October 18, 2013

{FRIDAY FAVORITES} An Ode to Fall, A Rage on Allergies, & Other Musings

My Seasonal Allergies Are Only Improved By Cuddles From This OneOh, my friends. My allergies have really gotten the best of me this season. I'm an itchy-sneezy-watery-eyed mess. The only saving grace of locking myself inside to hide from the allergies is that Frankie is around to snuggle while I work! Don't worry, we're still enjoying our mornings at the dog park - even if they are making me want to die a little

Because Sometimes Not Everything Has To Be Pink
....I can't believe I just said that, either. My go to for florals is all pinks-and-lilacs-and-pastels-in-bloom, but lately I've been taking more inspiration from local foliage on my weekly homemade bouquets. Can you believe I bought all of these from a bodega?! My favorites are the red and firey-orange spikey flowers - though I have no idea what they are!! (A google search says the one on the left is "Leucospermum," but I don't know how to pronounce that, so.)

Did you hear?! I've collaborated with BaubleBar on their Mystery Boxes! Included in the $50 box is the above necklace (usually retails for $42) and two additional mystery items handpicked by me. Check it out!

Seasonally Inspired Treats 
After spending a morning catching up with my favorite photographer-wunderkind Lydia, we popped into Lafayette, where I indulged in a much-needed cappuccino and took the above jack-o-lantern macaron home with me. I can't get enough of fall flavors! A recent trip to Trader Joe's sent me home with everything pumpkin. What are your favorite foods this time of year??

Shopbop's 25% Off Friends & Family Sale
I confess: I did take advantage of Shopbop's 25% Off Friends & Family Sale, it was hard not to when it meant 25% off items that usually never go on sale! Just use the code "INTHEFAMILY25" to have the discount applied to your shopping cart. The sale ends this Sunday!!

Favorite Shopbop Sale Finds

I unfortunately found out about this on the later side, but today is the last day of BHLDN's NYC Pop-Up shop. Even though a wedding isn't on the horizon (I mean, I'm not engaged - but I do think a wedding is eventually on the horizon), my bride-to-be-BFFs (cough, cough, Margot and Stephanie) have me in a total wedding-inspired-frenzy, filled with tulle and fondant and gold-leaf-everything. I've been known to spend just a little bit of time obsessing over everything on the BHLDN site, so I'm hoping to hustle to their Upper East Side Pop-Up Shop TODAY and get my wedding-lust on. Anyways, you don't need to get married to appreciate these amazing gilded flutes!
Located At: Anthroplogie, UES. 1230 Third Avenue between 71st and 72nd Streets. 

Blogger Favorites!

I'm having some major wanderlust this week. After having our January-Euro-trip-dreams crushed this week (it's okay, there are 11 more months next year to take advantage of), I've been completely living vicariously through Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black and Bree of DesignLoveFest.  Alicia has been all over Europe (most recently Prague, Paris, and London - and off to Italy she goes!) and Bree's last European stop was in Venice. The pictures are all so swoonworthy!

Have you met Aslan Creampuff yet? He is Grace's new furry bundle of love, and I'm obsessed with him! 

My girl Jessica at Tiny Red Shoes (did you know she interned for me and the fashion closet at Marie Claire?!) is stealing my heart with her all-black-everything look in her latest post. I know she's trying to look all moody and goth, but I can't get her sweet smile and demeanor out of my mind. She's the best!

Christina of Profresh Style celebrated her blogaversary this week! Even though she's been kidnapped cross country to LA and I miss her (!!!), I love that she's maintained blogging in her new home.

Kellie of And I Get Dressed posted that amazing green tweet coat again and is giving me all the feelings of jealousy. Do you ever totally regret not buying something? Sigh! 


  1. the flower arrangement and the necklace are really pretty :)

  2. So much goodness and beauty in one post. to start off Frankieee. Cant handle her. The flowers, the lamp, the baublebar necklace. Love it all and of course you.

  3. Nicolette, you read me like a book. You are too sweet and it makes me more than happy that you loved my look. So glad to have you in my life. By the way do make not that I will be getting your amazing bauble bar necklace. I mean, who wouldn't get it?


  4. I have allergies too...and like you, i love fuzzy things...but, they are bad for allergies. i had to get rid of some fuzzy things and it honestly helped. love the blog, as usual :)

  5. what a great round up, Nicolette! These are my favorite posts of yours :-)

  6. 1. I'm buying your necklace! 2. i'm in love with your dog's face 3. thanks for including!g me xxxxxmuah

  7. Great post Nicolette. those flowers are so beautiful. Perfect for stinking hot Brisbane weather too.

  8. the orange spikey things are tropical flowers called protea! (pro-tea- ah)

  9. The orange flowers are proteas and we call that variety the pin cushion :) They grow all over the Western Cape, South Africa.

  10. MY love. Thank you so much for sharing my post<3 Love you!

  11. Frankieeeeeee. Why don't you come visit her?

  12. Haha did you really get it?! Can't wait to see how you style it!!!

  13. I can't bare to get rid of any of my fuzzy things!! It's too much.

  14. Thanks Cori! It's been an enjoyable lil series, I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

  15. 1. you better! 2. you better! 3. you better WERK, so I can keep including you!

  16. Thank you!! Glad they're appropriate no matter which hemisphere :)

  17. Thanks for sharing BHLDN! I had not heard of them before and they have something I've been looking for!

  18. Dear have you ever thought about getting acupuncture for your allergies? I know it would make you feel so much better! I know a lot of great ones in NYC!

  19. I love your style! So inspiring girl. I'm also loving that retro 'N' sign... where did you find it?! Your pup is too cute too.



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