September 23, 2013

{STYLE} A Moment with Modcloth & Calivintage!

One of my favorite things about fashion week (yes, I'm still talking about fashion week, though a couple of weeks have now passed), is getting to hang out with so many of my friends from the fashion and blogging worlds who live outside of New York. On the eve of NYFW, I had a visit from my west coast friend Erin of Calivintage. I first met Erin a couple of years ago through Tavi and Arabelle, and it was friend-at-first-sight. She's one of those people I feel like I had an instant connection with, be it through our mutual friends, or our hometown proximities, or the fact that we both really, really love Rachel Antonoff. On the second day, worlds collided when Gabi - one of my best friends and personal style icons, arrived, and my week of legitimate slumber parties with her commenced. I'm still very much adjusting to my new home life, so the visitors were a much welcomed perk to an otherwise stressful (but outrageously fun) week. 

Anyways, Erin popped over to my neighborhood to do a little style profile with me for the Modcloth blog. It was a lot of fun to shoot, and she asked some pretty amazing questions that didn't quite make the cut (including asking me to do my own rendition of my favorite karaoke song... which, by the way, would be any song off of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom with exception to the title track, "Tragic Kingdom," which I think is kind of awful.)  You can see the rest of Erin's NYFW Style Series here. Each of the girls featured are, honestly, individually amazing. 

Style notes from the above video: Cardigan by Marc Jacobs, Dress by Manon Baptiste c/o Navabi, Shoes by Charlotte Olympia, Sunglasses by Karen Walker


  1. I've been eyeing some of the Manon Baptiste dresses for a while - they have the most perfect ladylike silhouettes, But! I've always been afraid to take the plunge. I'm glad to see you in one - it seems to be just as good as I would have hoped!

  2. Love your conversation with Erin! Looks like a fun day.


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