September 9, 2013

{STYLE} Leather & Leopard

We're in the midst of yet another season at New York Fashion Week, and I'm again in complete awe that this has somehow become my life. It still feels surreal to grab a hold of my credentials and walk into the tents and be surrounded by people I have admired for years, even though my name has been on the masthead at Marie Claire for the last two years. There are moments that I don't feel like I belong there, and there are moments where I'm certainly made to feel like I don't belong there. Continue...

I try to remember why I am there, though: to work, to report, to observe, and to have fun - and be grateful that I have the privilege of being there at all. It's hard not to get caught up in the politics and circus of getting dressed to head to shows, but being that I don't have Valentino Rockstuds or a Celine bag to tote around (though I'd gladly accept gifts of either), I'm choosing to stick to what I know: lots of black, lots of leather, and pops of color and pattern to have fun with.
Dress by Alice&You via ASOS, Jacket by Topshop, Bag c/o Kate Spade, Sunglasses by Le Specs via Net-a-Porter, Necklaces from BaubleBar and c/o Tatty Devine, Boots by New Look via ASOS
Photos by Lydia Hudgens


PS: If you want more up-to-the-minute NYFW coverage, head over to @nicolettemason on Instagram, or to @Mynt1792 - where I'm guest "mynstagramming" all week!


  1. Um so fabulous! I'd totally wear this entire look. Big Hugs! xo Waiting on Martha

  2. Ok so... not like I need any more boots, but I think you just sold me on these ones.

  3. I just got those boots! I can't wait to rock mine! I was thinking of wearing it with a coated skirt. I love this entire look including that necklace.

  4. You know I love that leopard print jacket. This is such a fun and cute look. I'm bummed I haven't seen you at Lincoln center yet nevertheless you look awesome.

  5. You look amazing! I love that necklace! Do you know, I only started reading Marie Claire because of you? You hardly ever see plus size girls in fashion, and it's so awesome to see you keep climbing up that ladder. Don't let the haters get you down, you have an army of plus size fashionistas rooting for you and looking up to you!

  6. Hitting it out of the park with this outfit! Look at those gams.....gorgeous!

  7. Love the shade of your lipstick. What is it? X

  8. NeopreznoOprezna SesiliSeptember 9, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    I don't know whIcht part of the outfit I love the best! I'm not a fan of animal print, but I just love the jacket. :) And the bag, oh it is perfect! :)

  9. yes you do belong there! love love love you as a blond and yes one celine for me too please ;)!

  10. Nicolette, you have earned your spot at Fashion Week and deserve those credentials; don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise! I hope you're having the most wonderful time at the shows, and I can't wait to read all about your favourite collections and moments.

    P.S. I am smitten with your new hair and this GORGEOUS necklace combination (so fun)!!

    B xx

  11. Oh Nicolette, I can't believe it I have watched you on Looktv on many times, and loved your fashion advice and you have more incredible sense of style here I am hooked...:)

  12. There is nothing I don't like about this outfit! You rock it!

  13. I love that there is a full-figured fashion week, and I love that plus size fashion writers and bloggers attend NYFW to help connect plus size women with what's walking the runway. It makes the fashions feel more accessible, so thank you! Anyways, I love the mix of rocker edge and femininity in this look. That rainbow pastel necklace must be mine!

  14. You deserve every minute of it! And can we talk about that lipstick?! Fantastic.

  15. Awesome! Gorgeous outfit. I think im going to buy that skirt. I tried one on yesterday and left it but i think ill give it a try! By the way the colorful necklace is just everything!

  16. Love that outfit. I find it awesome that you point out the Valentino shoes and Celine bags that have take over the intranets. Everywhere. It's nuts.

  17. Wowzaz you are looking fly girl! Excited to see more fashion week posts.

  18. I want your necklaces!! Just saying. You look fabulous! I LOVE leopard print and you sure know how to rock it! Hope you're having a fab time at NYFW! xo

  19. You look FAB, great style!

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    Thanks x

  20. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieSeptember 13, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    Killer look - That jacket is perfection on you!

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