October 29, 2013

{STYLE} So Nice, I Liked it Twice

Do you ever fall in love with a piece of clothing so much, that you just need to have it in every color? If my fuzzy pink coat came in a rainbow of options, I'd surely be in serious trouble. Fortunately, coming in a second option presented only a minor setback. This is shaping up to be a very pink, white, and black season... and I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

I'm off to New Orleans this afternoon to spend Halloween with AliBriony in the Big Easy! With a forecast of 70-degrees all week, it looks like I'll be leaving my beloved (and accident prone) coats behind. 

ASOS White Vintage Style Cocoon CoatAlice & You Skater Dress"Francis" Sunglasses c/o Elizabeth & JamesKate Spade New York "Light the Sparklers" Samira ClutchGiles & Brother Railroad Spike BraceletKate Spade New York Watch, Chanel Spectator Heels, Rings from Stella&DotCatBirdNYCDiamanti per Tutti

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


October 23, 2013

{STYLE} Pattern Play

Though I think I'm pretty open minded when it comes to dressing, I'm generally not a fan of patterns. I love a good stripe or polka dot, and I think leopard is a neutral - but beyond that, graphic shapes and prints aren't usually the pieces that steal my heart. Instead, I usually like playing with color, texture, and shape to create dynamic styling throughout my wardrobe. Continue...

October 21, 2013

{STYLE} Middle School Nostalgia

I have very distinct memories of Juicy Couture infiltrating its way into my middle school. Though we had uniforms, our monthly free-dress days were a literal playground for matching terrycloth sweatsuits, and when school trips came up, it was as though Juicy, little J-zipper pull and all, were the uniform, punctuated by Michael Stars one-size-fits-all tops and "Return to Tiffany" heart-toggle bracelets, (and if you were a really special Bat Mitzvah girl, a Kate Spade microfiber mini-backpack, R.I.P.). Yes, we unironically personified every Jewish American Princess stereotype at my little west-LA school. Of course, I missed out on all the Juicy and Michael Stars and J.E.T. bedazzled tees by going through my own Roxy and dELiA*s phase. Continue...

October 17, 2013

{STYLE} Date Night

Two months into our still-fresh-feeling long distance adventure, my significant other and I have been fortunate enough to now have two visits from one another, including Ali's impromptu trip this weekend. The shift from seeing each other daily and living together, to now having only short bursts of time has been a big adjustment, but in all it's frustration and heartache, also lends itself to some excitement with a return to dating.

{STYLE} BaubleBar's "Nicolette Mason" Mystery Box

I rarely understand or fully relate to that "Christmas Morning" feeling that people so often talk about, being that I was raised Jewish and never actually celebrated Christmas. But, I am an online shopping enthusiast, and I love the feeling of unpacking my boxes and seeing what's inside. It's all the better when what's inside is a bit of a surprise - you know, the way Birchbox or Glossybox or Julep curate and send you a selection each month. Sometimes my Modcloth packages even come with little surprises! 

To be the surpriser, though - there's something really, really exiting about that. I'm a total BaubleBar addict, so when their team approached me and asked if I'd like to collaborate on their new series of Mystery Boxes, featuring 4 Bloggers (MyselfCheetah is the New BlackKendi Everyday, and A Piece of Toast) and their jewelry picks, it was a total no-brainer. The box is $50 and comes with a the Galactic Opal necklace (pictured above, usually retails for $42) and two mystery items that have all received my stamp of approval, (no spoilers, but there's some really good arm candy in the mix). Plus, who doesn't love a statement necklace? It's one of my favorite ways to elevate any simple outfit. Plus, this might just hold you over until Christmas morning actually arrives. Continue...

October 16, 2013

{STYLE} Hers & Hers

Instagram has leaked any element of surprise that might be included in this post, but I'm still coming down from the emotional high of having Ali in Brooklyn this weekend. Yes, I already got to visit her once in New Orleans, but being in our home together was... EVERYTHING.
When my computer died in August and I was forced to say goodbye to what remained of my hardrive, I came to the painful realization that nearly all of the photos of Ali and I together were taken on my cellphone. I could come to terms with losing the ones that weren't backed up or uploaded to Facebook, but we decided to spend a little time in front of the camera together, and have some real photos that weren't just hashtag-selfies.  Continue...

October 14, 2013

{TOP DRAWER} Bras & Blowouts with Panache Lingerie

For a really, really long time, the concept of "lingerie" resembled an unrealistic fantasy that looked a whole lot like a Will Cotton painting (that I first viewed in a Chelsea gallery as a first-year student at Parsons). At a 38HH, I'd accepted that finding lingerie that looked beautiful and served its function was my personal holy grail, and not one that I'd likely ever completely satisfy. I could find pieces that looked hot and were fashion forward, but then they lacked on quality or fit -- and then when I found the pieces that did fit properly, they were ugly and purely utilitarian -- a major deal breaker for a Taurus like me. When I finally did my first lingerie column for Marie Claire, I was introduced to a bevvy of new-to-me brands, and the one that stuck with me by far the most, was Panache - a brand that specializes in D+ sizes.

