.

  21. Some of my favorite ASOS items right now are the Vero Moda Wet Look Leggings which looks like leather and would be super cute with a loose-fitting t-shirt, the A Wear Leather Look Biker Jacket because everyone needs a great leather jacket, and the ASOS Safe and Sound Heels to wear with skinny jeans or leggings! I also love the Made Hammered Fungua Cuff. xoxo

  22. Also, I definitely did not mean to make the image that big haha oops

  23. I absolutely love leather and ASOS CURVE Exclusive Leather Pencil Skirt with Jersey Trim is absolutely calling my name! I am thinking about pairing this skirt with black platform ankle boots, ASOS CURVE Side Plate Waist Belt, and ASOS CURVE Exclusive Sleeveless Blouse With Lace Cowl Back..Put this all together for a grunge-like night on the town. It will play into my love for that rebellious look I am into currently (rebellious yes since I'm sure it'll be 0 degrees outside) and give me the confidence to create and wear more styles like this. BESOS!

  24. Kon&#39;nichiwa CaraSeptember 30, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    I would pair the ASOS CURVE Bengaline Pencil Skirt With Zip with ASOS CURVE Shirt With Retro Paisley Print. I would wear these New Look Ride Classic Pointed Heeled Court black heels. to cove up during the fall, I will wear ASOS Maternity Exclusive Swing Coat. Finally, I wear keep all my stuff in the ALDO Kingwood Black Eyelet Bowler Bag.

  25. Krystal Renae StroudSeptember 30, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    Hey Nicolette! I'm new to the fashion blogging world and I adore you and covet your wardrobe. You're the cutest! I've also been an ASOS window shopper for a while now. I've got a runway-long list of saved items on their website!

    I think that I've been waiting for these overalls all my life--and I'd probably pair them with these lovely green flats and the ostrich handbag. The jewelry ASOS has is also to-die-for! I know I would feel flawless in this outfit.

    Thank you so much for all that you do. You are truly inspiring.

    -Krystal (

  26. Thank you, I will give it a try...

  27. Im seriously in love with the fluffy sheep jumper and the ghost tshirt id pair the ghost one with marroon skinnies and half booties and the sheep sweater with green skinnies and talll half booties and a fun hat or they finally have so many trouser options for asos curves which fit me great! i really love all the quirky animal stuff because thats the kind of a stuff i live for to pair it with more fun and ridiculous things too! love it all

  28. Even though I understand that 'life' gets in the way, I am so so glad you took your reader's advice about posting more frequently, it's always like a little treat to open your blog and see new photos and read new thoughts!! Encore! Encore!

  29. i am loving that coat too. i would wear it with skinny dark blue jeans, pointy toe black pumps and a simple black tee, tucked in with a belt. My email is Hope I win!!

  30. GAH! Forgot my email!

  31. Wow this was hard there is so much great stuff over at ASOS right now! But I love the skater dress it's perfect for Arizona weather because I can take away or add to as needed! Here is how I would style it! Thanks for a great giveaway! Rebecca Zweber

  32. I'm a huge fan of the mono flower style print dress. Red lipstick, leather waterfall jacket, red t-straps. Perfection!

    dana dot beguerie at gmail dot com

  33. Your pup is adorable such a cute picture! I never thought I would say this but I am loving all the leather! Super cute!

  34. I love the way you styled this outfit, especially the button down!

    I would choose the Little White Lies Smock Dress with Sheer Panels and pair it with the River Island Platform Stretch Over the Knee Boots, French Connection Mixed Chain & Stone Pyramid Bracelet and ASOS Chain Drop Hair Combs

  35. Sometimes I sound like a broken record, for all my comments on your blog are usually along the lines of me shouting "I LOVE ALL OF THIS SO HARD!" at my screen, but I really do. That picture of you and Frankie, and you and Ali, and you and your love heart Charlotte Olympia's: so freaking adorable!

    And most of all, I am SO excited for I get to see you THIS MONTH! Can't wait for all our cuteness and fall adventures (apple picking, duh!) and NOLA/NYC gadabouts!

    Love from Cambridge xox


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