March 6, 2014

{INSIDE THE STUDIO} The World of Tatty Devine

Created in celebration of Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! by Tatty Devine

It's hard to remember exactly what the gateway to Tatty Devine's colorful, quirky jewelry line was, but I believe it was during the latter years of high school through LiveJournal, where most of my early fashion discoveries came from. I'm sure that I bought my first pieces from the since-sadly-defunct Fred Flare website, and every trip to London since has required a pilgrimage to one of their stores. By all accounts, I've turned into a bit of a collector, waiting on every new collection to see what pieces would make their way across the atlantic and into my now-overflowing wardrobe of fun, costume jewelry, (among my favorites, my Frida Kahlo brooch, and the tiny enamel Swallow earrings that have been part of my arsenal for nearly a decade).

Throughout my years of online fangirling, I've had an opportunity to develop a bit of a relationship with the PR and social media darlings at Tatty Devine HQ, and when they caught word that I'd be their neighbor during my London trip, they invited me over. How could I pass that up? I imagined a rainbow hued perspex wonder world where there was an ongoing stream of motown hits playing, and girls who could give Jess Day's wardrobe a run for its money - and I was not too far off. A walk through Shoreditch took me to their bi-level studio, where everything from brainstorming to candy eating to production takes place, and damn, does everyone who work there seem happy (and so, so sweet).

Special thanks to Amy and Emily for inviting me over and giving me a tour of the space. 


  1. Amazing shots, I find their studio fascinating as well! Each season just gets better and better, love the shell necklace with the pearl especially. It was lovely to meet you in London!

  2. I am so jealous! I feel like Tatty Devine is one of those companies that you can just tell is run by excellent people, because of how excellent you feel when you buy things from them. :)

  3. Marie Southard OspinaMarch 6, 2014 at 2:27 PM


    How lovely that you got to meet with them in London! x

  4. Amazing post and that crab really is just WOW! I love it and Tatty Devine such unique pieces and the craftsmanship is beautiful! xxx

  5. I've only ever read about Tatty Devine from London-based bloggers, but I'd love to see their pieces in person. I love their kitschy aesthetic and how their pieces are all about fun. That lobster is absolutely adorable. Thanks for giving us an inside look!


  6. omg! I'm pretty sure that red lobster being worked on on top of that beat up tatty box is mine! I sent it in to be repaired and I just got it back. So cool.

  7. That lobster necklace is delightful, especially love it in baby pink.

    Elizabeth x |

  8. OMG I have to have the lobsters!!!!! My husband and I call each other lobster. :)


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