October 11, 2013

{STYLE} Electric Blue

Once the weather hits mid-70's and lower, it's officially the start of Leather Jacket Season (LJS), a time in my life that spans seasons and makes me immensely happy. For some, LJS is often marked by the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte's (sorry, but - ew), but for me it's about the crisp, cold air and the return of my favorite kind of outerwear. I have a closet full of black leather jackets (they've virtually all been documented here in some form), but I've been craving something a little different. Maybe it was hardware, or patent details, or something that strays from the norm (and I obviously needed it sooner than the November drop of my Mynt 1792 jacket!). And so, the hunt began. Continue...

October 9, 2013

{STYLE} Femme Fatale

If you're as compulsive about checking Instagram as I am, and happen to be following me, you may have noticed my hair has been getting progressively lighter. I've been experimenting with different hair colors since I was 13-years-old and got my first dose of Very-California-Girl highlights that I used as a jumping off point for the beginning of a longterm addiction to Manic Panic. Continue...

October 7, 2013

{STYLE} Pretty In Pink

I feel just a tinge self-conscious about the fact that my last post had me in pink, and now this one does, too - but if there's a single color that's a trademark of my style, there's no denying that it's a pale rose. I won't get all think-piece on my love for pink again, but let's just say this is the pink coat of my dreams. I mean, really seriously - the one piece of outerwear that I've been dreaming of my whole life and didn't even know I needed. Continue...

October 4, 2013

{FRIDAY FAVORITES} Pink Leather Jackets & Fall Wishlisting

MYNT 1792 Collaborates with Bloggers on a Holiday Collection 
Surprise, I'm one of them!!! When Mynt 1792 asked if I'd like to be part of a 5-piece collection with jackets each designed by 5 different bloggers, (myself, Kellie, Fran, Allison, and Nadia -- her blog is currently down, but check out her Tumblr). The jackets will be out on November 2nd and priced at $188 and up, and available in sizes 12-26. Honestly, I want every single jacket in this collection. I think each of us did such a good job at staying true to our aesthetic and style, but still created pieces that each of us could wear (though maybe Fran would stray away from pink... hmm).

From left to right: Nicolette $208, Kellie $238, Fran $248, Allison $228, Nadia $188

Notes on my pink leather jacket: the sample that was produced for the shoot is a bit different than what the final production piece will be. Where there are currently placeholder rhinestones, there will be rose gold studs (in fact, all the hardware on the jacket is rose gold), and the zipper tape will be the exact same shade of dusty rose as the leather. I'm really excited about it!! Even though the pink is "mine," I'm obsessed with all of them. 
Mynt 1792 Promo photos all shot by Lydia Hudgens

Absolutely Fabulous is now on Hulu; Goodbye, World
Yes, it's true. I first got the tip from my homegirl Christina, and it's so very real: 6 seasons of Patsy & Edina are up and streaming here on Hulu. Growing up with an English dad means BBC was often on in the background, so AbFab (and especially Jennifer Saunders) hold a special place in my heart. It's all the more real after investing a few years of my life working in the fashion industry. Bubble would fit in really well these days on Tumblr or the current street style circus. It's Lacroix, darling! 

Home Decor Inspiration Forever

Domino Magazine has returned at exactly the right moment, as my apartment overhaul kicks into high gear once again. This time, I'm tackling the bedroom. Our bedroom is small and dark, and because we (okay, fine, it's just me) have so much stuff, organization and storage becomes a big issue. Whenever we have guests over, I tend to hide everything away in the bedroom and close the door! So, finally, I'm devoting a little extra TLC to the bedroom. We have found the perfect linens, a large piece of artwork (in lieu of a traditional headboard), and an area rug that I think will really open up the space! I cannot wait to get it all together. I've been collecting a lot of my home inspiration on Pinterest!
Do you have any amazing home decor resources or shops?? I'd love to see! My recent obsessions have been Furbish Studio and Lulu & Georgia, with an incredible number of pieces found on eBay (including custom curtains)!

Bloomingdale's Fall Look Book is Working It
And not just because I helped write the copy, either! Tara Lynn is making the season's trends - from 70's revival, to leather statements, to animal prints come to life in Bloomingdale's latest style guide. It was really fun to work with a retailer on a project like this, and Bloomingdale's has been a long time favorite of mine.

To see the entire Plus Style Guide, click here.

Kate Spade is Killing Me Softly
Ahhh, Kate Spade. I'll always remember being 12-years-old and insisting that I needed the "Sam" bag to take to my two-year-long rotation of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. It was the iconic bag of my middle school memory, and probably one of the first moments that a brand - and a designer name - had locked itself vividly into my consciousness. The brand has evolved so much since 1998 (the year in which I was 12-years-old), and with Deborah Lloyd now at the helm, I've learned to avoid opening their newsletters because the temptation is often too much to bare. I did splurge a little on one of the above items. Can you guess which one?! 

And with that, the weekend countdown officially begins! I'll be going blonder, reconnecting with my besties who I haven't seen in weeks,  and starting to prepare for Ali's visit next week. I'm so excited, I could squeal.