April 30, 2014

{STYLE} April Showers Bring May Flowers

Susan Miller wasn't kidding when she alluded to the fact that April would be a rough and stormy (literally/metaphorically) month. Despite the weird latent snow, hurricane-style rain and winds, and overall gloom and doom, I tried my best to make the most of the days where the sun did peek out for more than a few hours. There were trips to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, walks around my neighborhood, strolls through Soho, and even a couple of meals enjoyed on sunshiny patios with our puppy. It wasn't the gorgeous first hints of spring that I tend to romanticize about, but I made the most of the opportunities we had - and especially took advantage of it for the sake of my wardrobe. Without being full on pastel, I love that this top from Addition Elle still hints at florals and spring motifs. The leather-like detailing on the back lends itself to just the right balance of hard and soft that I love to work into my personal style. Being that it's a tunic style, it's also super versatile - and a great length for days that I dare to wear leggings as pants. 

I escaped from New York (again) last night, and have found myself back in the South. I'm ready for what will come of May: jazz fest (I'm seeing Solange tomorrow!), my best friend's bachelor party, a road-trip through Savannah and Charleston with Ali, a departure to the West Coast... There's so much room for adventure and a lot of unknown, and I think it's exactly what I need! 


This post was sponsored by Addition Elle.
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Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

April 25, 2014

{GIVEAWAY} Weekend Rituals with Forever21

For a few years, the concept of "weekends" kind of eluded me. Just because the calendar said it was a Saturday or Sunday didn't mean that the working week came to an end, but recently I've made more of a concerted effort to actually observe a day (and sometimes even a day and a half, or two days!) of real, real rest. Like any normally functioning adult, life can get painfully busy for me - but it turns out I'm actually a lot more productive Monday through Friday when I work relaxation and breaks into my schedule.  Little things like taking Frankie to the dog park for an extended period of time, shopping at the local Farmer's Market, picking up my weekly batch of flowers, and getting together with friends for long dinners are my favorite ways to revel in the weekend.

One of the best parts of having a dog is having a little furry friend wake you up early in the morning and kick-start your day with a dose of affection, followed by a swift reminder to step outside and breathe some fresh air. Every weekend, we head to the dog run at McCarren Park where my neighbors get a kick out of seeing an especially sprightly pug; seriously, you've never seen a pug train for a marathon quite like Frankie does. I love these easy-breezy floral shorts for our early morning jaunts. They're great for the newly warmed-up weather and absurdly comfortable - especially for a non-shorts wearer like myself.

April 22, 2014

Birthday Girl

So just like that, I'm 28.... Normally, I'd wake up and lavish in the excitement of a birthday, but instead I intend to stay up way past the stroke of midnight, reveling in the surreal surge of attention that occurs approximately once every 365-days. I've tried to play it cool and mostly ignore that my birthday was approaching, and for the first time in about 10 years, avoided planning any sort of party or celebration. Trust me, there's nothing I love more than a good party -or- an excuse to dress up (as my BFFs Jesse & Taylor will be quick to remind me), but something just felt different this year. Of course, now, and after a weekend full of non-celebration celebrations, with a trip to see the Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens followed by afternoon tea at LadurĂ©e, I'm looking forward to indulging in all the requisite birthday-goodness. Feel free to send the gluten-free cupcakes in my direction!

April 14, 2014

{LIFESTYLE} 30 Things to Do Before 30

In just over a week, I'll be celebrating yet another birthday. Somehow, I've sped through almost 28-years of my life - years that have seen me through multiple evolutions and awkward phases and Madonna-scale style transformations, and that I've begun welcoming with my yearly wish list, which could just as well serve as a testament to my insanity. The not-so-distant future is full of some major, exciting milestones: I'm launching my first fashion collection in the fall (yes! It's true!), I'm working on a book filled with hilarious and embarrassing stories that I will publish, and I'm getting married to someone that I know, without a doubt, is the love of my life and my person. I could cheat and add all three of these major life events to my 30-before-30 list - knocking out a solid 10%... but I won't. While I'm doing pretty well in checking off normative life passages from the massive list of things-that-are-expected-of-us-by-a-certain-age (and that, by the way, I think are BS), I've been thinking a lot about the things that don't fall within the list of expectations - the events and interests that make me the person I am, but have somehow fallen by the wayside.  These aren't resolutions, or overall life goals: just a short-term bucket list of things I don't want to keep postponing! 

April 11, 2014

{STYLE} A Day In The Life with MYNT 1792

One of the things I love most about my work life, and which I am thoroughly grateful for, is that no two days are alike - ever. I'm the type of person who needs to constantly be stimulated, finding inspiration around me, being inspired by my projects and by the people who I get to work with and interact with on a daily basis. When things are too monotonous or stagnant or same-y, I feel lost - so prioritizing my life in this way has become somewhat of an essence. I appreciate that, if I need or want to (and have the time), I can take a lunch break at an outdoor patio, or restructure my day to enjoy time with friends and work later in the evening.  I can choose to work at home, or at a coffee shop, or fill my days with meetings with publicists and visiting showrooms. In designing my first fashion collection, I've also fallen back in love with drawing and painting, and have started to carve out time in my day to refocus my skills in gauche. There are days where I write for hours on end and without interruption, and others where I am running all over the city - uptown and downtown and crosstown at least three times - that I forget to check the time or respond to e-mails or eat something until I'm quickly reminded by a dizzy spell.